Mod Idea: Starting Items instead of skills

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Mod Idea: Starting Items instead of skills

So pretty much what i'm trying to propose is instead of having skills to start with, have starting items. This is probably a hardcoding thing, but if not I would really like to be able to integrate this into the game.

Why are Laser Rifles so hard to find? People should be able to find random laser rifles.

I like this idea, but why does it have to be items instead of skills? Some skills (like Medic, or Strong+Melee) effectively give you starting items for using them at the Cryo Facility, so I don't see why the rest of the skills couldn't have similar things.

As for the Laser Rifles, it makes sense that you don't just find them at random. Before the apocalypse they would've been military-grade weaponry that wouldn't get left laying around. After the apocalypse they're still highly powerful weapons, so anyone who has one would keep it with them until they died (and anyone who killed somebody that had one would most certainly take it).

I thought it might be a cool idea for you to be able to scavenge your 'old' items from a locker in the Cryo facility. These would be items based on your skillset chosen that were put in storage before you were frozen. Lockpicking as a skill? A set of lockpicks would be included. Medic? Health pack with additional bandages of course. Ranged? Perhaps a revolver with a few rounds of ammo (not a lot). Melee? Perhaps a combat knife or bat? Mechanic? Either a multitool, or small metal parts (or both).

Of course there'd be a set of basic clothes in there too... Nothing overpowering, but enough to give you that chance of being able to survive just a touch longer, if you think of scavanging the cryo facility first. (So perhaps a T-shirt and jeans, pair of shoes. That's it)