[Mod idea] play as melonhead

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[Mod idea] play as melonhead

Not sure how hard this would be but it seems easy on the surface

-Change player model
-Make other Melonheads friendly
-Give the "call melonheads" combat move to player
-Maybe change some dialog to accommodate you being a melonhead

and thats kind of it but then again it may be harder then it seems.so ya just wanted to put this out there

You know its a science fiction game when detroit is the nicest place

Yes, good idea, I could be able to do all the stuff you told except the " call melonheads " attack because then I would have to spawn them during the battle and the spawning is hardcoded into the game. Also you would only have an option to be feeble or weak. And I would have to delete most of the attacks that you could originally do. If you allow me I could give it a try. Also, the making melonheads friendly means adding an attack command that will result in having a conversation with melonheads to 100% chance but you would still be able to kill them because it would be a command during the battle which would result in them talking to you like normal NPCs and also now the Detroit Megacity would be not be enter able and the guards would not be friendly with you anymore. Just reply if you want me to try!

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.

If your up to it go for it being a melonhead is like a hardcore mode.

and if you can change the spawn point not sure how or if you can but try and see i guess

You know its a science fiction game when detroit is the nicest place

I've actually survived a fortnight with all the traits and no abilities at the maximum. I did it using the pebble throwing attack as my main attack. Hehe, removing some attacks and abilities would make it way harder like you might not be able to shoot a weapon but use its stock as a melee attack and bullets would practically be useless as you will not use them or sell them. Also, my favorite place, Zom Zom's would kill you as you would be a melonhead. Also you would not be able to read ingredients or craft SOME (at-least give you some chance) items as melonheads do not have much of a brain. Most of the encounters (except Allegan Fairgrounds as it would be like an ATN warrior camp for melonheads) would be useless and you would have to stay away from them. Also, changing your spawnpoint, yeah..... I can't do that but I can delete the encounter with the dogman. I know you can change your spawnpoint though, just don't know how. I'm modding the game as you read this! :)

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.

Ok the fairgrounds hows that going to work? just changing the the text so it would be like a gladiator pit for melons
cause that seams like the easiest way to go about things with out taking forever.

You know its a science fiction game when detroit is the nicest place

You could make it a place like an ATN warrior camp.

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.

Ok i guess but you going to have to change some of the encounter

You know its a science fiction game when detroit is the nicest place

I totally changed the intro that gives you an idea that you are a Melonhead. I will do the way you look (physical features) in 2 more days time. Sorry if I'm slow at doing this stuff. BTW there are no glitches/bugs in the intro. It took a lot of trial and error but I perfected it. Here is the link download the folder and replace the stuff inside it with the real stuff.


I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.

WHY 4shared it not the best use media fire file smelt anything but 4shared

You know its a science fiction game when detroit is the nicest place

Why does it matter to you? I'll use mediafire the next time. Just check the intro I have perfected it, no bugs or glitches.

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.


You had some problems in another thread so I had a look.

I change mod structure a little and removed Dan's mod parts.
I changed melonhead faction so it would be friendly and fixed skill so it works correctly and you can summon melonheads in battle. Also added image to skill.

BTW Whole call melonheads thing should be reworked because right now it's way OP.

LOL, thanks man, you should really use your modding skills for something, now to finish the base idea of this mod will be making the character look like a Melonhead, fix some encounters and fix all the attacks. And yeah, call other Melonheads is awesome unless its being used against you. I'll find some way to fix it. Thanks for the help, seriously.

OH GAWD - How you do the pics man TOO good. Man you too good. Do you have steam? Tell me your id if you do have one. Also explain to me what I did wrong. I'm a bit nooby.

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.

Well both my mods are on hold until Dan fixes few issues.

You forgot to reference original content in your mod. Take a look at nCondID, vDegradeTreasureIDs, aPossessConditions, nFormatID, nComponentID, aSounds (and vImageList if it wasn't a new image) in MelonheadNew. All these are described somewhere else so ,unless they refer to something you create (new condition, item format, ingredient or something else), you need to add "ModName:" in our case ModName is 0 because we refer original content.
Also you have put condition 392 in aEquipConditions but skills are never actually equipped.

I made myself Skill and Flaw image templates when I was working on my mods so it wasn't really that hard.

I believe you can make Call Melonheads move usable only once per combat.
What do you think about making event chain where you turn into melonhead over time?

And it would probably be easier for me to find you on steam.

BTW you can't really mod player character right now so I don't think you will be able to make custom sprites without replacing most the humans. But you can overwrite sprites for inventory screen.

Actually after taking a look it seams that player is a separate sprite and overwriting it is quite easy. Some items may layer strangely but it should be okay.


I'm not sure that they're friendly.

I summoned a whole bunch of them to mob a Bad Mutha then when he was dead they mobbed me.

You sure you haven't accidentally attacked one of them?

Anyway bumped up their relationship to 100 for future. Well see how that works. As I said I haven't done much testing. :P

I'd really like to see a 'Play as Dogman' mod.

You would get to pick from traits such as Strong, Athletic, Melee, Tough, Eagle Eye, Hiding.

Attack skills: Crunch - Use your canine teeth to bite the enemy. Claw - Use your claws to cut the enemy.

Raw Meat can be eaten without penalty along with drinking from any water source without getting an infection.

You wouldn't be able to craft much of anything but there could possibly be a 'Dogman Claw' inventory item that is used as a permanent sharp edge for crafting dead bodies into fresh meat.

'Call Dogman' would be pretty cool too.

Since the player is a Dogman maybe they get more points to run before getting fatigued.

They are already wearing a Dogman fur-coat too so they would naturally stay warm.

Man... now I want to play a Yezinka and steal the eyes of everyone I encounter.

I believe everything you said can be done. Although, overwriting 83 recipes will be a pain.

The problem is dogman wearing clothes will look strange.

Maybe someone can make a full Dogman looking suit that the player can wear to look like one.

While wearing it your map sprite uses the Dogman sprite.

That's not the problem though. I can do that.

The problem is that currently there is no way to force equip items. This means that player has to willingly equip something around 13 slot locked items. Because of that (and the ability to exploit the system) my OCD screams at me.

Of course we can try locking player in Stranglers hood like encounter that kills player if he doesn't equip everything. :P

I guess someone else is doing my job. Wanna help man? Add me on steam if you have one so we can co-operate and make a better mod.

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.

I don't know how much I will be doing with this mod but for now why not.

PM me your steam name.

BTW did some work today so here.
I have a poor fantasy so I hope somebody else will write encounter descriptions.

Thanks and BTW, there is a property you can add to yourself called "Dogman" in vProperties it stands as number 62. So property 62, oh and I can write encounters, 2nd most easy thing to do. Just gimme an idea or I can make one up. Yah, I will pm you my steam ID.

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.

How's the Dogman mod coming along?

Pretty good, I'll release the changes tomorrow. Not much changes though. Only like 4 more changed encounters (storyline).

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.

Have you guys stopped making the melonhead mod?i really like it so far (even though i died before the first night :P)

The last reply to this thread is over five months old...

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What happened to this? I was excited when I saw comments talking about developing this. The dogman part sounded cool too, could the orginal modders continue or someone pick it up after them? Thanks. X)

true, if someone just pick it up and work at it...Id be a happy man

Ok, who took my campfire?