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Should remove both... Just keep in mind that the fleas are much more common, so its easier to get re-infected.

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Hey, could I ask you why you keep all of your .xml data in a single file? I only noticed this today when I tried testing out DovaScavenger's map editor, and found that your .xml data had a conflicting section... Also, why? Am I missing out on an awesome encounter in M(m)Mod!?

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

not to speak for him, but i do it because having multiple tabs opens feels like more work than using my free-scroll wheel. makes me feel less organized.

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Both Chiko's mod and mine were started before the modding system overhaul, which separated the main file into smaller sections - back in the old days, that was the only way to do it. And since our mods were both already quite big and went through one big overhaul (more like total re-write) once before already, we just left them as they were.

So unlike newer mods, written in the new system from scrap, both M(m)Mod and Extended are done in one file, rather than seprarate "Data" folder.

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Man I really wish merging mods was easier. I tried and I just don't get it. Watched layarion's Youtube about merging and he just goes way too fast and doesn't actually describe what he's doing.

Your mod and Extended together would be just about perfect. I love your mod, can craft a million things, but there's no way to craft footwear, for example, and finding shoes early game is nearly impossible. At least that's my impression after my fifth restart recently :D

yea i'm writing a new script to replace that video right now. won't be ready today though, as the planning takes some work, but hey! i've learned a lot between then and now. This new one should be better.

in the meantime, NSE and MMoD merged together is like a toddler trying to learn college level math. If you don't know how to merge smaller mods yet, then you DO NOT start with these two. Infact, merging these two is as hard as it gets.

ill make a big show of it when i have the noob series complete.

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That's awesome! I'll keep an eye out for it.

I kinda got the basic gist of merging, I think, and yeah merging NSE and MMoD definitely looked like going from the kiddie pool to deep sea pressure suit diving :D

WTF? a bogeyman! :-) i was killed.

What can you tell us about it?

Well, in the world of NEO Scavenger, the rule of the universe is that the belief makes reality and the stronger the belief is, the bigger the chance it will manifest physically. And so, as the chaos of the modern world falling appart started to reign over the collective imagination of the survivors, the ancient myths were brought into existence (dogmen being the old colonization-era American myth, wendigo being Indian one and Enfield horror being a modern cryptid, for example).

Boogieman is like that too. The American name might be a bit silly (and badly over-hollywood-ised), but the character is actually one of the universal myths of the humanity - a variant of a generalized monster from the cellar/forest-next-to-the-village/under-the-bed who is in some capacity punishing people, and kids especially, for their misbehaviour (or just stalks the dark and deserted places) is known from the most ancient times everywhere - from Africa, throught Europe and almost everywhere else. So there should be no doubt that in a world where strong belief shapes reality, one might occasionally meet him, still waiting patiently in some dark closet ;)

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Hi, thanks for the explanation, maybe you misunderstood me.

Im not discussing if a bogeyman would fit or not into the NS universe, (IMHO it can, i should had focussed into adding wild life and mutant life first) what i was asking is for tips for beating it. It has the "spectral" attribute so i can imagine worldly weapons don't damage it? (in my encounter i tried with arrows and spear and i got dead, but the bogeyman appeared very close so i don't know if it was bad luck, bad strategy or a waste of time). I seriously considered running but as it was my first encounter i felt brave and wanted to try the fight...

So, just need to confirm if it can be damaged with weapons, or with what, or if all i can do is run.

Thanks and regards

Oh! Yup, a misunderstanding ;)

The boogeyman can indeed be killed, but it is very hard. Spectral means he cannot be stunned, knocked unconcious, suppressed or in pain. It is still possible to hurt him though, just really hard to make him stop comming at you.

Being a phantasm, he will however despawn in roughly 3 hours/turns, so the best tactic is actually to simply run away and keep a distance for a while.

If killed, he'll drop a few items but will leave no body.

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This post says June 2014 for me, but it's the last post so I'm going to say my say any-way :P

I actually thought the bogeyman was a joke you put into the game, the punchline being the same as the Black Knight in Monty Python's holy grail (the funny part being that he seems very menacing at first, and then dashes your expectations hilariously). I think that you should perhaps make him stronger if you intended him to be very hard to kill, because earnestly I thought it was a bit of humour you injected. Id chuckle every time he'd just die, seeing the images in my head of this silent, deadly creature in a ragged cloak coming towards you breaking character at the first sign of danger 'ow, that hurt! stop that! You win, you win!'.

Another thing about him, and this can't possibly annoy you because it's an actual unintended thing, but if you have action points for crafting after defeating the bogeyman, you can take his ghost-essence corpse thing (good work on that art, by the way; always thought it was cool) and butcher it for regular old meat. I thought that was pretty funny too, but I didnt think THAT one was intended <3

So how can I get the work app onto a device? Do I need the hacking ability to do so? I paid for unlocked devices at the pawn shop and I have no way of transferring the app to a device. I have a laptop, Islap, and smartphone. I don't have the hacking ability.

From The Zman

Transfering apps is manual in this game - you have to grab a powered and truned-on device in one hand and the memory stick and move the app item from one invenotry to the other.

Very counter-intuitive, I know, but that's how it works in that game.

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Is it possible to become a citizen and get an apartment or land in the Detroit Megacity yet? I like the Gyges Cryo building but it's far away from the DMC and is relatively small.


No, its not possible to live inside the Megacity. There is the vanilla game's Parkade however, where player can hire a sleeping car and keep the items there completely safe. Same functionality as Cryo Lab, only limited with rent.

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Is becoming a citizen in the Megacity a planned feature? I saw the NPC's talking about it some.


Never was and never will be. The whole point is that the player is an illegal guest, using forged papers to visit the place. In reality, place like that - with limited space and resources but also high standard of living - would never let anyone in. They find ways of getting people out, in fact (sending "tourists" out, but not rescuing them if they get lost).

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I've been trying this mod out and I like it, but it seems to have gimped ranged perk hit chance ratio. I know the mod changes the damage for the sling but no where does it list the hit chance. Outta my couple tries with a range character I've tried the sling, Slingshot and the greenwood bow. I averaged 2/20 hits with the sling, 1/10 hits with the slingshot and 1/7 hits with the bow. I made sure I Fired my weapon between 6-10 away and when they charged or when they fell which seemed to make to difference. I even blasted away at range 3 when dudes fell over and have them all miss. Anyone else have this problem?

The game makes absolutely no changes to the accuracy of the ranged weapons. In fact, there is not way to change accuracy via modding, in NEO other than changing their range.

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Is there a way to get the BBC (Big Bad Cheater) mod to spawn items from this mod as well?
I got getmods.php down so they both run, but i dunno how to get BBC to spawn items from this mod.

*sleeps for 4 hours at DMC*
*gets encountered by DMC guard*
*DMC guard repeatedly tries to escape from unknown target*
*guard calls for drone support*

That's not as simple as merging BBC with MMoD. Someone who knows how to mods would have to do that. Modding itself isn't hard on this game...you literally only need a text editor, and some patience as you figure out how to make it work...but like a lot of things it takes time. half a day if you already know what you're doing, and are interested. Maybe a few days if the .xml looks like pure gibberish to you.

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Lol, just managed to get the Magic Mirror and the Book, but second thing seems to not be working or maybe I did delete something accidentally xd.

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I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but based on your mod's featured item list and the script, a few items like the quail egg and MRE is suppose to be in the game but it doesn't really show up. It also isn't in the suitcase that contains the experimental items. I'm correct to assume these items have never been implemented as well?

They're already in game, MRE is the DMC Daily Food Ration, you can exchange them for some DMC Participation Credit. About the quail eggs, they can be found on forest hexes (I'm not sure but I think you needed Trapping skill).

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Lel, why would be there something interesing here? Keep surfing

Hey Kaaven,

So I was playing you mod, and i got to the DMC, and i applied for a job ect, and i noticed that their are 2 basic jobs, the info recovery, and also a sanitation, as well as advanced jobs.

are these just features that haven't been added, or am i missing something?


Nevermind just read that it hasn't been added yet :P

Also, where do you find the scrappers,

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cause i went to their HQ, saw talked with the people who took over, asked about the scrappers at the last chance, but there is no where else to ask?

Nevermind i found em, nice to be continued

Another question.

There are a few areas/buildings that can't be scavenged (abandoned hotel, fast-food restaurant, drive in motel.) Whenever I try to scavenge those types of buildings, it immediately goes to "You decide not to scavenge for now" and takes me back to main map view.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem.

Hi, I have this exact same problem. I see you wrote this a while ago. Have you, by any chance, found a solution?


Negative, I tried editing the mod files a little bit to try to produce some results but nothing worked for me yet.

Now, after having a break due to ma(aaa)any real life thing'ies, I discovered with shock that NEO Scavenger is halfway through being released from Flash shackles, in fact having working Android/IOS version, already.

So, the important question is - any plant to making this absolutely essential mod compatibile with Android version? Not carrying much about any problems with unsigned apks or whatever (full root access here), just curious if compatible version is ever encountered as feasible - supposedly there are huge changes in the code on mobile, right?


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// Edit
I did some more research myself - it turns out that unpacked .apk of NeoScavenger still contains .xml files that should be perfectly editable/replaceable, if only to be packed again into .apk by user themselves (and installed on top) - at least until/if BBG introduce loading mods from external files. Anyway, both "now" and "then", It is "just" that the content of those .xml files seems to differ somehow due to latest patches for mobile.

So, having the mod working on mobile should be perfectly possible, if made compatible against differences in the mobile's xml's - just like it would be for desktop version, after hyphotetical (big) patches (like, going away from flash).

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Sorry Miss A from what I can tell most here have shifted focus onto other projects (like me) so I am not sure if there is enough motivation for rework if such a patch did come, this game was great and had so much focus for quite some time but unfortunately was a niche market of a niche market (which did expand with the android release) and thus most of the base seems to have shifted elsewhere (Until another bluebottle title at least),

So yea the android release probably won't be seeing that many mods IMHO, I hope I am proven wrong and a sudden surge of android edition mods are released with a BBG patch but I doubt it.

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Well, without any disrespect meant, I am most interested in opinion of Kaaven - after all, he is the mod creator, so if we will be able to play with MMMoD on mobile devices is mostly up to his decision. Not to mention, that I know few *much* older games, that are much harder to mod (like, requiring tracing from memory hex values of big executables to edit), and still get active work done - like "Total Annihilation" to say at least.

Re the topic on hand - I've confirmed that for mobile version one can easily access all .xml files (they seem almost 100% same as for desktop version, I bet most would work fine, if we would be able to load mods) and graphic managing game, it is also trivial to re-pack and re-sign the .apk install file for devices with root.

There is even "mods" folder, which contain sample mods and getmods.php, just like in desktop version - albeit, parsing it seems to be disabled for mobile version, trying to use mods this way result in nothing (no working mods, but also no breakage, like expected from incompatible mods). I've emailed [email protected] to ask if there is any way to enable parsing the content by game or was it disabled for mobile version - in the latter case, if it would be possible to re-enable it again, for geeks like us willing to re-pack .apk files. Still waiting for answer.

Otherwise, the only way to mod the game would be to implement changes things against game files itself. While it could be done for .xml files and could be even automated (as in, a script that would take mod file, and overwrite game files as it should be, according to few simple rules, then same for game's native getimages.php), I wonder what Kaaven think of feasibility of such thing.

My experience is bigger with manipulating .apk's than with writing NEO Scavenger mods, and while I could provide all the help with the former, I definitely won't be able to make mobile MMMoD (and friends) without creator's support with the later.

Which would be a pity, as I found myself absolutely unable to enjoy NeoScavenger without MMMoD and DoG :( ... Despite game's turn nature being ideal for mobile gaming usage (those 5+ train trips). I still hope we can make mobile MMMoD + DoG a reality, cause from technical point of view, it definitelly *can* be done!


// Edit
And for the posterity, the place where dcfedor mention mod loading code is actually running on mobile, + my doomed attempts at making use of it:

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How do I merge Big Bad Cheater with your mod?
I tried copying and pasting the thing you put in the log, but now my game is stuck on the loading screen

I know this is late as hell, but look in the modloading notepad sheet where you copypasted. Look at the numbers of all the mods and make sure they are in the proper order.

Hell No!

I've made some small edits and fixes to this mod that i feel are substantial enough for an upload.
I hope this is alright, Kaaven.

--removed link--

I've fixed a few pieces of clothing that were added by m(m)mod that overlapped displeasingly with other pieces of clothing, namely: Long Black Coat, Military Light Jacket, Heavy-duty Rubber Gloves, Leather Vest.

Spell-checked several encounters.

Electrician: Made it so that all the Makeshift electronics degrade

Fields of Dead: Allowed bones to be used as clubs.
Gave Bone Knives a CreItm sprite

That's all. I'm sure you'll enjoy these rather uncontroversial changes that I had originally made for myself.

edit: wow, I really spent about 0 braincells uploading that minimini mod. I'll reupload it in a new post.

I still have a problem with this mod: I cannot scavenge any of the added locations. Whenever I try, it says "You decided not to scavenge". Is there any way to solve this?


An interesting error: if you lose your Work app, there's no way to get it back. I got the error where data inside devices randomly turns into something else, and even after going through the Administrative District again I couldn't get a new one.

Thankfully several loads fixed it.

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

Talking about the bogeyman or i forgot their name, he was unleashed late morning and didn't stop following me until it was nearly past dusk. it was night by the time i reached the city so i couldn't loot anymore. i found this "secret" unamusing. being chased around non-stop tiring out my poor character. and you said 3 hours? make it 7 at least.
i'm sorry for ranting but i'm angry my run has to end, my character is basically dogfood now. refridgerated, and yes this was on the 1st day.
and i meant that it's too long how much he says, your comment was an understatement,

i cant seem to get participation credits how do i get them?

List of mods
extended neo scav

Kaaven, may i suggest you add/change your modURLs from "URL0=FieldsofDead" to "URL0=Mods/FieldsofDead"?

It helps people who don't know how to do these simple things keep organised.

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Maybe you can make the Merga Wraith items usable in the KRI? For 30 credits or something?
Also can you give us a list of the items usable in the KRI? I'm having doubts for everything that represents knowledge.

Says, "NeoScavenger is so easy!"
[immediately gets mauled by 3 dogmen]

Is the Magic Mirror folder just a scrapped idea or something?

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Hey there, just signed up here to say thank you Kaaven for making this. Still playing in 2018. Is development of the mod still ongoing? It's a great mod and I'd barely recommend starting up the game without installing this first. Thanks again for all the hard work.

uh, I got an issue here, I don't think the hazmat suit is working properly. I managed to get the pair of safety boots, top and bottom of the hazmat suit, the hood and even heavy duty rubber gloves with varying degrees of durability from 14% to 97% but after a about 2 days of looting in the swamp I got skin damage, about 5 days later I got the message that the constant exposure to chemicals gave me ulcers. At that point I closed the game and reloaded it at the moment where I already had skin damage, stripped down, geared up and sat there for 3 days without moving, this time I got vomit after the first day and two days later irritated eyes

Am I missing something? The enemies that gave me the hazmat suit showed in the battle description "partially wearing hazmat suit" but it doesn't say anything about it when I fight wearing it, or is my other equipment messing it it? I got some stolen DMC armor, helmet, valaclava, a single 3-dog shirt, a duffelbag, the big yellow bag, a spear, crowbar and a compund bow on me

Is there a wiki page for this mod? i have a lot of questions and i think typing it all down would take a while. I accidentally skipped the dialog on DMC administrative office, so i dont know what to do...

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Hi, im trying ro merge this awesome mod with NSE and Overhaul (and many more), but, whatever the order of mod loading i use, i can never mix them properly i think.

The first thing i notice is at character creation, depending of the mod loading order i can choose only Knitwit and Packrat OR Tailoring (they never show at the same ttime in the game).

Other thing ive noticed is that there are buildings that Philipp never decides to scavenge (I.E. Ransacked Minimart), i deduce it must be because a conflict between them.

And many others (bones just on some animals, not on dogs, not getting dirty...)

More things: when drinking tanning tea, it doesnt show in the conditions.

This is my getmods.php:















Is it posible to merge them correctly? If yes, can you give us a good getmods.php?


You can't achieve this without a merge mod, I am working on one, I already have many mods working together well, but it still have a lot of work to do. Nevertheless, if you're interested just say something.

wip merge mode thread