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New version, compatible with build 0.9942, is up.

Now go and eat all the pickles!

I've just updated the download link with version 0.72b, which fixes several smaller issues - dogs being set as too cowardly and Ragged Cloak dropping instead of Light Jacket among them. Dogs also have bones now, and the remains of pre-collapse people can be sometimes found while scavenging.

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Bump for an english-style-hunt-themed update!

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I have found a bug that prevents me from making double barrel shotgun with shoulder strap.

I've just tested that and it seems to work fine for me. Are you sure you have all the necessary ingredients? You do need:
- shotgun (obviously),
- strap (or a medium string),
- Phillip's head screwdriver (either a screwdriver or a multitool),
- 2x small parts

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is it normal to find dmc guards right next to the cyro place? http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198111098743/screenshot/32975489532626482

Yes, there is a possibility for every creature to spawn everywhere on the map - the chance is lower the farther you are from their spawn point. But there is still a chance, even that far away. Same goes for the other creatures so you can, on rare occasions, find a Dogman near the DMC or a looter in the west of the map.

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OK, so I need a little advice. I've made a new item set, which will be added in the new build, soon.
And when I am saying "set", I actually mean it - the Hazmat suit actually works only when all of the parts (gloves, boots, pants, top and hood) are worn. The gas mask is built-in.

The problem is - there are almost no dangers from which it can protect :D It is weird in such a viral/chemical apocalypse, but in fact almost all of the game's bio-chem problems are covered by the gas masks. For now, I made it (if complete) protect the character from: parasites (lice, fleas), irritated eyes, radiation poisoning (from Bob's Hot Brick) and chemical burns (from one of my new accidents).

So, my question is - should I make some of the dangers (defoliant exposure, blue rot, some other diseases) actually harmful without the haz-mat suit, even when wearing a mask? Or maybe someone has an idea for a new biological/chemical-based danger, which would make this fine new suit more useful?

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What if you made it possible to contract a new virus through blood contact if you kill an NPC thats bleeding while within said about of distance say 3 because well Ebola :) (Sorry just kidding more like some small pox or black death because there is no one handing out vaccines anymore.)

Cannibal Family Picnic

Is it possible to add flag to overmap terrain, like "irradiated" or "chemical fog" (with appropriate graphics)?
Or just make copies (new set) of scavenging locations, where going in is harmful without a costume and accident = death.

More viruses, parasites, biohazards, miasmas and other stuff that will kill you <3 lovely, really this game need more of it, couse yeah, there was appocalypse and there is not really many things that would wipe humanity :C

Is there any crafting recipe that allows one to smash a skull into bone slivers? If not, there should be.

Something like:

Stone + Skull = 5 Bone Slivers

"Wow! This looter's soup can actually had soup in it!"

@sub439 - There are surprisingly few diseases transmitted this way (that I know of) and they are all (relatively) slow working. Even ebola, which is the most vicious one, still has like 3 weeks incubation period. That is more than a average NS game lasts...

The smallpox is already in the game and is air-transmitted (so the mask will do). The kind of Black Death or similar insect-transmitted disease is some sort of idea, but I fear it would be too similar to the Blue Rot.

@Mshock - The new hexes is something I have yet to try, so I honestly don't know how it would work. But even if it would, what would those new hexes be, so that it makes sense?

The accidents are a good ideas, there are two already in the mod: Chemical Spill and Chemical Fumes, where the player accidentally knocks an old container and spills/releases some burning water/gas. But four-five (I have the ideas for a few more, some involving chemicals, others insects :D) random accidents are not really enough to make it worth carrying that bulky and heavy suit around, by themselves.

@arantir2222 - Yeah, right? Other than several random encounters that, supposedly, can infect the player's character with smallpox, there is very little of that deadly stuff in the game. That's why we're brain-storming here :D

@Potato9999 - I might look into that, but that's not really a priority. And the skulls are made from a very bent/curved and thick bone, not particularly good for arrowheads - which is the main reason the slivers exist. But yeah, it's something I'll keep in mind when I get to updating the Fields of Dead (other thing is ability to use the bones as bashing weapons).


To conclude, so far I have a few more ideas for accidents, and a new scavenging location (an abandoned Chemical Works/Plant, which would need a hazmat suit in order to scavenge without a harm) - so nothing particularly game changing on the subject.

Since the game has a smallpox already in it, I could make it transmit like the Blue Rot, but again, the mask alone would be sufficient to keep it away.

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Add Ebola :D, nah just a joke.
What about tapeworm? It would drain your food bar, and u could be infected with uncoked meat.

@Kaaven You said about hexes, but what about this: when generating scav. locations for hex there is a chance of using different list: irradiated copies of existing.
And are you going to do your versions of ammo mags?
Btw, careful with accidents, character is already clumsy as hell :-)

Adding new scavenging locations (especially copies of the existing ones) would not be too hard. The problem lies with the game-lore - why anything (with the few exceptions, like the Isotope Mine) would be irradiated? There was no big nuclear war and as far as we know the so called Collapse was more likely a (relatively) slow process of social degradation, so it is highly unlikely that someone left one of the only three Michigan nuclear power plants to contaminate the land. So there is hardly a reason for anything to be seriously radioactive, especially after 30-50 years have passed.

Honestly, if I could go full radioactive on the game world, the Hazmat suit would be one of the most important items in the entire game :D

About the mags - yes, I will do something like that. Just don't know yet if it will be the same (with Chiko's sprites and code) or something slightly different. Need to think about this some more.

And don't be worried, I am not planning to change the accident rate, it feels OK as it is. I will only add some more variety of them, and make them more meaningful/dangerous.

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An update celebration !!!

It adds a hazmat suit, along with a few other clothes and another rare scavenging location.

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Nice update, waiting for this mod to advance a bit more before trying it. Seems to be a alot of clothing and not enough weapons. One thing that people would horde in a world like this is weapons melee and range. If you add a few more of either i would love this mod. Maybe some every day weapons and some advance upgraded ones. I know i have right now in my house a few metal and wooded bats that i put 7 5 or so inch nails through for fun and also a shelf full of different kinds of knifes. If shit hit the fan i would take alot of these with me, included a loaded 30 30 94 Winchester of course.

Clown faced guy with 3 bags of bottled tannin tea.

To be honest, I am trying to not add to many weapons (especially the good ones) in order to keep the game challenging. I even nerfed the best ones from the vanilla game - attacking with spears will make you easier to hit, board spear is very fragile and breaks fast (cause it is made out of junk), shooting sling makes you Vulnerable - stuff like that.

That being said, I've already added several weapons that make sense. Double barreled shotgun (and a sawed-off version), 4 different knives, pitchfork, hatchet and the classical metal pipe... Picture of all together.

And don't worry, there will be more. I just need to invent some that actually add to the game's balance and unforgiving style, rather than making it easier.

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I seen them and they look great, its just verity is a key for me. I just dislike seeing tons of the same few weapons in the whole game. I would rather have different weapons with the same stats just to make things feel less repetitive. Did you make those sprites yourself? Great job on them! Some could use more dirt and darker shads of color to match the games look but either way i like them.

Clown faced guy with 3 bags of bottled tannin tea.

Don't know if this was answered already, but if this is the mod that added detergent what use does it have?

Player can get parasites, lice and fleas, from being too close to other, already infected NPCs (dogs are the main carriers of fleas, and melonheads of lice, but every creature has a chance to be carrying one or both of those).

Once the player is affected, he can try to wash himself in the water source (by right-cliking and "Using" it, it also removes Dirty condition for another day). But washing yourself in water alone only has 10% chance to remove the parasites. Using detergent rises that chance to 25% (the option is only available during the "Water" encounter, if you actually have the parasites, otherwise it's unavailable). There is even better parasite-control substance - the poisonous paste - which have 50% chance to help, but it can only be made by the Botanists, from poisonous berries.

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Ok thanks I was wondering how to deal with that.

Bump for update!

The new version (0.76) is for the new test build of the game (0.995). A download for the stable build 0.9947 is still available as well.

This update gives you two more survival tools as well as removes the crowbar form the throne of all the scavenging buffs.

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The download doesn't work...

I've just double checked and the download seems to be working fine for me, even in private mode. And the file was already downloaded by more than a dozen people...

Could someone else confirm this is a problem?

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Erm...its working for me now soo...sorry for wasting your time

No problem mate, it's always better being safe than sorry!

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you should make more items like the stranglers hood

You mean mystical items, or just unique ones in general? Or hats?

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Mystical,hmm... you could use SCPs or Five nights at freddy's (Kavn plz) for inspiration

I was just wondering, how do I wash my clothes? After I take baths, my character is always so disgusted with putting on the same old clothes.

Just flavor text, its just put there cuz it sounds nice

Just like wilson7722 said here, it's just a flavor text sadly.

Writing it, I took into consideration that, in any survival scenario involving cold, keeping one's clothes dry is the most important thing of all - water, food, shelter, everything is secondary to that. Sadly, the game does not support conditions for items, so I literary cannot make player clothes wet (which is my single biggest complaint towards the game, actually).

What I observed, watching other people play on YouTube and Twitch, is that no one ever carries spare clothing with them (because they don't really need to), so I included that fact in the encounter text - player is assumed to have only one pair of clothes, so he simply has to wear the same things he had on him before the bath :D

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Thanks Kaaven, I guess I thought it would be similar to dirty rags and clean rags, and how clean rags become dirty after they've been on a wound for a while.

A few possible bugs to report :)

1. The Parasite (fleas) and Parasite (lice) conditions never disappear from my Current Conditions screen, even though I have had the line "you feel comfortable, it appears the bugs are gone" or something like that, come up twice now. I no longer have the ability to wash with detergent anymore either (used detergent 3 times over the course of a few days and took a bath every chance I could without freezing to death)

2. Items fly around my screen from time to time, as in when I open my vehicle screen, everything has spread itself out onto the grey areas of the screen. Easily fixed by reorganising, or clicking the move everything to the top left button, but can be a bit tedious.

3. When I was holding down 2 to destroy infected water, Philip suddenly started drinking all the water I was destroying. So the destroy hotkey may not be working?

4. Perhaps this is just because of some skills I've picked up, but I can always tell if water is infected or sterilized, the information is always there. Makes it super easy to sell hehe

5. My looting bar doesn't increase no matter the extra things I use e.g. shovel, strong, flashlight. Wasn't always like this, just recently. Or is it just that there is nothing to scavenge around the DMC? I've only noticed this lately, and lately I've only been around the DMC.

That's all for now! :) Loving the challenge so far though I hate dogman furs now.

1 and 4 are known to me and I am currently working on those and hope to have a fix soon.

2 - sorry mate, but cannot really get what is wrong. Are the items moving from the containers onto the ground by themselves? Cause this sounds a little bit as if your container (i.e. a plastic bag) broke down the items that were inside scattered. But that's a native game feature. Or do I get that wrong?

3 - "2" is a "consume/use" button. "3" is for destroying stuff. That's the same as in native game.

5 - that's the DMC's fault. Every hex in the area about 10 hexes/km from the gate is scavenged dry. The further you go, the chance rise back to "normal" levels. That's a native game stuff as well.

Thanks for the feedback - will try my best to fix the problems as soon as possible!

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Is there any way to get the mini mod and the makeshift mod working together? if so how because i love both of the mods and i just hate that i cant play them at the same time please help!

I honestly can't say. But my bet is that it won't work. Emperor is slowly working on his mod, but he said himself said it's still work in progress.

Mod compatibility really depends on what data from the main game each mod changes - if that are not the same things, making them work together is really easy. But with big mods, like mine or Chiko's, there are tons of overlapping stuff which will make conflicts and bugs common. Once Emperor finishes his porting/rebuilding of the Makeshifter, it will be worthwhile to take a look, but until he finishes it would be a waste of time.


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Thanks i didn't know if it would work but i didn't :( but what ever i will shift from mod to mod thank you for your time

New Update is here!
It includes the compatibility fixes for game build 0.9951, a bad-ass kettle and a coat. Also, this time I am almost sure I fixed the bathing encounters :D

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I cant use the mod for some reason i have installed it correctly but the new items and all the other things arnt loading in and ive tried evreything i just cant get it to work...help?

you should add a hood item that takes up the headgear slot why? variety and it could look nice and scavenger-y then add a dirty rag to your face or a gasmask and BAM pure looter-ness

@EpicFailure71 - Which build of the game are you using and with which version of the mod?

Because the mod version 0.77 is only going to work with the test build of the game (0.9951b). For the stable build of the game, you need to use the mod version 0.75.

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yes i am using the correct version and all but i think i found the issue. Whenever i open the the download i only get the file not the "0" and the getmods.php and i have no idea why i tried re downloading a few times

I'm not sure I understand... Have you extracted the file from the download? In it is a folder, and you need to copy the folder's contents to your game directory.

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I just get a black screen

Oh... the glow is Detroit...Great

Usually, that is a symptom of incompatibility - make sure you have installed the correct version of mod to the right build of the game.

The stable game build (0.9942) works with the mod version 0.75.

The test game build (0.9951b) works with the newest mod version 0.77.

If unsure, simply re-download the game and put it into a new folder, then copy the correct mod files there.

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im installing this the same way that i installed neo scav extended is there a different way i need to do it?

When you unpack my mod, it's just one folder - in it are all the things you need to copy to your NEO Scavenger folder.

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wow thanks now i feel really dumb anyways i got it working thanks