Shopping cart parts rarity

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Shopping cart parts rarity

I started using Mechanic for the first time, figured it was worth a try now that vehicles and big containers were so much more rare. However I found that all the random shopping cart parts (basket, wheels, frame) are now as rare or even more rare than the full carts themselves, I never find any. I had a long basically finished Feeble/Fragile game where all I ever found was 2 wheels and a cart frame. Between that and ATN always stocking travois, Mechanic is basically useless currently.

I suggest the shopping cart component parts be made more common again.

I'd agree with this. I've found more complete carts/boxcarts than I have enough parts to make either of them. I don't think carts are too common, but I do think the parts for them should be slightly easier to find; they're pretty much useless to non-Mechanic characters anyway, so this would make it a skill much more worth taking.

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I've only gotten the game the other day and played over 17 hours so far found plenty of frames, baskets and full carts but i have yet have to find the wheels haha.

Had one game with at least a dozen wheels (in general, wheels don't seem to be a problem). Another (totally different) game where I found 2 frames. Can't count the number of baskets I've found. I've found one box cart so far, but innumerable sleds. The problem seems to be in finding all the components in the same game (within a reasonable period).


As a skilled mechanic would pay more attention to mechanical parts strewn about in everyday environments than a layman, maybe the Mechanic skill could be applied when scavenging in storage sheds, city ruins etc. to add a bonus chance of finding mechanic-related tools and components such as this?