New Faction Tech, Mod Fixes, Upcoming Beta, and OOO Tomorrow

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Our internet's still pretty flaky, so I'm going to type my news offline, and hope for a brief window to upload it.

First of all, v0.9922b seems like it might be good enough to replace v0.987b, so I'm going to try to do that this week. There are a few issues with it (there always are!), but I think the net package is an improvement over 0.987b.

For anyone worried about old v0.987b mods, you might be able to still use them with v0.9922b. I posted a sticky in the forums which explains how one can install new and old mods, in case your favorite mod hasn't been updated yet.

Obviously, with the internet connection unreliable, updates are going to be hard to do. I have a service tech coming from Shaw, but they won't get here until Friday. So I'll be limited in my internet until then.

Also, tomorrow (july 1st) is Canada day, so I won't be working. I should be back on Wednesday (July 2nd), however.

Finally, what did I do today? Well, I fixed a few bugs, for one thing. The "run" button had a few bugs that needed fixing, including extra fatigue penalties when in combat. So I took care of those.

There were also a couple mod-related bugs, which prevented certain mod content from working. Namely, battle moves were missing condition info, and recipes were sometimes breaking when overriding base recipes with mod ingredients. These have been fixed locally, and should make the next build (v0.993b and later).

I've also been working on some new code to support items that wear out other items when discharging. Most discharging items subtract whole items from their contents (like electric charges from batteries, or bullets from guns). However, some items wear down their charges instead (e.g. air filters in gas masks).

Since my new faction involves airborne toxins, I want to see if I can make gas masks more meaningful than just decorations. It would also let me add some more challenge to the Great Black Swamp, and open up the possibility of disease and airborne toxins. (Something I'm sure modders would use!)

So far, it's a bit flaky, though, so I need to work on it a bit more. If successful, I think it'll add another source of challenge and an interesting dimension to map travel/scavenging. More on this later.

Have a good holiday, fellow Canadians, and see you all Wednesday!


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I've just been told that I don't have access to reply page (*) for some reason, but since I'm answering now was that a site glitch?
Anyway, what's the release date? It is still around a month away, right? I've been keeping off doing a proper playthrough because I want to be able to start and finish the story.

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Have a good break/holiday, mate!

Love that we're getting gas masks; as long as they don't need to be used ALL the time (airborne viruses everywhere!) they'd be a great (important) "survival-themed" addition to the game.

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Hmm. If the Swamp is going to be hazardous without a Gasmask, perhaps there could be a unique scavengable location that spawns there? Radioactive gator hunting, anyone?

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@Rovlad, that access issue does sound like a glitch. Especially if it was only temporary.

As for release date, I'm still aiming to get it done this summer. I think I'm on track to have the main story done this month, as it's all written and being added now. That said, I'm getting married next week, so I expect about 1 week where I'm not doing development work.

If you're looking for a full playthrough with minimal bugs or gaps, you may be looking at the August time frame more likely than July.

Re: gas masks, I agree that they're long overdue, and befit the setting. Ideally, I'd like there to be places where it's risky to go without the mask, and that might be areas of the map or scavenge locales.

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