AI Mission, and New Location

Hope everyone had a good weekend! My parents dropped by on their cross-country drive, so it was good to chill with them. We discovered our street has Saskatoon and Thimble berries! (And Rochelle at the latter, despite my warnings about red berries being 50% poisonous).

Today, I resumed work on the new encounter. The focus was on making the AI do appropriate things in the right order, so the player can interact with world evens in real time. I've got my AI going to a waypoint, spawning and collecting an item, and then continuing. However, there was a problem with dropping that item later.

It turns out that I need to carefully handle the way AI triggers encounters. In this case, I was accidentally triggering an encounter within another one, and it confused the game (and make the item disappear). As such, I've changed the AI encounter code to process them serially, instead of instantly. I'll be testing that tomorrow.

This new location and AI mission also involves new items, and here's a sneak peek:

IMAGE( Good luck carrying the latter!

I still have a few details to sort out with the big barrel, and also how the other two work. But hopefully, they'll be nice discoveries for those who make the right decisions.

Plus, after all the above is finished, there are some interesting game choices I want to give the player at the end of this encounter. I'll be continuing my experiment with not hand-holding the player, and letting players figure out what to do next. Hopefully, more clever players can be rewarded for their ingenuity!

That's all for today. Have a good night, all!


Kevinfu510's picture

since AI can go from a point A to point B if asked to...
i was wondering maybe you can crop up something similar to trade routes?

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dcfedor's picture

It might be possible, once the waypoint system is working. I'll probably be focusing on finishing plot stuff, but modders should be able to add AI going from A to B and back with items.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games