Water purifying

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Water purifying

Have been encountering some bugs that has to do with boiling water.
When creating several purified water at the same time, adding more water to the crafting field doesn't work. As example, boiling one water creates one purified water, but when I add a second water, it isn't "recognized" as water. Sometimes I have to add 5 water to produce 3 purified water. The two that doesn't get purified stays in the crafting area and can be purified by doing the process a second time.

The same way, when using a recipe, some water doesn't get recognized. Even if i have four water, I cannot make the "purified water x3" option. Instead I have to do the purified water x2 twice. To me, it seems as there is two different "types" of water that isn't compatible with each other and cannot be crafted at the same time.

Last, a suggestion. Now with the new pop up menu that let's you see the inside of a container, it'd be great if regular water and purified water had slightly different graphics - regular water could be more brownish, to indicate that it's dirty? That would be a quick way to see if it's safe to drink or not. I know the argument that "you wouldn't see the difference if this was in real life" has been used, but since you still either can open the bottle and look at the items name, or look at the price tag of the bottle, it wouldn't change anything. It might even help new players that doesn't understand the cholera problem.

You are entirely right when you say there are two different types of water. The first kind is clean and safe, and the second is full of cholera. I'm guessing there are some code limitations as to why these cannot be crafted at the same time.

I don't like the idea of changing the graphic of non-purified water. I think that if people are in a hurry they should be allowed to make mistakes. I've had some long-lived characters die because I got lazy and just started clicking along a row of bottles I *thought* were purified, a lesson was surely learned.

Yeah, this is a limitation in the current system, which requires that I write recipes for every possible permutation. Pure and tainted water are two separate item types, and I forgot to add recipes for mixed types of water. I might be able to make it more generic, I just want to make sure the system works well before I put too much time into changing a big system.

As for making water look different, I think I prefer if tainted water remains the same in appearance as pure water. Sometimes you'll find purified water in bottles, but that's meant to be a sealed bottle that hasn't been contaminated (like finding unopened bottles at an abandoned store).

All non-bottled water you find is either clean or dirty, but you won't know which until you drink them or purify them yourself. Sometimes, AI will put unidentified water in bottles too, but you can tell by looking inside them or by the price, which I think is like finding an "unsealed" bottle.

Plus, if I ever add toxic chemicals to the game, you can bet toxic water will look very clean: all the organisms inside have been killed by poisonous chemicals!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games