Toxins and Diseases, Bug Fixes, and...Freedom!

Work continued today on a mix of new features and bug fixes.

After adding the gas mask yesterday, I decided to add a new hazard to the Great Black Swamp. Namely, the defoliant used there can still be dangerous to those who pass through the area. I added a new condition chain, similar to other diseases, which represents overexposure to the defoliant. It has a variety of minor to moderate symptoms, and is a chronic condition (comes back periodically). The gas mask will protect against it, if charged.

I also decided to add eye irritation symptoms separately, in case I want to use that elsewhere as scavenge outcomes, or in combat. This way, there can also be goggles, combat moves, and other stuff supported by the game (time-permitting).

I still need to add a reason to visit the swamp, now that it has a tangible hazard. This will probably take the form of corpses and scavenge locales with higher loot chances, but also higher risk.

Similarly, I'd like to add one or two new scavenge hazards for the map in general. Things like black mold or other volatiles in the air, to make gas masks and other items more useful.

Finally, the reason for all this needs to be added, too: new factions and diseases. I started working on some code to make conditions transfer to other creatures when within a certain range in combat, and this will take the form of a new field in condition definitions. This seems to be working, and the next step will be to hook up appropriate conditions, including airborne and contact-vector diseases.

Apart from all the above, I also fixed a bug that allowed players to sleep during encounters (e.g. ATN market). And the ATN map label should be fixed in the next build.

And since we finally figured out the endless turn bug, I reenabled the combat auto-turn-advance code, for when the player is unconscious for 2 or more turns in a row. This should help with tedious turn-ending when unconscious, and should also make it a bit more immersive. I'll keep an eye on it for misbehavior, though.

Lastly, happy freedom day, Americans! Hope you enjoy the long weekend, and get a chance to chill out. See y'all Monday!


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Just logged in quickly to say, these latest news posts have been so damn exciting. :) VERY much looking forward to the next big update! Enjoy the weekend. :)

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Combat moves you say?

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Great, the game becomes even more deadly. Pretty much like in Shadowrun, you're already dead, you just don't know it, yet. ;-)

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

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You mean Shadowrun Returns game?

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Must have moar deadlyer!

@Keldoclock, yeah, like that! Even if I don't get a chance to add dirty fighting moves of my own, I bet we'll see a dirty fighting mod before long!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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I don't know how it slipped under everyone's radar, but congrats on your marriage man. Been down that path, it sure is a great experience.
Expect to spend a little bit less time on games and development, not that it's a detrimental remark. Good luck to you both!

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Thanks, Rovlad! And believe it or not, the marriage may actually free up some time for dev, given the crazy whirlwind of planning we've been going through :) No more craft-cutting decorations and chasing down food vendors!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games