0.9922b reversing recipes bug?

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0.9922b reversing recipes bug?

(coundn't find a bug thread for the latest 0.9922b version, sorry, so feel free to move/rename this)

Not sure if it's a know bug, but I've only just noticed that "reversing" some recipes (type "2" ones, that require tools to reverse, like the rifle slings) gives me a free mutlitool when I reverse them, laving me with two afterwards!

Also, not a bug, but a question: is there a reason the cryo window now must be "scavenged" from the facility rather than just appearing as idle loot? More curious about that little change than anything else; the old way seemed more intuitive, but I'm guessing there's a reason for it?

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That reversing recipe bug sounds familiar. I'll make a note of it, though, in case I haven't written it down previously. If I recall, there was a tweak to crafting that would show the tools used in the output, but then leave them in ingredients when done. Perhaps there was a case where this didn't work properly.

As for the cryo window change, this was done to maintain consistency with/prepare the user for scavenging. In all other scavenging cases, the user applies skills during scavenging to get bonus loot. So this was a chance to give a quick tutorial to the player on how to scavenge.

There's a tutorial screen, of course, which talks about the magnifying glass icon and scavenge button along with the map. However, making the cryo facility a scavenge site gives 100% of new players a map with a magnifying glass near them to try.

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