Overwriting vanilla graphics fails when not starting with "big GUI"... bug?

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Overwriting vanilla graphics fails when not starting with "big GUI"... bug?

So I figured that creating an override ("0") mod which has its getimages.php include one or more images already in the game - for example, "ItmNoiseTrap.png" and "x2_ItmNoiseTrap.png" - will result in the new graphic being displayed instead of the normal one even if there are no other mod changes, right?

So I tried it and yup, it worked. Fine, until just now when I changed monitors to a 4:3 one (previous was widescreen) and noticed that the item images were not being overwritten. Switching the GUI to "big GUI" made the graphics replacement work again. Using my other monitor made them work right off bat.

After some testing, it seems like if the game is NOT set on "big GUI" (or doesn't auto-switch to that itself) when it loads up, graphic replacements will NOT show up.

However, in such a case, going to the menu and changing the display setting to "big GUI" WILL make the replacement graphics suddenly show up when you continue playing, even without restarting the game, and if you then change BACK to "small GUI" or "4:3", it will KEEP the graphics replacements. It's like the game "forgets" to use replacement non-"x2" images until you remind it by switching to "big GUI" and back.

Can anyone else confirm this? It seems like a very odd bug if it is one, and if it's not then I'm puzzled as to what I could have done to cause this behavior.

(I don't get any errors on mod loading, incidentally)

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Hey Banjo,

I just gave this a shot, and it looks like it's specific to low-res item images. Namely, the game loads vanilla items and images first, then overrides images later without telling the items about the change. Resolution-switching tells items to update, and since the game defaults to low res items, the Big UI causes a refresh implicitly when the game starts.

I've added some code to invalidate all item images the first time the game starts after loading, which should catch this special case. Thanks for the heads-up!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games