death by face punch

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death by face punch

it was 9:43 am, in-game. when i came across a stranger. we were about 7 tiles apart when he started shooting. .308 rifle to the left thigh, and upper left arm. i was bleeding bad. but somhow, i lived. he must have ran out of ammo because he decided to not shoot anymore, but to instead whack me with his rifle. he missed, and i punched him in the chest twice. he was coughing up blood. both of us. he tried to tackle me, but missed, and i punched his head until he died. i then looted him, threw on some dirty rags, and walked away with 2, festering, severe, gunshot wounds. and lived on to get to the DMC, and beyond. true story.

"Never take off your copper talisman."

lol, nice story of luck vs the odds.