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Some suggestions

It's a really great idea you have here, but it needs to be a lot more
user friendly. Not dumbed down, it's just far from evident what anything
does.1. A tutorial area. An optional thing independent of the
main game which tells you everything you need to know of how to play. I
saw you say earlier that you aren't sure how to incorporate how to play
into the main game, well here's how! With a tutorial area you can
continue to make the game how you want without worrying about whether
the player knows what he's doing or not. It is also key to break the
tutorial into chunks. It appears there's a lot to learn for this game
and I've only just scratched it. So say I forget how items work exactly,
I don't want to have to trudge through the entire tutorial to get to
this info. Allow people to skip parts of the tutorial, or break it down
into selectable parts like how to move on the map and what all that
stuff is, how to use items, etc.The only tutorial I saw was the
first time I went to scavenge a building and it told me how to do that
and also what it means to scavenge on the world map and how that is
dangerous. Well it's a bit late for that! My first game I scavenged on
the world map and died from a looter with a meat cleaver. Players who
are not hardcore fans of this kind of game will be immediately turned
off. I would've if I wasn't a fan. No one likes dying because nothing's
told them yet how to play the game and NOT die.Which reminds me
of a bug: my second playthrough I eventually died due to thirst. At the
game over screen it said I died from a looter with a meat cleaver lol.2.
Armor and attack! I have no idea the effectiveness of my blue jeans, or
whether the meat cleaver is better than a rifle butt. As far as
clothes, I'm assuming the more expensive the better protection it gives.
But I'm pretty sure a meat cleaver is more effective than a rifle butt
even though the rifle costs more. 3. Like someone else
suggested, an examine feature for enemies. You can even make a skill
which will go in depth about what exactly the enemy is carrying, how
many spaces he can move, his attack and defense, etc. Without the skill
you can say only know whether he's tough or not compared to you, as was
also suggested.That's it for now, thank you.EDIT: So I finally read the features list and there's a lot more to know than I thought. I didn't know water could be not safe. How do you boil it exactly? How do you skin squirrels? Every item has uses, well what? Things have weight and it's not just space, where? Once you die it's game over, does that mean no save function even in the full game? It's no fun trying to figure out how to survive and all that when one you don't have a clue, and two can't save your progress. Are you trying to go for a roguelike here?