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[Mod][WIP] Zombies

Since modding had been announced I have wanted to contribute to the scene but only if I could think of something worth while doing! So the new items on the stuff around the Black Swamp, and Diseases has really inspired me and I eventually come up with a few things I would like to do, with the next thing bigger than the last and mainly around the AI Missions.

At its simplest form there will be zombies, if scratched, or bitten then you will get infected, and eventually turn into a zombie. This will extend to NPC's, with the idea being that we could encounter an epidemic in the game with the human population being wiped out.

Non human characters won't get infected but can be still be eaten or killed by the lovely beasts, and vice versa. Eventually I would like this to be all tied up into an encounter which the player can trigger rather than potentially ruining your game from the off. Although I like the idea of NPC's triggering it. Keeping with the theme of neo scavenger I want to keep some lure in how things will work, so I won't expand further with my ideas.

Currently I think this should be fairly simple to implement from a coding point of view (although I have already had sufficient feature creep in writing this, mainly in the encounter), but if someone would like to volunteer to help make the graphics for some NPC looking zombies, and some additional hand held weapons. That would be great! Else everyone will have to suffer with my attempts!

Thoughts, and ideas? Play nice!

I had this awesome sprite for a zombie on my laptop, shame the damn charger broke.

*Raider sneaks up*
"No, stay the fuck away from my left shoe!"

Chargers are cheep, Bro. Get a new one off of amazon for what, 30$?


Want some turned melonheads? Like this?

That is pretty epic! Forgot that Melonheads were human!

I think that being scratched should give you a lower chance of infection than a bite. In a lot of zombie games and movies, being bitten is generally what screws you over (and the zombie 'virus' is typically spread through contact between infected and healthy bodily fluids, aka saliva from a bite with blood from a human). A way I can think of that could make this work is to give scratches a low chance of infection (but still something you should worry about), while bites pretty much guarantee death and zombification. An example of this is if you've ever played a game called Project Zomboid (which is like NEO Scavenger but with zombies), being scratched by a zombie gives around a 25% chance of becoming infected, while a bite gives I think a 95% chance of infection.

"Wow! This looter's soup can actually had soup in it!"

You would think that for a game that's mostly based on scavaging the zombie disease should be more or less just a very bad case of X disease. So it is very deadly but still survivable. So infection that inevitably leads to death is rather a terrible idea. The base game seems to try to avoid that scenario and for the purpose of balance. The cases of disease that DO cause that is caused by not taking care of yourself (Keeping immune up). Maybe zombie infection is treatable by nano-meds? I can take a swing at zombie art as well.

I like BucketLamp's idea of how the virus should be survivable, but only if the player takes good care of himself. Also, eating zombie meat should be an option for starving players, albeit an extremely high-risk option because not only does the player turn into a cannibal but also runs a high risk of becoming infected.

"Wow! This looter's soup can actually had soup in it!"

In nearly all cases being bittern would lead to the player being infected, and being scratched still has a high chance of being infected too. Ideally I would like to find a way so the player doesn't have to settle for the impending doom of turning, and have some options to survive. Such as;

1. Chopping off the body part that was bitten or scratched. (Although reading the forum, I believe we can't disable body parts).
2. Being immune, obviously very rare.
3. Finding a cure, some elements existing in game could do this, or a specific new thing.

In terms of art work, I need to have a think about how best is to approach this. I really like @BlueS1980 art work but ideally I would like to make the Zombies as varied as they are now with the various clothing options.

So my current thinking is, that I need a base, naked zombie of a human and melon head, and then for each piece of clothing a blood stained version. Any better ideas?