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Dog's eye view

Part 1: Rex (intro)

A medium size dog, maybe around the age of 2-3 years of human age, is siting on the side walk.
Then, a white van approaches at about 5-6 mph, then comes to a complete halt, the side door slides open.
A slim man walks out.

"Whats your name? Look at me, talking to a dog, I think I'll call you...Rex,"

{My Leonerd, for you kind, ego-filled mind!}

"Want some food? come here," walking back to the car.

{Yeah, sure...let me just walk into the back of your windowless van}

Despite my good judgment I fallow anyways...the things I do for food.

The van drives of, now with a new passenger.

Part 2: project K-9 Cryo

The slim man stood next to a doctor, "So, when do we freeze him in those cryo-pod...things?"

The doctor spoke, "Can you wait for just a second, he needs a special shot or he could die,"

Moments later he signaled his partner, "He's ready,"

With that the slim man picked me up, giving a low grunt, then proceeded to the pod.

{Yeah, I'm fat and weigh a lot, watch-ya gonna do!}

The man stopped and put me down, then he slid a glass door shut, "See-ya in five years!"

{Wait...what! I didn't sign up for thi...}

The doctor pulled a few levers, and twisted some knobs, then, with a loud hiss, a liquid poured out of the ceiling, chilling me to the bone.

part 3: 100 years! (coming soon)


Continue this!

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.

Part 3: 100 years!

My ears boom as the door to the cryo pod open.

"Umm..." I think "No doctor, and wow would it kill them to clean this place!"

A loud grunt breaks the silence, I turn to see a large, man like dog.

"Great they started to crossbreed, as if regular people where bad,"

The creature barks, "Food?"

A bit startled, I reply, "No, I'm not food,"

"You give me food?"


"You hungry like jack?"

"Is that your name?"

"Me Jack, you?"

"I'm Leonard," how many times has this guy hit his head?

After a few minutes of chatting with...Jack, I did a little estimate on how long I was out, I judged that based on the very dusty floor and the yellow-ish bones (Ironically by a broom), I would say I was out for 100 years, then again I am pretty bad at estimates, so it's probably only been 50-70 years.

Part 4: pack time


Part 4: Pack time

Jack, the lumpy brained, and I, the semi-100 year old dog walk for hours, toward a city.

Jack, "City have food,"

"Good, I'm starving,"

"Me have pack at city, some like you, small, smart,"

"Good to know,"

Moments later we entered the city, the view was bad, the place looked like no one had lived here for decades, cars had been flipped, the ground was littered with bags, rappers, papers, and bones.

"So, where is your family then?"

"Some not family, you not family and you accepted, we live in old owners home, that's what Hill calls it,"


"Hill is leader, Others are Gort, Lizz, Kod, and Ferp,"

"So...why where you out there and not here?"

"Me was hunting, like Gort, and Kod,"

"I hope they found food, cause this place looks barren,"

"Hole world barren, almost no food for us, but humans have food, so we hunt humans,"

With my questions answered, and a lot of walking we arrived at the Den, as Jack calls it.

Jack, "Hill!"

Hill, "Jack! Gort and Kod found Food, we can eat!"

Pups, "Food...Eat!"

"You didn't tell me there where pups,"

Jack, "Pups have no name, not tell they are old enough to hunt, so we have little attach meant, if they die,"

"Sad, so, I live here now?"

Hill, "If you find food, you stay, if you take care of pups, you stay, if not, you leave,"

"Okay, I think I'll take pup duty, for now,"

Jack, "Okay,"

Part 5: Pups


It's good so far, I like it.