I'm Back! And Dev Continues.

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good week. Our wedding was an unqualified success, and we had a great time seeing friends and family. It was a pretty crazy week, as you'd probably guess!

Now that I'm back, dev continues. And I decided to share a sneak peek to whet your appetite for the upcoming build:

IMAGE(http://www.bluebottlegames.com/img/screenshots/screenshot-2014-07-16.png) A little bit of shiny, and a little bit of ominous.

These are some bits of content I was working on today to make things more interesting. As mentioned last week, the Great Black Swamp now has a new scavenge locale to make it worth exploring. That was a good start, but I decided there should probably be more. A sort of "unicorn" that one rarely sees, but is worth seeking out.

The image on the right is one such "unicorn," and finding it may turn out to be a big payday. Not only that, but it also may contain a hint of history and lore, too!

And on the left? Let's just say that it's a relic of days long passed...

In addition to the new content above, I also decided to take players' feedback to heart regarding the combination of surrendering and Merga Wraiths.

Players who surrender in battle are often killed immediately by the wraith when it appears. This is especially true if the player is surrendering because they are crippled or otherwise weak. Basically, surrender is an invalid option in many cases when it should be viable, and this is mainly due to the talisman disappearing.

Instead, I decided to take their suggestion to make the talisman ignored by the surrender code. It's a bit unrealistic, but it plugs a huge hole in the game design with very little effort. A worthy trade, if you ask me.

Also, while I was in there, I tweaked the wraith to prefer advancing to charging. Wraiths are supposed to be a bit more reserved and confident, and it betrays that image when they run. Making them prefer advance fixes this image problem, and also gives players a bit more of a chance to postpone their death by escaping combat more often.

We'll see if it was enough of a change, or too much. Hopefully, it's just the right balance!

That's all for today. More to come tomorrow!


Dragoonseal's picture

Oh wow. My condolences! ;)

AlterMoon's picture

Cool! I'll wait impatiently next updates!

linibot's picture

Looking forward to shiny new things, and really looking forward to being able to surrender - great gameplay changer. I assume being newly married you finally realized surrendering can be a necessary strategy? ;) Enjoy the married life. :)

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dcfedor's picture

@Dragoonseal, ha ha! I'd feel frightened by that, except we've been living together for 7 years. So I have an inkling what I'm in for!

@linibot, you could always surrender. It was just a bad idea :)

And yes, negotiation skills are a must!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Rovlad's picture

Was it my suggestion for talisman to not be looted if you surrender? Or I never got around to voicing that?
Anyway, you can simply add to its description that only main character can take it off, so it'd make more sense for not being looted from you. Also, they should probably not take your clothes unless they need them, because 1) it's weird and 2) give players a chance to survive oncoming hypothermia if they're not in position to get some new garbs.

dcfedor's picture

You probably did at some point. I just tend to be stubborn when it comes to design changes :)

The clothing I may leave as-is, though. AI will tend to prefer other loot before taking players' clothes, so it should only happen occasionally. And finding clothes after surrendering is a bit easier than fighting a wraith.

We'll have to see, though. I could be wrong about that, too!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

ZeeOvenfresh's picture

Is that new 'unicorn' one of those crashed hovercrafts that rain fat businessmen?

lol wat?