[Mod]Big Bad Cheater (update #5.5) (v0.992b and later)

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[Mod]Big Bad Cheater (update #5.5) (v0.992b and later)


This version is made for the v0.995b

Using Cheater Skill in Crafting will give you an array of different spawners. These spawners are used identically to your Cheater Skill and will give you items you craved for.


  • On char creation you get Cheater skill, Immortal skill and Mega Human trait.
  • Cheater skill allows you to spawn almost all items in the game.
  • Immortal skill makes you completely immortal and gives you one-hit-kill ability.
  • Mega Human trait that gives you 1000 points for character creation.

If I missed any items you think should be spawnable, feel free to tell me.

For easier navigation I created this table: Click

Previous versions


Simply extract everything into your game folder.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
Update #5
-Updated mod for v0.995b.
-Added new death conditions to immortality trait.
-Added new art for traits.
-Updated overwrite tables.

Update #5
-Fixed Gauss Gun recipe.
-Added new death conditions to immortality trait.
-Added Electronics Section.
-Added few new items to different spawners.
-Fixes for new code structure.

Update #4.5
-Changed mode structure.
-Few small bug fixes.

Update #4
-Added nesting to certain recipes.
-Added Immortal skill.
-Changed coin usage.(no encounter triggering)
-Added Gas Mask to spawning.
-Bumped up Basic Human trait number up to 20 to cover all possible slots.

Update #3
-Almost all items are spawnable now.
-Added Mega Human trait that can hold up to 60 skills(There is no use for it. It looks ugly. Idk why I added it.).
-Added ability to use coin to instantly gain money.

Update #2
-Moved all spawning to recipes.

Update #1
-Fixed repeating id's
-Added option to get cash.

Known issues

Spoiler: Highlight to view
-Fatal conditions added in other mods will kill you even if you have Immortal skill.
-Mods with new Abilities and Flaws are not compatible.(easily fixed if you know something about modding the game)

Is there a certain way of instaling this mod?

You know its a science fiction game when detroit is the nicest place

Simply extract everything into your game folder.
If you want to use it alongside Kaavens Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom I have added link to new getmods.php into OP.

i put it into my neo scavanger folder and nothing changed when i went into the game

sorry can u make a direct link (in chate) to using it along side kaavens might (mini) mod of doom, ive been trying to do this for like 2 days and cant figure it ou (im not a computer person)


How do i extract everything into my game folder?

I knew i was over thinking it thanks

You know its a science fiction game when detroit is the nicest place

Is there any way to get it to work in 0.998?

I presume you meant 0.987.

The answer is no. Not without redoing almost everything.

Right now I have rather tight work schedule, I'm working on another mod and sooner rather than later 0.987 will be updated. Considering all that I'm not planing to make version for 0.987.

There is a mod made by Kaaven in this thread that you can use until there is and official game update. Unless you are interested in a specific function of my mod, everything should be okay.

I have created an account just to say how freaking awesome this mod is.
Iv been changing and reading through the XML for around 6hours trieing to create spawn recepies and sutch.
Though way too OP as this mod may be, love it.
The thing iv been at for hours which woud be a dream come true if you implement it is to spawn also the standart guns ammo and composite bow with the shiny arrows.

Thank you.
I was planing to add more features to the mod but right now I have very little free time to do that. :(


If somebody even uses this mod would be interesting to hear your ideas regarding future of this mod.

I don't use it regularly, but I have used it for all the extra human skill slots. It was really neat to play a character with all of the possible skills and recipes available. The other options, for the free armor, storage, cash, etc., just felt too much like playing Minecraft in creative.

I do have two requested features, one would be a new skill that respawns you back at the Cryo facility when you die, full health and naked.

The second is an option at the entrance to each of the plot locations (Isotope Mine, Fairgrounds, etc) that you can right-click and use to reset all of the plot choices at that location.

Thank you for your response.
Both your requests will require a lot of content overwriting which I'm trying to avoid.
1)I like the idea and I did some testing but have encountered a bug that breaks the game. Also I'm not sure how it will work with NPCs.
2)Haven't tried it yet. Will take a look later so I can't say anything for sure right now.

WARNING: I am a noob at this kind of stuff, I almost never download/install mods so please bear with me.

I downloaded the mod and extracted the files into the NEO Scavenger game file like your supposed to but when i loaded up the game it hadn't worked, there was no Cheater skill or anything. So, i deleted the mod files completely and tried again but this time i extracted the files directly to NEO Scavenger.exe folder and still the mod did not work

I do have the latest update (v0.922b)

I seriously dont know what i did wrong/what to do. Please HELP!

You have to extract everything(CheatModNew folder,CheatModOver folder and getmods.php) into the folder where you have your NEOScavenger.exe(example: "C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\NEO Scavenger" if you use Steam). When asked to overwrite getmods.php answer yes.

Thanks so much man! I was able to correctly install the mod and it's working just fine!

I'm confused as to what to do to install the mod, I've tried several different ways including installing just the getmods.php file, installing the getmods.php file and the files in the cheater mod file, and finally installing both the getmods.php file and the cheater mod file itself, none have worked yet, can you please explain? My NEO Scavenger has no mods at the moment by the way and it has the latest update, as well I play on Steam.

You need to extract getmods.php, CheatModNew and CheatModOver folders to your game folder. It should end up looking something like this:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
  • 0 (folder)
  • SampleModFolder (folder)
  • img (folder)
  • CheatModNew (folder)
  • CheatModOver (folder)
  • getmods.php
  • getimages.php
  • getmods.example.php
  • neogame.xml
  • readme.txt
  • NEOScavenger.exe

Bump for big update.

Plugin for Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom released.

Kaaven hope you don't mind it .......... and double posting.

Plugin updated for M(m)MoD v 0.50.

I don't know what i'm doing wrong I extract everything into the game folder and replace all the original files then when I open the game it gets stuck on 3% loaded....

Oh... the glow is Detroit...Great

Are you using any other mods?
The only file you have to overwrite is getmods.php

Thanks for helping but I figured it out :)

Oh... the glow is Detroit...Great


Oh... the glow is Detroit...Great

Bump for Small Update for game version 0.993.

Is the immortal skill not available for update 3?

No. I used SetImmunity property that is not available in v0.9922b.

nice mod

veteran neo scavenger player

I cannot seem to get this mod to work. I am running the latest version on steam (non beta) and my loading screen gets stuck at 64%. Any help?

Update 4 is made for beta version so you have to use update 3 or earlier.

It seems like after going through Saginaw, I lose the cheater and immortal perks. It could be just Saginaw, or every encounter, so I'll do more testing and report.

Something I'd like to see spawn-able would be laptops, smartphones, iSlabs, and memory sticks with data

Spawning electronics was bug blocked before.(It lost all the software) It should be fixed now so when I will be updating this mod I will see if it works.

After I create the character with the immortal perk and save my game, when i reload that save i'm no longer immortal. Why?

I haven't tested this mod with new versions of the game.(v0.993 was the last game version I played)
There were some changes to the immunity code so it's possible that this is a bug in core game. I will look into it when I will be updating this mod.

Thanks. I'm using the 0.9931b version.

I am stuck at 28%.... help!?
AND now 2%....

You have other mods ?

Cant wait.

Extended NeoScav v1.3 can you make compability with this ?

It is compatible with NeoScav Extended you just need to make new getmods.php.

As for making plugin for NeoScav Extended(to support new items), it takes some time and work to keep it up-to-date. Right now I do not have the time to do that but maybe someday in the future I will make plugins for different mods again.

When i tried it after downloading it just froze up and said error 2032 raw :12 PLZ HELP (I can tell after i fix it it will work so plz hurry :( )

Are you sure your using the correct version of NeoScavenger?

Update Bump.

Will this work with the latest steam version? V0.9937b

Kicking blind looters to death for mushrooms, wearing a clown mask...happy days.

Yes it will.

awesome mod

It loads up, but the crafting is really bugged up. I can't craft without swapping recipes. And most of the cheat items don't work at all.


Update your game to 0.9937b. There were new items and recipe fields added to the game that is probably what causes bugs.

Can you update it to the new version 0.9942b?