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Thanks for the quick reply.

Bummer you don't want to use anything though. I shall still make a few more all the same ^_^

Regarding cleaning-

Ok, I click USE on the water source...then it gives:
Get water / Swim(jump in to clean) / leave

When I choose Get Clean option, it just tells me I jumped into freezing water but it was better than nothing =/

I have several...ya know what?....I use Banjo's Bottle re-label mod >_<

Hmmmmm...but on a side note besides the container. I empty out the original bottle onto the ground then use the water tile...same result.

I'm not at home at the moment to test anything, I'm going by my testing when I was. Do you think the Bottle mod would change the detergent item to glitch it from working? It should just make the same item from yours when the bottle is emptied.
(kinda struggling to weed out glitches,I had to stop using the Officer mod...sadly, it made your new scav buildings non-lootable)


DogmanFur(Raw)....can I tan this or...I'm completely stumped on how to use it besides wearing =/

When you go to the water source and use it, if you have the detergent droplet and you have any parasites, you should have an option to take a bath with the detergent. Same with the paste. If you don't actually have any parasites, the option is not there (you can still take a normal bath, to clean yourself from dirt).

I have no idea what the bottle labels mod actually changes so I don't really know if it affects anything or not. My guess would be that it doesn't, as it is the detergent droplet that is important there, and not the bottle. But one can never be sure.

Maybe try a clean installation of MoD alone and see if the problem persists.

And fur is only for wearing. Tanning is a long process that hobo like Phillip simply don't have time/facilities for.

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ARGGgggg!!! lol

I think you got it...I didn't have bugs at the time I tested your mod XD
This makes...sense. I'll report back if I find it does it still(without any other mods of course to be certain).
Thanks! =D

Fur(raw) just wear it? No recipes?

I ask because Vanilla sells for $200 and your version says Raw and is like $85. Just curious how to increase the pricetag or clean it or whatever in case it bears fleas. I read animals carry fleas...skinned animal that had fleas = pelt with fleas and needs a cleaning? I dunno. You are logical. I like that. But it makes me paranoid of all the options of what I could be missing ;)

Any chance for a file that tells us a synopsis of your work? I like details. =)

A suggestion then: Perhaps make cleaning clothes a crafting option, only available during specific circumstances? Like, you need a really large heat-proof container like a wheelbarrow, 3 units of water, and a medium fire, as well as only being possible in certain sheltered locations?

Perhaps make "good shelter" an "item" (kinda like "trees" and "marsh") that is only available in certain camp sites like abandoned buildings, and have that as a requirement too?

Having a "good shelter" item would also open up for that as a requirement of other kinds of crafting, whether to make more complex and requiring stuff that isn't included at the moment for that reason, or to include it as a requirement in certain already-existing recipes to make them harder.

Oh, and also, since items can have exactly one or two states if I've understood correctly (that's the gist of the issue with water in whiskey bottles being brown, isn't it?), having it as a crafting recipe would mean you could actually have wet clothes as a "thing"; when you wash them, they become "wet clean clothes", then after a while they turn into "clean clothes", kinda like how clean rags turn into dirty rags when worn.

It is technically possible, but there are actually more problems with this idea than there are possible gains. First of all, I would have to make at least 3 item versions for each clothing piece - normal one, dirty one and wet one. It would not only be a lot of new items (60+ for the items I've added and another 20-30 for the vanilla items), and if it was made to be done right that would also mean the same amount of new graphics, but it would make the mod bigger, loading much slower and cause some crafting problem.

Another issue would be with the degrading system - the only way I could do drying, would be by degrading the wet clothes into the dry ones. Which would auto repair them in the process (items degrade into 100% components). Plus, turning dry clothes into the wet ones would auto-strip them from the character.

It's really not worth the bother, especially for the system that would add so little to the game.

About the bigger crafting endeavors - I can add things like shelters, workbenches, etc. but the fact remains that the longest the crafting recipe can take is one move, which is around 12 minutes. While some basic leaps of logic can be made, in order for the game to be playable (seriously, the large chunk of mean, which weights 3 kg a piece, takes around 2,5-3 hours and not 12 minutes to prepare (in an oven) - so should take around 15 times longer in-game) but for more complicated stuff it simply does not make much sense.

I, again, could (and maybe will for some exception) make like 10 items named, for example, Engine (15% made), Engine (20% made), to simulate the longer work process, but that would be kind of crude.

Simply put, the systems within this game simply don't really support anything pass that basic, hand-made, makeshift, hobo-style crafting.

But if I do manage to invent some way around it, be sure I will use it :D

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Is it possible to merge M(m)MoD with Neo Scav extended?

Sorry, but no, that's not possible. The big mods like that are simply not compatible with one another.

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Thats too bad it would have been amazing if that was possible.

Well...it is possible. But they want to finish their mods respectively. They also do not want to do the work to make them mesh well from one feature to another.

On the other hand, anyone can merge them if they desired. If you have both mods. You would have to look through all the coding and pick which things you want to keep and discard. Then program all the items and what have you to work together.

In that even I would say wait till they stop adding stuff. Because by the time you finish merging 15% of them together, a new version would already change stuff.

Kaaven, how about an Ambidextrous mod?

I made the trait icon and changed the hand & feet already on my Resource thread.

The idea is simple enough...if a bit bothersome to change the code.


Philip is currently able to use both hands equally with weapons. Adding the Ambidextrous trait would do several things to the game.

Philip would be right handed. No ambi. trait = only 75% use of his Left hand and 100% of his right, regarding weapon damage.

Choosing the Ambidextrous trait = 100% function of both hands.

How to implement this? Lower all damage done with the left while weapons are equipped in the Left Hand.



I found a small glitch. Also exploitable.

The Bogey Man "Menacing Spirit" is a huge pain in the a$$. But even after I kill the Bogey, he respawns over and over. Worse, is that every save and quit THEN load game, makes 1 more. Every time you load, the Bogey spawns another and will cause all friendly npc's to rush to kill it/them.

This seems like a glitch so I removed him from the game.

Thanks for your time =D

So I know I have not made an update in a while - Christmas/New Year season don't really plays well with any "intellectual" work, I guess ;)

I am, however, still doing some things and tweaking stuff, here and there, so the time is not totally wasted. Depending how long it will take Dan to upload that upcoming patch of his, I may or may not wait for it.

In the meantime, I am planning to add a packet of "random household clutter" - a bunch of stuff that, really, one should be able find in almost every house/apartment, but is surprisingly missing from the game. Mostly useless gadgets (plus some rare, valuable or simply fun treasures), to make the loot that player finds create a feeling that those ruins were once homes, and not random tools dispensers (plus a side goal of finding the really useful stuff less likely :D).

Here are some items I got so far:

Most of those will have some minor uses (broken amplifier will be dismantle-able for a few parts, for example, and one will be able to rip Teddy apart :( for rags), but their general purpose will be just to be there, serving as a "scavenging background".

Does anyone has some interesting ideas for a few additional ones? Not like a list of everything ever, but a few especially fitting things.

About the ambidextrous skill - I think it would be going too far, as far as the game mechanics are concerned. The hands do serve more like the weapon slots than actually represent how/where the weapons are located and used. After all, a good chunk of the weapons in the game are more or less required to be used in two hands (branches, crowbars, spears, rifles, shotguns, etc.) while still taking up only one hand.

Since I (at least currently) cannot make the two-handed weapons take up both hands (or be used in one with a penalty), I am also not really looking to make their location (left vs. right hand) matter.

And I have to look into that weird Boogeyman behavior. He is not only not supposed to re-spawn - he should, in fact, de-spawn after 4 turns. Might be some bug in the way that the game load special behaviours into the mods.

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Forks and spoons. One could try fighting with them I fear though, and if there's a way to make them do 0,0000000000001 damage, that'd be funny. ;) But looking around the kitchen, I suppose then one might also expect a rolling pin, and that, alas, has traditionally been a decent enough weapon to try and bash people's heads in with. XD

The other thing I always imagine people would find everywhere is cables and cords. Again though, my initial reaction is that they could theoretically serve a number of uses, so that fails your purpose. What about combs, empty wallets and toasters?

This was a fun thought experiment. :) Alas, I had to discard a million ideas because most everything I come up with is either not iconic enough or sounds useful in one way or another. Odd that.

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

Can't wait for an update.
Also books are common household objects, they can be used as fuel for fire in urban environment. And maybe random planks from furniture.

- Rubiks cube? A solved one could be worth a few extra bucks. Hacking skill gives you an edge to solve one, because obviously anyone who can solve a rubiks cube is hacking ;)

- Dice just for more tat, could work as pebbles and be used for noise traps.
- "That one missing piece from a board game."
- Expensive miniatures
- A musical instrument of some kind? Should be an ocarina because it's always freakin' raining :p

I guess my house is pretty boring, haha.

i dont know if this is from this mod,I started a new playthrough with this mod scavenged for the first time and met a menacing figure is this part of the game or is this a vanilla event i've never encounter before

Depends on which figure exactly did you met. There is one in the vanilla game, called Merga Wraith (which is a part of the story) and there is one added in the mod, called Boogeyman... There are menacing figures everywhere :D

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it was not the merga. kind looked like a brown sheet(like the really simple ghost costumes except they use whit and this was brown)

Yup, it's the Boogeyman. He is rather hard to kill but should (at least in theory, cause someone reported a bug in his behavior) disappear after some time.

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yeah he acted wierd for me i thought he would instakill me but he just ran(figure i just started no items at all!)

That is weird, actually - he should pursue you hard for several turns and then disappear... Now I need definitively look into him again. Thanks!

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hmmm strange i cant craft anymore is it a new mod mechanic?

nevermind figured it out guess extended neo scavenger and this mod aren't compatible

this mod is not compatible with extended neoscav is it?

No, It's not.

well thats a bummer i love extended neo but this one is really good too i wish they could collab to make a "extended mighty(mini) mod of doom" that would be huge

Yeah, me too. The atmosphere is really good in MmMod, with all the different stuff you can find. Houses feel like houses, Offices feel like offices. Whereas in Neoscavenger Extended, the mechanics are great and the crafting is top notch and there are cigarettes (plus the bike is incredible). To merge the two would be the holy grail of Neoscavengering, and it's really unfortunate that the two mods are made in such a way as that they are nearly incompatible.

Some clutter, some price downgrades and a brand-new DMC locale!

So hug your Teddy, play your console then go not to become rich by boiling water as you wait to visit a shady pawn shop... :D

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i have a "raw" dogman fur how do i cook/dry/prepare it so it does not have the raw debuff

By "raw" I do mean "unprocessed". There is no way to process such a large pelt in the middle of the forest, with no time and tools.

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I'd play this mod to death if i could, but i can't live without the whole leather working process that's in NSE mod and then came Moonshining.

Man love the Double barrle shotgun D:


although probably impossible it would be amazing if when you looted an area a screen would appear and its interactable and the items would appear on the ground or you can open closets or drawers to find items kind of a new way to loot and make it more interactable

Nice try at exerting pressure :D I am trying, however, to keep the mod, and the crafting in particular, closer to the realistic side of things. Those activities, distilling alcohol and tanning animal pelts, do take much more time than this game really gives to the player. That being said, I am thinking about expanding some more into the hand-crafting territory, as long as the stuff is actually doable in a short spans of time and with basic tools (more stuff like the patchwork rag tunic, tarp poncho, etc.).

Sorry mate, but that is, as you yourself have guesses, not really doable at all. Maybe in NEO 2... :D

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Hey Kaaven, could you post the last version of the mod for the 1.0 version of the game? I'm unable to update it as internet at home broke, I'm in a cafe, hoping you could post it in the comments, I'd download it and bring it home on a USB. If you're too busy it's all right, thanks. X)

Hey mate! The link to the previous version of the mod (0.88) is still there, at the first page, right under the download link for the current one. I always keep the link to the last stable version, if the new one is for the test build of the game.

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You could do something similar to what Chiko does with the safes/locked boxes. Spawn a closet "item" that you can use and in turn that would spawn items. Lot of work for something that's pretty much covered by the assumption that the character is just clearing house anyways, but it'd be neat.

EDIT: Not too sure, but with the way Dan has changed the loot spawning, it might be possible to spawn those items in the Camp inventory as well, instead of them just flying to the standard hex inventory.

I am actually considering something like this for a while now - locked safes (openable with lockpicks), metal lockers rusted shut (crowbar), electronically-secured crates (device with Spoofer/hacking soft), locked cupboards (lockpicks/crowbar/hatchet), stuff locked with padlock and chain (lockpicks/hacksaw), etc.

Problem is the size. Some of those items would be quite big (or could be represented by some sort of smaller "icons", a way I don't really like). I would really like to have those (and more - on my list there are also fireplaces in some houses and even intact beds to rise the rest levels of the structure), for variety, bu am afraid to clutter the inventories too much.

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Thanks a lot man! I appreciate it. X)

Ey kaaven i know it may be asking too much but can you make Crudely-made Hood and the ragged cloak craftable. The ragget cloak maybe you can craft it with a blanket and a sharp edge and the other whic a medium length of string ,fur some rags and sharp edge.I know that it is silly but having more craftable clothing is very cool(especially the hood xD). Pdt:I hope that you do something cool with the dmc spot like new quest,A cheap flat that cost a lot for being in the Dmac or a different way of earning money,I dont care but i think that whatever it will be cool xD

In the game kill all the dogsman, in a mod.....¡Run you fool!

Should you be able to make a hobo stove out of a mug?

I am pretty sure that some hobo would give you a more extensive answer, but as far as I can tell, no, you should not be able to do that :D

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Hobo magic. Turning ceramic mugs into tin cans since 20xx.

As a former homeless person, I can say from experience that one could use a ceramic mug and a lighter very successfully to boil water, make coffee, or cook food. They become very fragile afterwards, however, and generally break.

Maybe this could be used in a similar fashion to boiling water in a glass bottle, one time and you're left with shards and boiled water.

You can actually boil water in the cups already. They should last around 2-3 times, depending on initial condition.

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The mods to Neo Scavenger are so good. Great job! :D

hey kaavan, i know you did a great job with the stuff and im curently enjoying the extension of the game so far but i need some help.

So far i searched the ENTIRE area all the way up to the ATN enclave and no further north and i STILL cannot find both hopes end enclave and the refugee camp as well as the DMC johnnys red pawn location near or inside the DMC. Tried 4 hours straight of searching for the emergency sign to lead to the refugee camp and i am stuck. i downloaded the latest 0.9 file you have and i overwritten the files in my neo scavenger game and it worked as i see parking lots and others to loot. So idk how to trigger hopes end enclave which i would love to start the questline for that but right now i am stuck waiting for your response as i do not know where hopes end is nor the refugee camp. Someone made a walk-through and pretty sure needed to find the emergency sign to proced so yeah since you have created the new plot, you know where they are.

OK, so the Refugee Camp is pretty easy to find - when you start a new game, whenever you enter your first town (the encounter with the picture of a destroyed city) you will also find an old evacuation poster. Reading it will place the camp on your mini-map. And even if you've missed it, the camp is generally west from the Strange Forest, almost by the lake-side.

The Hope's End is all the way back to the North-West, at the top-left corner of the map, located on a small, urbanized peninsula. It will only drop the entry sign after you gain access to it, during the first encounter.

Johnny's should be available right from the bat - you enter the city through the gate and it is already available (a little up and right from the clinic).

However, the Pawn Shop will only show up if you're playing the test build (1.01) of the game. The full build (1.0) don't have the ability to use the mod-added locales yet.

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my version is 1.012 tho?

No, our version is 1.01 and then 2 is the first number of the date :D It looks weird - the numbers are a bit too close to each other. But 1.01 is the highest current version, there is no higher.

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Just read my vee and it was downloaded on 12/12/2014, im guessing the build which was beta came out in 2015 so i will have to donload the beta mod build to see the new locations

OK, good to see you have sorted this out mate. I am not 100% sure, BTW, but my guess is that you will need to start a new game after the update, otherwise those new things might not load properly. Just saying.

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