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it's probably the first game in which so boldly presented cannibalism. You can add a few extra random pathology manifested by external characteristics, such as rotting teeth (movie "book of eli"), or yellowing of the skin (comicbook "Pilgrim"), so that the visible degeneration were chased by hunters and not allowed to enter the city.

and if so in another direction?
Character that for a long time in the game eats only plants could to satisfy the hunger of small quantities of plants, need more water, eat more often, etc. after the time change of diet on the meat was to cumbersome but possible.

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This subject was discussed before, but in a nutshell it boils down to the realism which the game tries to keep when it comes to survival elements (even if it has ghosts and monsters in it). The cannibalism, in real world, does not have any visible "symptoms" or negative physical setbacks, outside of cannibal possibly contracting parasites that his "meal" had.

The game tries to stay true to that, and the negative feats presented here is of social or mystical nature - cannibalistic player's mind slowly falls to the "wendigo curse", making him crave the human flesh more and more.

And about non-meat diet or only-meat one - while there are real-life problems caused by limiting one's food range, those are minor (at least initially) and happen after a rather long periods of time, longer than most games last (months usually) and can be avoided with minimal intake of necessary foodstuffs. Scurvy (lack of vitamins) needs weeks to develop and can be set back by next few weeks with literary a few handfuls of fresh fruit, for example.

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Though I'm just dipping my toes in the modding waters right now, I can't see it being too difficult for someone to make a mod that added a "Vegetarian" trait you can pick on starting. This trait would perhaps cause the player to either get sick when they eat meat or just flat-out not be able to consume it.

It wouldn't need to be more complex than that, IMO, just a bit of fun roleplay and a new "disadvantage" to offset picking more skills.

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I don't see any point to a vegetarian trait. Seems like just an excuse to grab a free skill. A character with botany can survive just fine on only mushrooms and berries and due to the water content is probably better off. In fact, I often don't bother with sources of meat for the character - not due to ideology, but due to the way the game works; it's just easier.