Great list of mods (and their status)

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Great list of mods (and their status)

Note: This list has been replaced by a community-maintained list here. -dcfedor 2020-01-11

To make the work of finding the working mods easier, here is the list of all the mods available for download (that I know about).

If your mod (or the mod that you know of) is not listed here and you would like it to be, please contact me via private message.

Major Mods (substantial changes to the game)
Name: Author: Features: Version: Compatible with build (1.13):
Big Bad Cheater DnaJur Various cheats (item spawning; more starting skills) Update 5.5 Maybe
Depths of Gyges Kaaven Story expansion 1.01 Yes
DevKit layarion Cheat Mod v0.19 Yes
EXE Patchwork m(onster)od Neitronus Mod Merge v 0.98.3 Yes
Extended NeoScav Chiko Expansion (crafting; creatures; items; locations) v 5.1 Yes
Fields of Dead Kaaven Expansion (crafting; items) v 1.0 Yes
Fishing Mod Banjo Expansion (crafting; items) v 2.02 Yes
Galahir's Zombie Mini-Mod Galahir950 New creatures - zombies v 1.1 Yes
I-Neo-More jake59j Expansion (crafting; items) v 0.54 No
Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom Kaaven Expansion (crafting; creatures; encounters; items; locations) v 0.99 Yes
Officer's Mod Lambuck1 Expansion (items; locations) v 1.52 No
Overhaul Mod layarion Various Mechanic Changes; Expansion (items) v 2.01d Yes
Science & Sorcery Magi Expansion (combat moves; items; skills) v 0.2 Yes
Teleport Mod Banjo Expansion (items; location) v 1.0 No


Minor Mods (Minor Mechanic Changes / Additional items)
Name: Author: Features: Version: Compatible with build (1.13):
Anatomy HD BlueS1980 Re-done paper-doll v 1.0 Yes
Bottle Label Mod Banjo Bottle labeling system v 1.92 Yes
Classic Skill Selection Banjo Old style skill selection re-added v2.0 Yes
Comic Style Textures hope42morrow Item retexture 10/19/2015 Yes
Extras and Misc Gariba Crafting + Items v1.4 Yes
Sage's Pages Kaaven Adds various items: Books and Papers v 1.0 Yes
Shouldered Mod Banjo Item carrying v 2.01 Yes
Winter Wonderland Mini-Mod Galahir950 Alternate winterized map tiles W.I.P. Yes

In the spoiler below are the mods that are, for one reason or another, not playable right now:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Work in Progress - early stages
(may not work correctly or not yet work at all)
- Play as melonhead by sunjrang12 (very early work-in-progress)
- Makeshifter Mod by EmperorZA

Non-playable Mods

(Mods that don't work with the current builds of the game due to not being updated)
- Project ModMerge by EmperorZA (discontinued)
- M(m)MoD+Extended NeoScav Merge Mod by DnaJur (discontinued)

Have fun!

P.S. I will keep this topic a sticky and try to update it as the things are added/situation changes.

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I hope Project ModMerge continue the development and convine whit big bad cheater (sorry for bad englis not is my native language)

Psst! I just finished porting Extended NeoScav. :3

Pew pew pew!


Wait, Is that all four current playable mods? made into a functioning list....?


No, not really. The list might be OK (I think, haven't tested it), but the mods won't work - too many conflicting overwrites and such.

It would be a lot of mod-mearging work to really get them to work together.

Actually, even the list is wrong... The row number should be 9, not 8...

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Ah well bummer, No neo scavanger for me then for some more months, I've played the earlier version with all the mods installed and gotten so used to them, i can't play without the few things the mods had :c i hope another mod-merger is around the corner.


The mod-merge by DnaJur should be relatively stable. It only consists of NeoScav Extended and Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom for now, but it's better than nothing, right.

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this list work for me in the last version whit these 4 mods i don't have conflicts and crashes.

its tested for me.

just do the correction in nrows 8 for nrows 9

this list work for me in the last version whit these 4 mods i don't have conflicts and crashes.

its tested for me.

I tested the merge getmods file for all 4 playable mods, and it stopped loading at 23%

Could someone prehaps post a list of a finished put together "Getmod" list here for the Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom and Extended NeoScav? I do love plenty of content to play with but the list making to get the mods to work together is way over my head still...


It's not that simple. Both of the mods overwrite the same things in the vanilla game, and because of that cannot be played together without extensive modding "engineering" and breaking both mod's balance first.

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*Update bump*

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- Jake

So is there any chance that we could get the steam people to allow for workshop compatibility? i know that a lot of players don't know about the mod community that exists here

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Always have an idea on hand.

Nope. Due to the technical limitations of the game engine, there most likely won't be any Workshop support.

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Just a suggestion, Kaaven, but do you think it would be useful to have a "works with" column for each mod, so that outdated vs currently updated mods can be spotted at a glance? Knowing if a mod was abandoned pre-1.0 or requires a test build (that isn't available to, say, GOG buyers) would be handy, I think, probably more so than knowing a mod's version number that only means something to those who've been keeping an eye on it's progress.

Just a thought, since I've had a few folks ask about my own mods and which versions of the game they work with on many occasions (even though the readmes tell you that!). Having that info at a glance would be useful, I think.

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It would, if people were including that information in their mods description...

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if i added an item to james parkade's van and it's idle loot, and added items to the c-store does that require v 1.04 of the game or just 1.0?

and users really don't have access?

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After re-thinking this, I will change it - the info on the list will only include info if the mod is compatible with the current stable build.

Also, there is no build 1.0 available anymore.

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To make Kaaven's job easier, here's my current mod statuses:

Fishing Mod (v2.01) Compatible = Yes
Teleport Mod (v1.0) Compatible = No

Bottle Label Mod (v1.92) Compatible = Yes
Classic Skill Selection Mod (v2.0) Compatible = Yes
Shouldered Mod (v2.01) Compatible = Yes
Anatomy HD (updates medical paper doll, not by me, but not on the list I noticed) Compatible = Yes

If you can add to/update the master list, that would be great! Thanks!

It's very useful having the "does it work with the latest build?" column... thanks for adding that!

PS No "BaD" on the list?

PPS "Teleport Mod" is probably better characterized as "Expansion (items, location)" given the way it's now developed from a simple update of your original awesome "cheat mod".

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Thanks for supplying me with that info. It can be extremely hard to say what each mod does, not to even mention checking every one for compatibility every time something somewhere gets changed :D

I also removed BaD from the list, at least for now, since it wasn't really meant as a real "mod" and more as an exercise in how the threshold conditions work. It is still there for the modders to download, if they want to check it out, but on the list, it would only confuse people, rather than help.

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Fishing Mod (v2.02) Compatible = Yes
Bottle Label Mod (v1.92) Compatible = Yes

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The mod Science&Sorcery is on the version 0.1a and is compatible with the latest game build.

The Science&Sorcery Mod deal with nanobots. travel to the astral realm.

Anyone working on updates to be compatible with 1.05?

i think they only need to be updated if the mod uses an outdated item in their override correct?

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Depends on what was changed in the actual patch. This one changed so little in the actual .xml file (most of the changes were under-the-hood) that most mods should be automatically compatible. Really, only Chiko needs to check his mod out, since he was making some changes to the Guards gear.

But there were some patches before which made some changes to the mods necessary.

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Excellent. Now just have to wait for gog to update.


This list works as written for these mods have tested it for a couple hours w/o the teleport mod which I just added and found no problems so far. The teleporting is tested to the extent that you can create a teleporting bracelet and or necklace and they will teleport back to the cryo chamber where you first start haven't really tried any other locations yet since I am not using the cheat version of the TP mod. I am using v1.05 so they all work with it. I tried incorporating MoD into the list and messing with the loading ordere but there seems to be several points of conflict between BBC and NES, I actually had to go into the MoD file and alter the starting skills list to allow the BBC skill options to be displayed as it kept overwriting them. The main conflict that I noticed between NES and MoD was the crafting if you don't include
"&strModName1=0&strModURL1=0" in the get file several of the NES recipes will give you the "There is not enough room in the camp/ground for the output" and if you do include the MoD recipes will give you the same error. I'm sure there is a work around or maybe I'm just doing something wrong but this is the list that I got working. Hope that helps and if anyone sees what I'm doing wrong please message me so I can fix it and add the MoD mod back into my game, thanks.

what was the BBcode you used? i didn't see anything about a table in the supplied BBCode tags post on this site

there is so much BBCode that can't be used on this site

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Well, the Table code works just fine, apparently.

[ table]
[ tr]
[ td]Name:[ /td]
[ td]Author:[ /td]
[ td]Features:[ /td]
[ td]Version:[ /td]
[ td]Compatible with build (1.11):[ /td]
[ /tr]
[ tr]
[ td]Overhaul Mod[ /td]
[ td]layarion[ /td]
[ td]Various Mechanic Changes, Expansion (items)[ /td]
[ td]v 2.01a[ /td]
[ td]Yes[ /td]
[ /tr]
[ /table]

You know the drill - that, only without spaces ;)

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I think someone broke the formatting on the OP...

The broken formatting and other problems haunt all over the place, since the site have been updated after the attacks. Dan is working to get the site working again, but it might take a little while.

So, be patient my children...

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can you also add a compatibility table for mods that work together and can all of the modders work together one day to try to make it so we can put mods like BBC and NSExtended together with Mighty mod of doom.

Hi Kaaven,

Could you please update this for 1.14?

All working with 1.13 should work with 1.14

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Kaaven could you please add my new mod DevKit

udpate: thanks

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Hi guys, this game is just amazing and so creative.

Anybody knows how to put all modes together (no cheats modes) to play a really complete game?


(sorry with my english)

It is very hard to do, big mods don't work well with each other and you have to manually merge them together recipe by recipe. It also makes the game very unbalanced and often buggy. Some people have tried doing merge mods over the years, but no one maintains them anymore, so they are likely to not work properly. If you want to use them anyway, look in the modding forum for merge mods.

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

Kaaven, you still there? if not, we are going to create a google docs/multiple editors versions of this list.

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