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[0.992b] Bugs and Issues

So things I came across while streaming yesterday:

1) Dogman triple kill http://imgur.com/jGQ2IlE
So one game ended suddenly and spectacularly to a dogman flurry attack, went from unhurt to triple dead. Looks like I accidentally attacked on a turn I should of been defending, the last thing you want to do against a dogman in a Feeble/Fragile game, but it still highlighted a few weird things. First is how both the dogman and my character turned into Unknown Assailant and Unknown Target after the first hit (which presumably killed). And of course there's the triple death message. Also the list of ending conditions has oddities. One is that I interacted with The Stoat when I had not, I only had the normal Zom Zom's encounter. The other is that the player has contracted pneumonia, did that come from the dogman's attack as a final insult? Cause aside from that I had been previously unwounded and never ate or drank from any unsafe source.

Further, on that last turn I lured it into a trap making it fall down, hit its head, and lose a turn. Its attack still went through unabashed afterward though. Makes me curious why there's a Priority stat on combat moves if both are still going to go through simultaneously? Actually there seems to be some inconsistency in regards to this. I'd need Dan to confirm, but it seems like some conditions that happen mid-turn execution do get suddenly applied to the rest of that turn's outcome. For example if both people attack each other and the first person's attack makes him exposed to an easy attack that seems to apply instantly and get taken into account as the other person's attack is resolved, giving them a big attack boost they wouldn't of otherwise had. Seems to happen with flurry attacks as well, if the first or second hit during a flurry connects well and gives negative conditions (exposed, stunned, concussion, crippled, fallen, etc) then all the remaining attacks from the flurry suddenly benefit from those.

Ending copy/paste:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Survival Time: 11 days, 17.20 hours.
Player has died due to acute bleeding in the lungs.

Final Moments:

Dogman needs a moment to recover before acting again.
** End Turn **
Player attacks Dogman...and hits!
Player pelted Dogman's lower right leg with a crowbar.
** End Turn **
Player lures Dogman into a trap!
Player is exposed to easy attack for a moment.
Dogman has fallen to the ground, and must regain footing to continue.
Dogman is exposed to easy attack for a moment.
Dogman needs a moment to recover before acting again.
Dogman's upper left arm was whipped.
Dogman's head was pelted.
Dogman launches a flurry of attacks at Player...and hits!
Player needs a moment to recover before acting again.
Dogman shredded Player's lower chest with a claw.
Player is coughing up blood.
Unknown Assailant shredded Unknown Target's lower chest.
Unknown Assailant shredded Unknown Target's upper chest.
** End Turn **
Player has died due to acute bleeding in the lungs.
Player has died due to acute bleeding in the lungs.
Player has died due to acute bleeding in the lungs.

Player is weak, and can carry less than most.
Player is frail, is easier to wound, and takes longer to heal.
Player is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Player is more effective when using melee weapons, and they degrade slower.
Player is skilled in ranged combat. Player can engage at longer range than most, and ranged weapons degrade slower.
Player is athletic, and can move with less fatigue.
Player has a slow metabolism, and consumes food and water slower than most. However, Player also recovers slower from wounds and illness.
Player is skilled in trapping and snares.
Player is skilled in lockpicking.
Player is skilled in medical procedures, which increases rate of recovery from wounds.
Player has a normal circulation of blood.
Player's immune system is healthy.
Player is wearing the protective talisman.
Player knows that the creature coming down the hall was a dogman.
Player has discovered the bank account info at cryo lab.
You have visited Zom Zom's.
Player has already interacted with The Stoat.
Player has already visited the ATN.
Player has answered Michelle's question of where he's been.
Player is not experiencing any pain.
Player's thirst is slaked.
Player is comfortable.
Player is using an optical magnification device.
Player has been introduced to Hatter already.
Player has seen the wraith footage at Hatter's
Player has allied with Hatter.
Player is wearing a megacity visitor pass.
Player is carrying a device that DMC patrols can track.
Player has visited the DMC at least once.
Player has visited The Red Gnome diner at least once.
Player has visited Haggerty Health at least once.
Player has been tested for augmentation and prosthetic eligibility.
Player can see distant objects better than most people.
Player has had corrective eye surgery.
Player has already had DMC guard conversation 1.
Player has already had DMC guard conversation 2.
Player cannot run in combat.
Player is wearing the legendary "3 Dog Moon" t-shirt.
Player is well-rested.
Player's hunger is sated.
Player has acted significantly more good than evil.
Player is ready to advance to wendigo 2.
Player is unburdened by what Player is carrying.
Player is beginning the transformation into wendigo.
Player is exposed to easy attack for a moment.
Player needs a moment to recover before acting again.
Player is coughing up blood.
Player has contracted pneumonia.
Player has died due to acute bleeding in the lungs.

2) Like container and drug drop rates, drop rates of other things could use a once over as well. Here's an example of what I got from a single scavenge at the start of a new game. Everything that's on the ground aside those three bottom junk items. Six pants, three shirts, two shoes, a coat, water, tin can, food, bandages, string...


3) A Blue Frog punch flurry attack got through my parry and basically ended me in another game crippling a leg and knocking me out. But he didn't finish me off or even loot me, just wandered off and left me to be unconscious for a couple turns/hours before returning. What's weird is that by the time he came back just a couple turns later my leg was already uncrippled. Also when I woke up during second fight I was already standing upright, even though the encounter started with me prone and out cold. Also the "Best Cover" stat dropped from "Total" during the first fight to "Low" during the second fight, even though it was on the same hex.

Then I popped a pain pill mid fight and beat him to death. :)

http://imgur.com/WlSAAA9 http://imgur.com/3NCV7vf http://imgur.com/RsQg2sS

4) Apparently you can still run on the map while towing a vehicle. As soon as you equip a vehicle your maximum run points counter drops to 0, but your current run points remain (e.g. 3/0) and you can still use them.


5) I got mobbed by three Bad Muthas around Zom Zom's. I ditched my vehicle and successfully sprinted away, only to find that one of the Bad Muthas was suddenly one hex north of the other two. The text log showed that after I left the fight the Bad Muthas started engaging/retreating from each other. So I reengaged the solo one that separated from the others and kill him, then find the other two Bad Muthas on separate hexes. The text log again showing that they were engaging and retreating from each other. This let me reengage and kill all three of them one at a time.

http://imgur.com/Y9SPGuI http://imgur.com/1LhRHHc

6) Got effectively ended again when another flurry attack got through my parry, leaving me crippled and unconscious (quite the exciting run). The text log says the flurry attack smashed my right arm and lower right arm, but then my left arm became crippled instead. Oddly I didn't die right after this, I had to keep ending turns a boggling amount of times (6+) while unconscious as the Bad Mutha had to repeatedly land a number of additional hits before I finally killing me. This death too also gave a lot of repeated messages and referred to my character as Unknown Target.

http://imgur.com/SP55GAk http://imgur.com/YPmiLWW

7) Had multiple instances where I offered to talk to one NPC, they ran away ending combat, I move a hex into either the same or even a totally different NPC, and suddenly they talk to me instantly, no combat encounter.

http://imgur.com/FaMv6el http://imgur.com/fQIm74F

6) Came across an NPC's camp a bit northeast of Zom Zom's that had buggy item placement. The items where out of the item grid and lined up along the top left corner of the screen. I could mouse over them and get the proper info from them, and I could get a right click menu from them, but could not otherwise interact with them. Couldn't double click take, right click take, drag and drop, or right click empty them. I was able to rearrange their order once with the sort button for the ground, but still couldn't interact with them after that. I also dropped a plastic bag on the ground in that hex and it (effectively) disappeared.

http://imgur.com/Iqr9CHS http://imgur.com/0o3b4vJ

7) One time after I had used the crafting menu the crafting confirm button got seemingly stuck in place. I couldn't see it, but if I moused over that spot while on the map the info description for it came up and it blocked me from being able to click and move into that hex that it was taking up the same spot as. I tried opening the crafting menu again and basically every other window as well but couldn't get it to go away, it continued blocking my access to that hex until I moved elsewhere, then finally stopped.


8) Ran into an ATN Warrior that immediately opened fire on me during the first round of combat. I was both conscious and visible. I had never attacked any ATN Warrior previously, in fact this was the first one I had run into this game. I had also already peacefully visited and traded at the ATN Enclave. Could it be a side effect of the condition the 3 Dog Moon t-shirt gives?

http://imgur.com/ABRd9dd http://imgur.com/DtJC7UY

Also, not bugs per se but:

AI can still retreat completely out of combat 100% of the time any turn you don't advance or attack them, even at range 0. It's really frustrating.

Game over doesn't show your karma title anymore.

Some good info in here! Let me see if I can digest the list:

1) The triplicate death message is a known issue, but I don't know yet what causes it. I'm looking into that. I'll look into the Stoat condition, too.

As for pneumonia, this can occur as a result of chest wounds, and probably means the infection just started developing. The unknown target/assailant sounds like the game is checking if the player can see assailant/target, and returning false. This might be accurate, but I agree it is also confusing. I'll look into that, too.

The combat order and priority are a bit more complex an issue. Theoretically, all attacks are meant to be simultaneous. Both combatants choose their next move, and those moves happen in concert.

However, some moves are faster than others, or are only valuable if they occur sooner/later. Dodge and parry are examples of this, so they apply their effects early in the round so that subsequent attacks have a lower chance of connecting.

Unfortunately, the code that decides if a move is valid or not happens before all moves are executed. So in your dogman case, he decided to flurry before he was lured into falling, so his attack was already in the queue. Realistically, that fall would've pre-empted his attack.

In order for that to work, I'd probably have to re-check the combat move for validity immediately before executing in the queue. I think I could do that fairly easily, but the implications are unknown. I don't know if this would completely change the feel of combat, such as making players more frustrated because their attacks fail more often. It might be worth a shot, though.

2) I'm inclined to say this is realistic. In the loot code, the player occasionally gets a "bonus drop" to simulate an untapped loot location. In this case, it's like you found a dresser that wasn't looted yet (or a GAP store, etc.) The fur is a bit out of place, tough.

3) The crippling sounds like you just barely exceeded the wound threshold to be crippled, so it healed again quickly. If your leg was totally broken and healed quickly, let me know. But otherwise, this appears to be working as designed.

Whether or not that's realistic may be another question. One could argue that your limb was useless for a short time, but not actually broken. But maybe they UI doesn't make that clear.

The change in "best cover" is also by design. Each battle has its own randomly generated cover level, limited by terrain type. Since a hex is roughly 1km in diameter, I figured it'd be better to have the cover vary each battle within a hex than to pre-determine that value and use it the entire game. I see pros and cons to either approach, so I'm not sure it should change.

4) Good catch! I'll have to look into that. (Also, it's good to know that feature gets used. I was starting to wonder!)

5) This is normal, though maybe makes less sense now that ceasefire is an option. AI used to retreat from battle if only allies were present so that battles would end. Nowadays, we can have AI exit battle without exiting the hex via talk/retreat, so maybe this needs revisiting. I'll add to the list.

6) This cripple mismatch sounds like a bug, so I'll add that to my list. I should also look into restoring the auto-turn-advance code for unconscious players.

7) This is something I've found as well, but I have yet to figure out a solution. Basically, there's a residual condition on the player and target after battle that needs to be cleared in this specific case, but none other.

6a) I've run into this as well, but haven't been able to repro it reliably in order to fix it. If you notice repro steps for it, let me know!

7a) Hm, this sounds suspiciously like a null-pointer error. It could be something specific to that button, but until I can cause it to happen, we'll have to remain on lookout status for it.

8) I've heard one or two other reports of ATN warriors being hostile without provocation. I'll have to experiment a bit to see if I can repro.

AI retreating 100% is sort of by design. If you're not actively engaging them while they're trying to retreat, they're assumed to get away unhindered. I think the reverse of this situation would be as frustrating, if not more. (I.e. player failing to retreat from AI that's unable to pursue/engage)

And the game over "karma" title was removed until I could make it more interesting. The default rank tends to appear for most players, making it relatively meaningless. I'll have to see if I can make it more interactive, or just hide it unless it's special.

Thanks for the detailed info!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Bug 1: Reboiling a clean rag does not max its condition. For example, boiling a clean rag at condition: 34.0% will only produce another clean rag at condition: 34.0% instead of 100.0%

Bug 2: It is possible to artificially max out a camp alertness/sleep/etc levels through an exploit involving containers.
E.g. place a container such as a backpack onto a camp site. Then store a noise trap into the backpack. Afterwards, right-click to remove the noise trap. The improvement in alertness level due to the noise trap will remain despite the noise trap being removed. Repeating the above steps allows one to max the alertness level on any camp site. The same exploit can be done for sleeping bags and etc. Sometimes, repeatedly dropping and picking up a container with a noise trap or etc inside a camp site can also do this, but this method seems to only work for certain containers (I think backpack is one of them).

Interesting. The first bug actually sounds normal, but you're right that it may need changing. And the latter may be a hint about stuck condition bugs. I'll take a look. Thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I have just run into a minor graphical glitch where some odd number appears next to the "run" "hide" and "hide tracks" buttons.
It happened after I had been sleeping and woke up in the middle of the night (I have myopia, though I don't think that is important).

Here's a screenshot of it :

I think I might have sen it happen in an earlier build, but forgot to screenshot it.
It goes away after a quick save & quit and then continue game, so it's only a minor thing.
Also, the game doesn't seem to become unstable because of it either.
I run the Steam version of the game, btw.

But hey, might as well mention it. :)

Edit :
On a sidenote, I just ran into an ATN warrior that REALLY wanted to talk to me.
Don't think it's a bug, really, but I thought it was kinda funny. :)

Ah well, it's just pixels.
Mean .. Nasty .. pixels, that're trying to kill ya.

Possibles Bugs:

1) Not sure whether this is intended. When encountering npcs in "running" mode, all movement and attack commands consume significantly more stamina.

2) Not sure whether this is intended as well. As of version 0.992, sniper supports from DMC guards no longer id and ban the player from DMC. It does not matter whether the player's face is covered (i.e clown mask or balaclava). Not sure if this is due to the new "1-hour warning period" I have read about.

3) Occasionally, combats end prematurely after the npcs offer talks or ceasefires which are yet to be accepted by the player.

4) The player can sometimes access the item screen during combat while unconscious.

5) Sniper support mechanism feels really awkward. I had DMC snipers that came within melee distance and tried to tackle my player character and still remained invisible. For example, I get the message "Unknown Assailant tried to tackle Player..." and the assailant still remains as a question mark next turn. I thought these snipers suppose to function as long-range supporting fire coming from the DMC's defense platforms. Currently, they are more like super-cloaked combatants that can teleport in and out of the battlefield. Is it possible to implement sniper supports in some other way that does not require spawning/despawning of npcs on the battlefield?

6) Why do pistols have lower range than shotguns? E.g, weapon ranges of pistols and shotguns are 10 and 30 respectively. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

@Jens LN, looks like I forgot to add rounding code to the running UI. Thanks!

@Northernlight915, that first bug looks like I'm forgetting to remove the running modifier during combat. I'll make sure running mode is exited when getting into combat.

2) This may be normal, but it would depend on the details of the exchange. There is a 1-hour delay between being flagged and having the gate arrest you. So if you exit combat and bee-line for the gate, you may still get in. Also, if you converse with the DMC before leaving the combat where you were flagged, this will cancel the flag.

I just ran a test here, and it seemed to work as intended. I engaged a guard, he radioed for support, and I bailed. I was able to visit the gate without issue immediately after, but if I waited a turn before visiting the gate, I was detained.

3) This may be a bug, but it's hard to tell without more detail. Combat can end if one party decides to leave while the other does nothing to engage (e.g. advance, attack, etc.). In other words, NPCs are not required to wait for a hailing response to end combat. However, if combat ended without a "stranger has retreated" message, that might be a bug.

4) That definitely sounds like a bug! I'll keep my eyes out for that.

5) Agreed. This is earmarked for review and replacement, time-permitting.

6) That's a good question. Pistols definitely seem like they should be able to engage at the same distance as a bow, so I've bumped those up in the next version. For shotguns, I think one could be sufficiently threatened by buckshot at bow range. Slug, on the other hand, needed a slight bump to range, somewhere between pistol and .308 rifle, so I've changed that.


Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Additional Info for 3)

- This bug is relatively rare. It only happened to me 2 or 3 times after several hours of playing.
- Combats end immediately after the offers to talk/ceasefire. E.g, a npc offer to talk for its first move and then combat abruptly ends before the second turn can begin.
- Does not end with any "... has retreated" message. The npcs were visible and not hidden. In the cases I've witnessed, the npcs didn't have any chance to initiate retreats. The combats ended directly after the offers to talk/ceasefire.
- This seems to trigger only when the npcs offer talk in their initial turn and they are >30 away from the player character. However, I have only witness this 2 or 3 times, thus these conditions may or may not be relevant.

EDIT: Managed to get a picture of this. http://i.imgur.com/yNIggfP.png

More things. Sorry for the delay in posting, these are from the 23rd, so still 0.992b bugs.

1) You can sleep while at the ATN trading post. This breaks you out of the encounter and leaves you in the middle of the ATN afterward, similar to how you could get in previously through the gap. Also my run points shows up as 2/2 in this screenshot, I don't understand why (have Athletic).


2) ATN Enclave location doesn't show up on the map anymore, it isn't labeled.


3) I somehow got an invisible DMC Guard (or two) tethered to my character, stuck in an encounter with me. Last things I did was camp outside DMC for the night, get all the eye aug surgeries in the morning, and head north before I noticed the text log spam of a guard(s) constantly trying offering to talk or ceasefire. I wasn't getting any combat encounters and couldn't find any way to interact back with them. After another turn or two of this I ran into a Looter NPC and combat started, but I was left with no options to choose from, not even the new skip turn one. I pressed space bar to skip the turn, the Looter retreated out of combat, and the DMC guard spam messages finally stopped at this point.

http://imgur.com/mAtYM5w http://imgur.com/ccy8LTw http://imgur.com/fsFX0oz

4) Reengaged and killed said Looter (combat moves returned), and when I was checking his loot I noticed a lighter with buggy placement near the top left corner of the screen. Couldn't interact with it at all. I emptied his jeans out which contained a lighter and suddenly the buggy lighter in the corner disappeared. Same lighter?

http://imgur.com/5mLOk6H http://imgur.com/wJ0tYsa

4) Good catch! I'll have to look into that. (Also, it's good to know that feature gets used. I was starting to wonder!)

Sadly not really. The only real use I've been able to find for running is at the start of new games before acquiring any vehicles. I'll run one hex for .50 move points then turn it off, then I can continue to walk another 5 hexes with the remaining 4.50 move points. It's pretty game-y. After 3 turns of doing that I'm out of run points and that should be the end of that, as I'm never going to end a turn with move points remaining to recharge the run points (waste of move points), but I find run points occasionally fill back up to 3/3 on their own for no apparent reason regardless. But even this is only useful for the first day or two until I find a sled or buy a travois from the ATN.

I get Athletic for the fatigue consumption, defense, and morale stat bonuses, not the run points.

AI retreating 100% is sort of by design. If you're not actively engaging them while they're trying to retreat, they're assumed to get away unhindered. I think the reverse of this situation would be as frustrating, if not more. (I.e. player failing to retreat from AI that's unable to pursue/engage)

The problem is with AI who are on the fence about attacking or not. You can't just mindlessly advance/attack every turn, and they'll get away as soon as you dodge/parry. AI with ranged weapons exacerbate the problem, especially if they have a gun, you HAVE to Take Cover on the first turn, so they just get away constantly.

Is a compromise possible? Such as making Take Cover and Dodge/Parry be considered engaging moves, or have a minimum range in which you're always considered engaged regardless?

The problem is with AI who are on the fence about attacking or not. You can't just mindlessly advance/attack every turn, and they'll get away as soon as you dodge/parry. AI with ranged weapons exacerbate the problem, especially if they have a gun, you HAVE to Take Cover on the first turn, so they just get away constantly.

Is a compromise possible? Such as making Take Cover and Dodge/Parry be considered engaging moves, or have a minimum range in which you're always considered engaged regardless?

That can be very annoying/immersion breaking sometimes. So maybe something not unlike how things with morale work in real life - when NPC decides and makes one aggressive move (shoots, charges. etc.) it will boost his morale for a few turns, making him braver, so that a guy does not stop and run away in the middle of a downhill charge. Similarly, NPC who made a cowardly move (retreat, run away) should be more prone to continuing in that line of action for a some time afterwards.

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

1) DMC guards can call sniper support despite being stunned, distracted or recovering. Was this intended?

2) DMC guards calling sniper support immediately after interrupting the player's sleep. http://i.imgur.com/BHLidaG.png. The guards still seem to be a bit too aggressive with the sniper support. Is it possible to make the call for sniper support more passive?

3) In some combat cases, where the player is fallen with both legs crippled and the opponent is unconscious, there is no sure way of exiting combat. Being permanently fallen means the player can neither retreat or use melee attack. The only apparent way to exit combat is to have a range weapon and enough ammo to finish off the unconscious npc. In some cases where the unconscious npc is bleeding, you can wait until he/she bleeds to death. If the player has no range weapon or the unconscious npc is not bleeding, then it is possible to be trapped indefinitely in a combat encounter.

@Northernlight915, re: exiting combat prematurely, thanks for the clarifications and screenshot. Looks like I need to watch for this one!

As for DMC guards calling for sniper support while stunned/recovering/distracted, I'm on the fence about this. On one hand, you're right that being stunned, distracted, or recovering realistically would bar someone from taking action.

On the other hand, there's a strong chance of stun-locking a guard out of this ability. (Especially since they tend to prefer using it when unable to attack/defend.)

I may end up changing this, but I'm also considering changing the sniper support move to something more realistic. So I'll probably wait to see how that works out, first. This probably goes for sniper support when player is sleeping, too.

Regarding players being unable to retreat when crippled, I just added a new retreat move that only works in this situation. So hopefully, this will help!

@Dragoonseal, looks like I need to forbid sleeping in encounters! I just added some code to help with that.

The ATN map label appears to be missing if visiting the ATN first, without learning of its location beforehand. So I've added code to do that now.

Your #3 situation sounds familiar, but I haven't been able to repro it yet. (I, too, had it happen when exiting the DMC.)

As for the usefulness of running, I guess my concerns were valid. I'll have to think about whether that deserves removal or not.

For retreating 100%, there's actually some code to do what Kaaven suggests already. Namely, cowardly moves apply a negative morale, and vice versa. Adding that seemed to help, but we still see the random behavior. I could increase the effects a bit, but maybe I also need to consider making retreat only available beyond a certain range, like Dragoonseal suggests.

For now, I'll try adjusting the code to treat "Position" type moves as engaging for retreat checks, similar to "Offense" and "Approach." This should make retreat less likely to be automatic unless the opponent is running away or talking.

Thanks again, guys!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

For some odd reason, after entering the Hatters place 2 after taking the electrician option, I can't enter again. I click on the panel and it does nothing.

Hell No!

Hi RealNewDeal,

Do you mean "after entering the Hatter's place 2 times after taking the electrician option?" If so, this might be normal. You have two chances to complete the electrician job after accepting it. If you return two times without completing the job, the mission fails, and Hatter doesn't want to speak to you anymore.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Some notes from me too.

1. I can dodge, parry, tackle, dive enemies that are fallen and unconscious. As well as build obstacles (which I could understand if they work later, should the enemy get conscious again (not yet happened). The PC (enemy) is also responding to building, says something like "needs time to ". Kind of strange?

2. I can make traps and and obstacles for enemies running away from me and it always trips them... Are they so stupid to look at me when running and think hey cool he works on an obstacle I run back and trip over it ;)? I mean Obstacles would maybe be possible if I throw something after them but tripping? when they are already 5 units or more away from me?

3. I had no lighter and scavenged. But there I could already use the ligther in the options for better searching which I would find later.

4. My enemies often in combat try to get away from me and are then 2-4 units farther from me. That is completely ok but the same things happens with enemies that are the whole time fallen and unconscious! I think the computer does let them get away even when they are the whole time unable to do so. Is in my opinion a bug and would be nice if gets solved, hate it to have to catch enemies that should lie still.

5. What is the "wait for one turn" button for? I get the same option simply taking nothing and confirm?

5. I can make more than one Item around my neck slot. For example got binoculars as well as scope. I think that is not wanted?

Also I would like to suggest a few things which in my opinion lighten up the overall feeling quite as well as solve a few strange things in my opinion.
1. Could you try to let containers and bags inside other bags open up to take something out without having to always first take them into one hand and then open them (or always take everything out and put it back anew)?

2. In the crafting window is it possible to put the skills which are always there and accessable (for example botanic) outside the ingredients window? It would not make such a big rumagging around every time and there is enough space as well as they never change like all the other items.

3. Could you maybe colour/describe things inside the crafting window in other ways? I always end up stacking everything anew because I used my belongings for crafting and not those things lying on the ground. For example 1 colour for belongings, 1 inside bags and 1 or nothing for those on the ground. Or maybe just a description that the item is on the ground or inside the players bag...?

4. Same is with the stacking in the bags. Often for some items (Soup can) its not quite clear how many place they need and if they fit or there is still space. It could be easily solved if all the items got another coloured backround than the colour of the space of the bags.

5. I often overlook when one of my items falls apart and got to go back 2 hexes. Maybe there could be a hint in the screen and the player has to acknowledged first, before the game continues?

6. Wearing a dogman coat covers the space of the hoodie yet the item space can be used nonetheless for storing and access. It is quite useless to cover the space then if there is no drawback but it makes things only more nerving.

7. Although it is maybe a bit brutal but I find it kind of stupid if the enemy is unconscious, bleeding,... and so on, means nearly dead and you have got to hit him maybe 20 times till he dies. Normally one would go there and make a coup de grace. Sounds a bit brutal (not more than hitting and hitting) but if you really want to finish somebody off then you don´t hit him 20 more times. Maybe there should be a button with which the player can finish off an enemy quite easily without having to literally beat him to death. Off course only if there is no other difficulty (like other enemies) and enough time and sure the enemy is unconscious. Maybe the option is available when the player has a weapon suited because only bare hands is a bit more difficult I understand that. But maybe as soon as you got a shard, stone, tool like a knife...

8. It would be nice to be able to know what is inside bottles without having to pour them out every time so for example if it is water, sterilized water, berries poison or not... maybe there could be a description.