[Mod]Big Bad Cheater (update #5.5) (v0.992b and later)

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Hopefully I will have the time to make an update in the next few weeks but I won't make any promises. If I won't have the time to update then I will wait until skills overhaul update becomes available.

ok can some one help me, I'm using a mac and from steam how do i get this mod into my neo scavenger and how would i use it in game.

What, Am I Doing???

Hi I'm relatively new to modding and was wondering how i can merge the BigBadCheater getmods.php with Kaavens Minimod of doom getmods.php without getting an error while loading. I think it may be due to the differences in the text of the to .php's anyways any help would be appreciated and love your mod for being able to add more roleplayability to the game (if thats even a word)

Scraping yellow puss off some dying guy is NOT a good idea

Cancel that a mate told me how to fix it

Scraping yellow puss off some dying guy is NOT a good idea

Glad you got it sorted out!

Between your posts, though, I made this for you:
MmMoD+BBC Combo Patch

Hopefully it comes in handy for other people and saves them some time, too. Editing getmods.php is easy, but can be fiddly and time consuming when you're trying to get several mods to "play nice" together.

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Thanks man really appreciate it.

you went way beyond what i originally intended and the thought of you actually making that merge for me is great so thanks again

I also found your fishing/bottle/teleport mods so handy. I am yet to try the merge personally but will do so soon

btw i think the idea of having other cool loot in the lower depths of the teleport lab would be really cool

Scraping yellow puss off some dying guy is NOT a good idea


Thinking about making a big update sometime in the near future but we will see how much time I have.

Ok I'm running into a problem. I'm on a mac and when I extract the mod files into the game everything works fine until I start it up. It wont load and gets stuck at 36%. The code on the side says "Error #2032 row:16"

It won't let me do anything, any help?

What version of the game do you have and what version of the mod are you trying to use?

BBC u5.5 is made for game version 0.995b which is a new beta.

I'm using the latest build in both cases. My steam version is "Neo Scavenger [public test]"

Well I have no idea what is happening. You can try re-installing the game and re-downloading the mod.

Are other mods working for you?

The mega-human trait, I am having trouble using it or adding it anywhere. Could you please provide some information on how it is used?

In u5.5 you use it the same way you do any other trait.

In u5 you can only put it into first slot but there is no real reason to use it since there is enough default Human traits to have all the skills.

Not just fun to mess around with and play with hard-to-get stuff, but VERY useful for testing other (including one's own!) mods too! Fantastic work, DnaJur.

One thing, though: I think you need to add vProperties "0:86" to the "cheater", "immortal" and "mega human" itemprop entries... I noticed that after doing the Blue Frog rituals, these skills/traits are removed from my character, but when I manually edited your mod to add property 86 (gui item) to each of them, none were removed.

Still, it's an easy fix and the only problem I've hit with this mod so far. It even plays nice with almost any other I've combined it with!

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Thanks for the response and good catch!

I haven't done a full play-through since like 991 so those things can get trough. Will fix in the next update. Thanks again.

As for combining with other mods, unless other mod modifies traits and/or skill selection, everything should work fine.

Hello can this mod be used with might mod of doom? If so how do I do it.

Oh... the glow is Detroit...Great

You can but you need to write your own getmods.php. Some instructions on how to do that can be found in "Modding talk" part of the forum.

how do you use the mega human thing

Read post #58 in this thread.

that did not work for me

Are you using Mac?

no i have windows the mega human thing is gray though if that helps

Yes it is suppose to look like that.
After you transfer it into tour selected traits does it not give you the points or does it not allow you to transfer the trait?

it does not transfer the trait, sorry for not replying sooner

Could you add aluminum foil into the item spawner?

Of course, will add it in the next release.

Hey there
i'm a big fan of ur mod
I'm doing this posat cuz i die almost 1000 times by blue rot :\
Can u make a medicine that can remove thins using cheater ability?


(sorry for my bad english im from brazil)

Yeah, I can do that.

Problem is I started a big rewrite of this mod and unfortunately, I do not have any free time now so it can take a while.


Actually I forgot that the game already has a blue rot cure. You can spawn it from the Other category spawner.

oh sorry for this
now i found what i was lokking for (YpcV)
it's already at the cheat spawner (damm i was so stupid X\ )
Ur mod is the best :)

(sorry for my bad english)

So, i downloaded it and i also got Extended mod. Merged getmods.php, edited everything according to instructions i found. Game launched without problems and everything seems to be nice, yet i can see mega human trait in character creation. I downloaded this mod because i wanted more skills.. So what's the problem? Is it because extended neoscav mod or something else?
Also i have latest test build..

Yes, both of these mods modify certain field in the original game and one will overwrite the other.

If points is the only thing you want you can open neogame.xml file in your games directory. Search for nSkillPoints and modify number 15 right under it to whatever number of skill points you want.

I hate to be that guy but you seem so darn helpful and I can't find any Tylenol... I am stuck at 36% and I have tried multiple things that got me varying %'s. I extracted everything from the Big Bad Cheater folder into the game folder with NEO.exe, getmods.php..etc... So the problem I think I am having stems from the getmods.php, for some reason I can't seem to get it right even with copying and pasting.. which wasn't the only thing I tried . But none the less I don't know whats going on. Help in anyway is greatly appreciated.

Does this work on version 1.0?

professional NEO Scavenger noob

Happy holidays! And also thank you for this beautiful mod. Anyways, i'm here to ask if you can update it to v1.0 as it has been officially launched(You may already know dog, i'm just saying...) and there are lots of cool stuff that are not "cheat-able" if you know what i mean. (Like the 3 dog moon t-shirt, the "drone" corpse i think(Mechanical corpse of when you kill the sentry of a DMC guard asking for backup, and other good stuff!) And only if you feel like it, do you think you can get the getmods.php to be compatible with the M(m) mod of doom? The game is great, but i can't give up cheating :)), so i want to kinda have both. Thanks for hearing me out, waiting for an answer.

Headbutted a dogman in the upper chest, he died of severe lung bleeding....
Kicked a DMC guard in the head, he died of severe brain injury.

Guess this MoD is not working for the 1.0 version yet....?

Actually seems to be working fine, since lots of players use it, and it is in included in multiple merged mods.

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

Works fine for me too. Only "issue" is that since the current version v1.0, some of the new items from that version (such as pieces of foil) cannot be "crafted" by the cheat skill, and the cheat recipes are listed as "undefined" in the quick recipe lists. The latter is easily fixed, and hopefully DnaJur will update this mod when he gets time, as it's a fantastic one and very useful for testing other mods, too!

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can you add the items on the extended neoscav. mod?

Hey all, trying to get the mod to work but keep getting the error 'Parsing recipe hints. row: 159'. I've worked out its something to do with the neogame.xml file (put in each file one by one until error popped up) and sure enough there isn't any recipe table id past 158. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to things like this (I can look but no idea what can and cant be touched). Pls help!

Hi, so I've been trying to fix up my base inside the cryolab without going anywhere and I can't find the needed resources in the spawner. Are they already in? If not, that would be something to add to the list.

Edit - So the items are in disguise as other items and I had no idea, srry :P

this mod isnt compatible with the mmod as i kept getting 47% and stop

Okay 2 items that I know are missing chips the BAG and tin foil/ Tin foil suit


This mod is not fully compatible with the newest version of the game. I, and probably alot of other people, would be much happier if this got an update.

please explain further. i have the latest steam version and it works. i could possibly do the leg work if he doesn't mid (or is no longer around)

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Game works fine without mods, but when I try to run this specific mod it fails to load. I'm running V 1.04 and it stops at 36% with a failure trying to load the "neogame" file with "Error #2032 Row: 7"

The game will run with it, but items are missing that were in previous versions of the mod. I'm not the first to notice either.

So umm... how do you spawn stuff in?

Does the mod work with v1.04? I cant find the cheater skill.

I really hope this is updated to the latest version sometime in the future. I'm currently messing around in the XML file, making new recipes/treasuretables and such. (I would probably make enemies and items for the game, but I can't texture for crap.) This would be SO useful for testing. Also, compatibility/not conflicting with Neo Scavenger Extended would be useful.

Cats are adorable. That's all I have to say.

I'm pretty sure this still "worked" the last time I tried it with my own mods (using v1.04), though there's stuff missing and mislabeled due to it not reflecting later changes. I might try and make a "patch" that makes this work with v1.04 properly if people want it... I wouldn't update the full mod without the original author's permission, but since they aren't present here at the moment, I could make an extra overwrite that you can install over the top, fixing anything that doesn't work right with v1.04 (as I did with my own BBC patches for my Fishing Mod, for example).

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