Comeing up to Fort Wayne

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Comeing up to Fort Wayne

So i hear is "A unique fixer-upper opportunity" and see this > < and i just want to say the place this is. is fort Wayne because a dmc guard said this "No. No. Closest thing you got is Fort Wayne down below the swamp. Gotta get there by air" when asked "are there any other citys near by?"

so tell me what you think its goning to be

You know its a science fiction game when detroit is the nicest place

Well, that can't really be Fort Wayne because map does not reach to the other side of the Black Swamp, so there is no place for it.

I guess that the mysterious building (of obviously government origins) is one of two places hinted in the game's plot.

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It might be either Camp Grayling, which is the place that mister Cale mentions Phillip Kindred had some sort of associates before he went to Cryo Pod, or Saginaw Mental Institution, the picture of which - showing Cale's father bringing in Phillip on a wheelchair - can be found in the Cale's apartment, if player chooses to break into it.

There is also, much a less likely, scenario that this is the prison (it looks like one at least) that the Alvin's Butchers (the slavers faction) is said to use as a base.

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But has anyone FOUND it yet?

Give us a hint where to look! Please?

I found the new location, but nothing happened while I was there....

i can not say exactly that what is the thing here as there are always different things happeninga

hello Every one, enjoy full fun. Jogos de Moto

that image is saginaw and im pretty sure the dmc guard meant fort wayne(city) and not the actually a fort