New Beta Build: Camp icons, condition updates, visibility changes, and other fixes

Just uploaded another beta build, 0.935b. One of the big changes in this build is camp icons!

Camping, next right.

Now, whenever a player adds items to a camp, or changes the default camp site, an icon is added to that hex. Like other icons, it is only visible if player has line-of-sight to the hex. This icon should persist across save games as well.

I also made quite a few updates to creature conditions, to make them more realistic. They include:

  • Extreme hunger and thirst conditions now negatively affect encumberance.
  • Fatigue now contributes to increased metabolism rate.
  • Shivering and heat exhaustion conditions now reduce sleep quality, potentially waking player up.
  • Sleep now lowers metabolism and raises healing rate.
  • Myopia now reduces player's creature detection chances.
  • Eagle eye and optics now increase player's creature detection chances.

These changes are meant to make conditions more dynamic and logical, so if you see any issues arising from the changes, let me know. Many of these conditions existed before new creature stats were added, like sleep quality and detection, so I thought it was time to go over the old ones and update them.

I also added a preview to container pop-ups:

Is this the bag I kept my lipstick in?

When the mouse is over a container, you'll see a snapshot of its contents underneath the usual pop-up info. It's just for quick previewing purposes, though, and can't be interacted with. Players will still have to equip a container to get items out of it or move things around inside.

I also decided to try moving the sleep button to the camp page.

Narcoleptics rejoice!

Several players have noted that sleep can be triggered accidentally by mis-clicking. Moving the button here makes the (relatively rarely used) sleep button require deliberate action on the player's part, and should be hard to click accidentally. Furthermore, seeing the camp stats and items at the same time as the button should help players be more effective sleepers.

The sleep button shouldn't show up if a creature is adjacent, so it shouldn't be an issue not seeing the map. If there are issues that arise, however, let me know.

Finally, there were a two other changes to the visibility system, and a bug fix:

  • Creatures that stand still for at least one turn are now harder to spot. Moving creatures have about the same visibility as what players are used to. However, if the player or another creature stands still for a whole turn, their visibility drops.
  • Added code to force newly-attracted creatures to be visible after scavenging.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause scavenge tutorial to reappear after loading a game.

And that about does it. I'm anxious to see how some of these changes work out, so let me know if you notice any difference.


bengtssonmathias's picture

This seems golden! Can't wait to try it out.

Keep up the very good work!