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[Mod] Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom [v 0.999]

Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom <--M(m)MoD-->
Compatible with the version 1.14 of the game.

Includes: the Fields of Dead and Sage's Pages.

Download: Version 0.999

Alternate download link can be found at the NexusMods

A quick video on how to install can be seen here
Linibot, for all the help with proof-reading the encounter texts
Chiko, for the folded multitool idea and sprite
Thank you!



New Items:
- nails
- nuts and bolts
- wires
- skewer
- shashlik (raw+cooked)

New Scavenging Locations:
- fast-food restaurant

Game-play Changes:
- Small Mechanical Parts removed from the game, there are Wires, Nails and Nuts and Bolts now

New Encounters:
- delousing treatment at the Haggerty Clinic

- Barrel Stove can be moved to the ground inventory grid
- Scissors price lowered
- Cryo Light, once fixed, can now be switched on and off
- chances to remove parasites while bathing rised
- Dart / Air Gun damage rised
- Poisonous Paste degrades slower
- Dogman Skin Coat weight lowered (5kg -> 2.6kg)
- Dried Red Beans price lowered
- Pickles are veggies too :D

Bug Fixes:
- Multitool (folded) no longer causes red X signs to appear when wielded
- Coffee Cups no longer usable to make Hobo Stove
- Hobo Stove no longer counts as container
- the Repository now correctly pay 2 Participation Credits for the rare cultural objects
- folded Multitools is no longer being found instead of Screwdrivers
- depositing of the Data Files in the Repository works correctly now
- the reward for delivering the letter to Scrappers comes identified now
- Coffee (powder) stacks correctly


A new update is here!

This time, its mostly bug-fixes and tweaks, but there is some new stuff as well as one relatively big change.

First, the most noticeable stuff - the Small Mechanical Parts are no more. Instead, three new items have been added: Nails, Wires and Nuts and Bolts. Following that change all crafting recipes, both the vanilla ones and those added in the mod, were modified. For some you will only need one type of parts (i.e. lockpicks are made from wires alone) while others may need both Nuts and Wires (i.e. Cryo Lighting). The nails are kinda "extra", since very few recipes were actually based on nailing anything together. I do hope to add more in the near future though.

I tried to use logic while choosing what goes where, and all the quick recipes/recipe papers will show correctly parts necessary, so it should be no problem for you clever people to figure it out :D

Other than that, another long-promised thing is finally here - a shower. A delousing chemical shower, to be precise. Visit the Clinic in the DMC, pay their steep price and enjoy a 100% chance of getting rid of those pesky parasites.

While there, I also placed the Clinic icons in order, so the choice screen no longer looks like a hurricane just went through it. You're welcome :)

The one new recipe set is based around mass-cooking. You can now make cooking skewers from Scrap Metal (no tools or skills needed) and then use those to make a delicious Shashlik. All you need is a skewer, small meat chunk, some vegetables (any can do, even a pickle) and a knife. Shashliks are slightly more nutritious than the ingredients separate (cooked meat and veggies are easier to digest) and the added bonus is that you can cook 3 of them at the same time, saving extra time to cook everything separately.

Many other fixes and balancing tweaks in here as well, so as always I am waiting for feedback.

Have fun!


Previous changes / additions:
New Sprites

Spoiler: Highlight to view

New Items:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
- Grayling Dragoons football jacket
- black-red hoodie
- Black Hole Sun t-shirt
- Neo Cannibal t-shirt
- Grey Jeans
- Sneakers
- Suit Jacket
- Suit Pants
- dead smiley t-shirt
- tarp poncho
- "Sturdy Ducks" baseball cap
- beach shorts
- flip-flops
- yellow plastic hardhat
- heavy work gloves
- ragged cloak
- fur hat
- military-style light jacket
- rubber safety boots
- wide brim hat
- Hazmat suit hood
- Hazmat suit top
- Hazmat suit bottom
- cotton face mask
- disposable latex glove
- dress shoes
- blue collar shirt
- simple green shirt
- black hide coat
- crudely-made hood
- woolen winter hat
- ragged jeans
- patchwork tunic
- thick leather apron
- welding goggles
- welding mask
- battered football helmet
- Pajama Pants
- tracksuit top
- worn-out leather vest
- "Red Star" t-shirt
- insulated light jacket
- silly "Foxy" hat
- bowling shirt
- "Sonic Tremor" headphones

- "Morningstar" school backpack
- Worn-out leather suitcase (also works as a weapon)
- box from an old Red Cross aid parcel
- fashionable lady's handbag
- makeshift backpack

- Propranolol (prescription beta-blocker heart pills) + bottle (causes bradycardia)
- Esomeprazole (indigestion and heartburn pills) + bottle (are minty)
- Sertraline (prescription antidepressant) + bottle (are sedatives and cause dizziness)

- "Golden Ribbon" baked beans in tomato sauce + can
- Milk Powder + can
- Milk
- Meat Preserve + can (some cause Gastroenteritis)
- Handful of Maggots (some cause Gastroenteritis)
- Boiled Soup
- dried fish
- boiled fish
- fish stock
- wild onion (allium canadense)
- sun root (Jerusalem artichoke / helianthus tuberosus)
- vegetable soup
- handful of nuts
- quail eggs
- pickles
- pickle brine
- "Heavenly Delight" dietetic chocolate
- mulligan stew
- red beans
- expensive, aged wine
- cheap berry wine
- very old and stale cookies
- instant coffee
- coffee
- "Mr Whiskers" cat food + can
- (sealed) versions of cans for:

  • Chef Yummy "Creamy Crumb"
  • Butcher Pete's "Chopped Pork and Ham"
  • "Calcium Dust" milk powder
  • "Golden Ribbon" baked beans
  • "Mr Whiskers" cat food

- nutrient paste
- common dandelion (taraxacum officinale)
- fried eggs
- "Qud Lite" beer can

Weapons and Ammo:
- Rusty Metal Pipe
- Hatchet
- Pearson "Basics" cross-head screwdriver
- kitchen knife
- chopping knife
- 4-prong pitchfork
- sturdy shiv
- scrap metal knife
- Tomssen, Sons & Co. double barrel 12-gauge shotgun + strapped version
- sawed off double barrel 12-gauge shotgun
- folding shovel
- wooden hockey stick
- pair of scissors
- restored historical "Pistole Parabellum" 9mm pistol
- German 9mm pistol ammo clip
- 9x19mm pistol rounds
- makeshift spring-powered dartgun
- air gun
- darts (ammo)
- compressed air (ammo)
- Slingshot
- Rusty Razor
- Gears "Basics" Claw Hammer
- Broad Spear
- Makeshift Knife

- wheelbarrow
- stroller

Misc. Items:
- bunch of metal wires and scraps
- improvised rat trap
- dead rat
- plastic pill bottle with missing label
- "Red Horizon" vodka bottle
- Metal Locker (fixed container at the Exam Room in Cryo Facility - contains starting goodies)
- dog corpse
- woolen blanket
- disgusting, extensively used old blanket
- box of "Best Pals" safety matches
- safety matches
- LED bulb
- electronic scrap
- makeshift white-noise machine
- makeshift camp light
- poisonous paste
- lavender-smelling detergent
- "Nova Blast" detergent bottle
- old hacksaw
- sealed jar of pickles
- glass jar
- fox corpse
- hobo stove
- battered kettle
- PW-Tronics digital thermometer
- live embers
- antiseptic spray
- Teddy bear
- "Château Ensoleillé" wine bottle
- sealed bottle of "Château Ensoleillé" wine
- fried radio amplifier
- golden-colored plastic dollar-sign bling
- "4ET" hand-held gaming console
- ceramic kitchen jar
- crayons
- a deck of cards
- Pearson "Basics" universal pliers
- "Tele-Link XV-4C" VHF/UHF dual-band hand-held ham transceiver
- "I love my Employer" coffee mug
- "I'm a workaholic" coffee mug
- high-school sports trophy
- baby bottle
- solid wooden plank
- makeshift wooden gun stock
- pile of mechanical components
- bicycle pump
- pressure valve
- compressed air tank
- Short Blade
- Pearson "Firefly" Glowstick
- Barrel Stove
- stainless steel ladle
- old metal army canteen
- "Annona" nutrient re-synthesis kit
- teeth necklace
- feathers necklace
- trashy plastic necklace
- frying pan
- wooden building blocks
- "Shock Worker" app
- DMC Participation Credit
- DMC Daily Food Ration
- "Greatest Horror Stories vol. 27" UVD case + disk
- crushed drink can

New Crafting Recipes:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Name Parts Tools Skill
motion-activated noise trap 4x small mechanical parts + 1x medium rigid part + 1x motion sensor + 1x speaker screwdriver Electrician
improvised rat trap 6x small mechanical parts + 2x medium rigid parts screwdriver Mechanic
condensed milk 1x milk powder + 1x water heat source + waterproof container -
boiled soup condensed soup + water heat source + waterproof container -
tarp poncho 1x tarp sharp edge -
boiled fish 1x fish meat + 1x water heat source + waterproof container -
vegetable soup 2x vegetable + 1x water heat source + waterproof container -
meat from medium corpse 1x medium corpse sharp edge -
meat and fur from medium corpse 1x medium corpse sharp edge Trapping
lockpick (from scrap) 2x medium rigid parts pliers Lockpicking
poisonous paste 1x water + 5x poison berries heat source + waterproof container -
makeshift white noise machine 4x small mechanical parts + 1x medium rigid parts + 1x electronic scrap + 1x speaker screwdriver Electrician
makeshift camp light 4x small parts + 2x medium rigid parts + 1x LED bulb screwdriver Electrician
fur hat 6x small pelt + 6x small string sharp point -
sturdy shiv 1x medium rigid parts + 1x flexible sheet - -
scrap metal knife 2x medium rigid parts + flexible sheet hacksaw Mechanic
strapped double barrel shotgun DB shotgun + 1x medium string + 2 small mechanical parts screwdriver -
sawed off shotgun DB shotgun hacksaw Mechanic
meat from fox corpse 1x fox corpse sharp edge -
meat and fur from fox corpse 1x fox corpse sharp edge Trapping
hobo stove 1x tin can sharp edge with point -
hobo stove (lit) 1x kindling improvised stove + flame source -
hobo stove (lit w/matches) kindling + safety match improvised stove + matchbox -
mulligan stew 1x water + 1x small meat chunk + 2x vegetable or mushroom heat source + waterproof container -
patchwork tunic 10x small string + 20x rag sharp point -
boiled beans 1x water + 1x beans heat source + waterproof container -
smashed electronic device 1x large broken device - -
disassembled electronic device 1x large broken device screwdriver Electrician
prepared instant coffee 1x instant coffee + 1x water heat source + waterproof container -
air tank re-fill 1x small air tank air pump -
air gun 2x small mechanical parts + 1x wooden rifle stock + 1x medium metal pipe + 2x flexible fastener + 1x medium hydraulic part sharp edge + pliers + large mechanical parts Mechanic
dart gun 2x small mechanical parts + 1x wooden rifle stock + 1x medium metal pipe + 2x flexible fastener sharp edge + large mechanical parts Mechanic
darts 5x small springy sheet + 2x small mechanical parts sharp edge -
makeshift wooden gun stock 1x thick wooden plank hacksaw -
makeshift slingshot 1x medium thread + 1x small springy sheet + 1x stick sharp edge -
makeshift knife 1x short blade + 1x small springy sheet - -
broad spear 1x long shaft + 1x med. thread + 1x short blade sharp edge Combat
blade from cutting utensil 1x any knife hacksaw -
stove (lit) 1x tinder + 1x medium fire fuel stove + flame source -
stove (lit w/matches) 1x safety match + 1x tinder + 1x medium fire fuel stove + matchbox -
stove stoked 2x medium fire fuel lit stove -
stove (extinguished) - stove (lit or blazing) -
open can sealed tin can small or medium non-brittle sharp edge with point -
re-synthesize food 1x small piece of raw organic food nutrient re-synthesis kit -
fried meat 1x small meat chunk frying pan + heat source -
makeshift backpack 3x medium flexible shaft + 2x shoulder strap + 4x medium string + 1x large sheet sharp edge -
insulated jacket 1x light jacket + 5x small pelt + 10x small string sharp point -
extinguished hobo stove - hobo stove (lit) -

+ All vanilla fire-starting recipes with: safety matches + matchbox instead of flame source

New plot

Spoiler: Highlight to view
New encounter location:
- Norton Shores Refugee Camp (30 nodes)
- Hope's End enclave (23 nodes)
- "Bar Talks at the Hope's End" - Sheriff (23 nodes)
- "Bar Talks at the Hope's End" - Jonas Crochet (10 nodes)
- "Crotchet's Letter / The Scrappers" - a mission (58 nodes)
- Johnny's "Red Pawn" - DMC location (shop, 16 story nodes)
- 2 new newspaper articles regarding nutrient re-synthesis kit
- DMC guard "shakedown" scene when selling prohibited items on market
- ATN tannery
- DMC Administrative Zone, including Work Office, Archives and Aid Center

Misc. New Additions:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
New Art:
- Refugee Camp location

New creatures
- Feral dog
- Bogeyman
- Hope's End militia
- lunatic

New Battle Moves
- Torch Swing

Scavenging Locations
- Half-Sunken Building (on the Black Swamp only)
- Ransacked Mini-Mart (only on urban hexes)
- Deserted Farmhouse (sub-urban and open field hexes)
- small parking lot (urban + suburban; never at start)
- deserted drive-in motel (suburban)
- abandoned warehouse (urban)
- an abandoned church (urban)
- a pillaged museum (urban)
- partially burnt clinic (urban)
- half-buried structure
- buried cellar
- dead forest
- barren field
- summer cabin
- a plundered auto repair shop
- a fire-gutted coffee shop
- a deserted library
- an abandoned hotel

Additional Scavenging Accidents
- Fall into Water (only in half-sunken buildings - causes bruising and vomiting)
- Crumbling Wall (in ruins - causes bruising and concussion)
- Hidden Pit (ruins, houses, farms - causes cut wounds with chance of infection)
- Chemical spill (warehouse)
- Chemical fumes (warehouse)
- Naughty boy (homes and apartments)
- Hornet's Nest! (almost all urban)
- madman attack

New Campsite:
- rusting shell of a school bus
- empty log cabin

Game-play changes:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
- degrading lockpicks/rat traps do not always leave full amount of their parts
- drug pills do not show medicine names if not identified
- each scavenging attempt makes character a bit more tired (also a bit warmer)
- forceful scavenging (using crowbar or Strength) makes character a lot more tired
- changed: dogman fur coat --> dogman fur (raw)
- fur coat and fur tunic now a little less warm
- wearing dogman fur lessens the health restore rate and cause wearer to smell
- attacking with two-handed weapons (spears for now) causes negative de-buff
- broad spear is very fragile now
- added option to scavenge carefully available to everyone
- made scavenge with Hiding a tiny bit better
- stones shot from slings do a slightly less damage
- shooting sling makes user Vulnerable
- the way that water source works re-done
- player's character gets dirty over time
- parasites (lice and fleas) spread from infected creatures
- all fire-starting recipe names start with "(F)"
- scavenging with Electrician in offices gives a chance of finding parts
- scavenging with Tracking in woods and plains gives a chance of finding nuts/eggs
- 3 ways of removing parasites at water sources (water alone 10% chance, with detergent 25% chance and with poisonous paste 50% chance)
- the "first day" sleeping bag is now a blanket
- changed Exam Room 17 encounter - it now contains a locker with few starting items (cola + rags + some matches)
- glass shiv is now called "lousy shiv", is weaker and less worth
- yellow lighter mechanics changed
- using lighter during scavenging now costs 5 "charges" instead of 1
- using squirrel snare has a slightly lower chance of yielding a game, but has a probability of catching foxes or rats
- shells now stack up to 2, better capacity shotguns have larger ammo space (Perforator 3, SBS 4)
- full hazmat suit protects from few negative conditions
- ruins (crumbling apt. building, destroyed office building) no longer scavengable with crowbar and using shovel instead
- opening locked sheds now degrades the lockpick or the crowbar used (like in normal scavenging)
- medkits now contain completely random drugs
- dead rats can rarely be found lying on the ground in ruins
- big campfires now degrade into small ones, ash and some live embers
- prices changed: water (sterilized), tannin tea and Corn'a'Cola
- chance for negative effects from drinking dirty water is slightly higher
- ATN now sells items from MoD (blankets, blades, milk, veggie soup, wine, sunroot, nuts, eggs, beans and fur hats)
- vanilla Broad Spear renamed to Makeshift Broad Spear
- Sharpen Spear renamed to Sharpen Stick
- Dirty Rags wearable on hands and feet
- Sling needs Ranged to be crafted
- changed the campsite generation to 1+random
- added scavenging with weak light source (glowstick or lighter), weaker and exclusive to flashlights/torches
- food cans need to be opened with a sharp+pointy thing
- DMC market no longer buys any military gear (SBS shotgun or bulletproof vest)
- penalty for trying to sell military-grade gear
- market no longer has a chance to sell SBS, to prevent unjust accusation
- DMC guards are a little bit tougher
- coats (hide coat, black coat, leather vest and ragged cloak) are now in top chest slot
- city ruins no longer lit at night (+ hex graphic change)
- entering the Black Swamp now more harmful (skin damage, only full hazmat suit prevents)
- condition for long-lasting chemical skin damage + nano can heal it
- multitool can be folded, to take less space
- Blisters on Feet condition no longer stacks
- walking Barefoot can cause Hurt Feet condition

M(m)MoD with other mods: (getmods.php)

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Big Bad Cheater

nRows=7 &strModName0=FoD&strModURL0=FieldsofDead &strModName1=0&strModURL1=FieldsZero &strModName2=SP&strModURL2=SagesPages &strModName3=BBC&strModURL3=BigBadCheater/New &strModName4=0&strModURL4=BigBadCheater/Over &strModName5=MoD&strModURL5=M(m)MoD &strModName6=0&strModURL6=MoDZero

Depths of Gyges

nRows=7 &strModName0=FoD&strModURL0=FieldsofDead &strModName1=0&strModURL1=FieldsZero &strModName2=SP&strModURL2=SagesPages &strModName3=MoD&strModURL3=M(m)MoD &strModName4=0&strModURL4=MoDZero &strModName5=DoG&strModURL5=Depths of Gyges &strModName6=0&strModURL6=DoGZero

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

Dude you're amazing, thank you.

is there a wiki for MoD?

No, not yet. I plan to do it eventually, but always postpone that for one reason or the other. But i think I will have to make one soon, since there is so much stuff already added.

For now, is there something in particular that you would like to know right now?

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

Soo is this still a plan? Love the mod, dude, would love to see it get fully fleshed out *and* have the honor of getting it's own wiki.

This might be the best survival game on the market.

Gives me a black screen on new game startup.

Update: New recipes formated like yours seem to break my mods too. Taking recipes out from your mod doesn't fix the black screen for me.

What text editor are you using and on what system? I can run it no problems on windows, but it looks like some problems with multi-format text editing.

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

Notepad++ and I'm also on Windows. I'm using Steam version and I checked file integrity. Still gives me black screen.

You could try re-downloading both the game and the mod, and testing a fresh install, without any prior opening and editing of the files.

Also, in Notepad++, if you choose the "View -> Show Symbol -> Show End of Line" what symbols is it showing?

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

Re-downloaded everything still black screen. Notepad showes CR LF.

I have tried downloading both stand-alone and Steam versions, and both work perfectly fine with the mod (freshly downloaded from link on this thread). I am literary out of ideas here.

Could you maybe post here a link to your own mod (for a moment, you can delete it when I'm done)? It is a long shot, but maybe I'll be able to reverse-engineer, so to speak, the whole problem.

Also, does anyone else suffering from this issue?

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

Download - Same recipe setup as yours. Doesn't work.

Download - Alternative setup that does work.

Also found out that custom new images do not work either.

Download - Adding any image to New content section makes game go black screen.

I have really no idea what is going on with your game. For me, both CryoCraft and CryoCraft2 work perfectly fine. The only difference is, in CryoCraft (the one you claim does work) you are not adding a new recipe but modifying the vanilla list by adding new entry there. It should work for now, but if the next version does comes out with crafting recipe ID 84, your mod will be overwriting it. The way I do stuff in my mod, adds a new recipe (just like any other stuff) via mod.

And as I said, putting the different construction aside, both versions work fine for me. (It is highly unlikely that is the case, but in CryoCraft2, you have two tabs in front of the starting recipe's first line. Maybe somehow it is affecting something... I don't know.)

Now I don't exactly understand what is wrong with the third one. To use custom images, you need to have the file "getimages.php" edited, to include their names into the game loading list. But my mod is has all the necessary changes there already made. So I am sure that is not the case.

Finally, are you sure you are using the game version 0.992b?

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

Yeah I know that it won't work if new recipe with ID 84 will appear. It was a hack to get around broken recipes.

Those tabs do not make any difference. My game is 0.992b. I guess, I will mess around with it tomorrow and if nothing works report it as a bug. :|

Would be intresting to know if somebody else has the same problem.

Thanks for remainder about getimages.php. I honestly forgot about that :P.

I do hope that you will figure it out, but it does seems like some weird problem problem lies somewhere on your end.

If you manage to figure it out, please do keep me posted.

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

Black screen on new game here also.. Steam Beta version 0.992b, Windows 7 Home Premium x64 no other mods.

I've tested the mod with a fresh game on Windows XP, Vista (32 bit) and Windows 8 (64 bit) and in all cases everything worked fine. Can't really think of anything else to check.

When exactly does the screen turn black? Do you see the Blue Bottle Games logo and the game loading stuff, or does nothing show up at all?

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

i had a black screen problem, and redownloading the game entirely couldnt fix it, even after removing your mod. but i opened the file, deleted everything, downloaded the game again, then downloaded your mod again and it works fine now. (gotta say, with the hope's end enclave by all the dogmen, all i do is head for the refugee camp, get the axe and gear that's there, then just hunt dogmen, and sell the coats i turn them into. if you have strong and melee, they go down easy w/ the hatchet, and sell for alot. quickest way so far to get those damn expensive eye augs. only problem there is that one slash from a dogman to the chest kills you like a week later due to lung bleeding. i applaud you for using this location for your new enclave, it feels almost like colonial america, hunting dangerous game and upturning a huge profit. dont do anything to ruin this possibility in the future, its a way to get cash, but risk your life to an insane degree at the same time, because if you miss an attack and dont stun-lock the dogman, game over. risk vs reward. Also, if the copper talisman (spoiler warning to anyone who never took off the starting necklace) being removed can cause an interdimentional being to kill you, i think the magic mirror should stay ingame, maybe a prize if you fully ransack hope's end, maybe in some mysterious/dangerous new location you add in the future. the fast travel is useful. maybe put the value up really high so you can sell it if you find it out there, and give up the fast travel for something nice. i mean, if you sell teleportation, you should get a fairly pretty penny, atleast enough for afew eye augs.)

This might be the best survival game on the market.

Black screens for me too.

Loads up normally, title screen and all, but once I press New Game just fades out to a black screen and stops.

Edit: Windows 7. Steam version of NEO. 0.992b opt-in beta.

Yep same as Dragoonseal ^^

Does any one of you have a possibility to check if it works on any other system (Vista, Win 8)? Maybe it has something to do with system...

With Dan's insight, I did managed to find one thing that was wrong, and could possibly cause the black screen issue. The download link is now updated with the fixed version. Please do try it out and, hopefully, enjoy the working mod.

Why it works fine on some machines and failed on the others, remains a complete mystery but some dark sorcery might be involved, so beware ;D

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

Just tried v0.4b. No dice, still black screen when I click New Game.

The mod has been working great for me.

I've been enjoying it.

Not sure why you guys are having trouble.

Still not sure what is causing the problems but it only happens on "Big UI" resolution. The mod works fine on "4:3" and "Small UI".

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

I believe this is a bug in the resolution-setting code when the game stumbles across an item or image that isn't set correctly. I'm looking into that now.

In the meantime, starting the game in non-zoomed resolutions (4:3 and small, as Kaaven says) should work. Sorry about that!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

The newest game build (0.9921b) did fixed the resolution issue, so now all can play this mod on any resolutions settings. No more black screen at start.

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

It seems that turning off or removing a motion sensor alarm doesn't remove its awareness buff, and if you remove and replace an active alarm repeatedly you can get stacking awareness benefits that last forever.

Craft list would be cool :D

I asked Dan if that happening is a problem with the game itself (cause there is nothing in the mod itself to cause that kind of problem) and according to what he found the problem is with the bar only - conditions and actual Alertness are correct, and only the bar in the camp site is showing nonsense. So, while confusing, this is a small graphical glitch with no effect on actual gameplay.

To avoid it, always turn the trap on/off while it is outside of the camp - on the ground grid or in hand/bag.

What craft list? You mean recipes that are new in the mod? Basically there are only 4 so far:

Motion-activated noise trap
- 4x small parts
- 2x medium parts
- motion sensor
- speaker
- Electrician skill
- Philip's Head screwdriver

Improvised rat trap
- 10x small parts
- 10x medium parts
- Mechanic skill
- Philip's Head screwdriver

Milk (from milk powder)
- milk powder
- water
- fire
- pot/bottle/can

Boiled soup
- condensed soup
- water
- fire
- pot/bottle/can

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

How do you use the Rat Trap and what are the benefits of milk?

You use the Rat Trap same way as you use the Squirrel Snare - it is a scavenging tool that, when used, gives you a bonus chance of finding a rat, in addition to the normal scavenging result. It is usable at ruins and abandoned houses/apartments.

Drinking milk replenishes both thirst (just like water) and hunger (as it contains many nutritional elements). It also replenishes character's Immune System a small bit (same as Tanin Tea).

Eating dry milk powder feeds you the same way but makes you a bit more thirsty (and does not add to Immunity, which I just realized and will fix in next version ;)

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

are you planning on adding more melee weapons i really want to see more melee weapons.

From The Zman

Maybe... There are few on my gigantic list of possible ideas :D

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

This is pretty good but i sill like Extended NeoScav more

You know its a science fiction game when detroit is the nicest place

Bump for new update.

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I'm excited to try out the new version when I get home. I've been playing 0.4 for a couple days now, with three different characters.

With the decreased durability of the broad spear, would it be a better idea to stick with hardened spears, or simply carry two broad spears around for longer battles?

My idea of correct spear using is: spear + short weapon. Since attack with any kind of spear will make you more open to enemy attacks, positioning is the key here. Jab the charging opponent with a spear when he is at range 3 then switch to one-handed weapon and fight with it when up-close.

And if you want to fight with two spear style, I think I would recommend one broad and one hardened - start off with stronger broad spear and if that will not kill the opponent, switch to the more durable hardened one. Using two broad spears, you might be unlucky and end up armed with two pointy sticks.

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I'd really like to see an actual weapon and not an improvised one.

Sure, crappy improvised weapons are fun for a short time but it would be nice to have some rare real weapons.

I understand that you dislike good weapons but just considering this. Whatever you can get your hands on so can NPCs.

If you manage to kill a guy with a great weapon then let that weapon be your reward.

My suggestions:

Combat Knife, Machete, Crossbow, Knuckles, Fire Axe, DMC Guard Baton.

For gear maybe a Gas Mask, Canteen, Tent, Military Rations, Magazines that store bullets, Bandaids, Canned Sardines, Mints, Gum, Packaged Jerky, Dogtags, Hats, Motorcycle Helmets Sunglasses.

Great update - It is really good. I want to live to the winter now to see how the chenges of clothes work!

No, seriously, not hating, big fan but, Mini Mod of Doom means DOOOOOOOM ;). Last time I spoke to you, you told you would make it harder. Yeah, its a bit bit harder, but see this is what you are doing. Eg: To balance the doom you are adding new stuff to make it easier to survive. So the survive/death ratio has only changed a bit. Last time I even came to the forums was last month. Good to see you guys updating your mods and staying active :)

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.

I like the additions, but I think that the ATN Enclave should sell a, very expensive, durable spear. It makes sense that the Enclave should have hunting spears. You could also make it so they won't sell you those premium items unless you have a certain reputation with them, which Dan is either in the process of adding or has already added. Either way, it should be an end game item.

I am that low life scum that hunts down a scavenger, laughs as he tries to surrender, beats him to death with my club, and eats his gummy bears before moving onto the next sucker.


@Gaiseric - is pitchfork a weapon enough? (also, I am planning to add a crossbow, but have some problems with how to make it work)

@sunjrang12 - the plan to make the game (somewhat) harder remains, but since the base game is changing so often, i don't really want to change all that much (just look how harder the game became by itself, when Dan made backpack and sleds more scarce).

@Flubberj - I was thinking about something like that, but after consideration I decided not to do that, at least for now. The ATN folks are only imitating the Indians of old - they are not really nomad hunters as much as they are farmers with scary-looking guards, so I don't think they would have enough advanced weapons to trade them to strangers. Maybe, as you said, when there is some reputation system in place (or I can invent one ;).

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Why isn't this in the game all ready? This stuff is amazing!

Thanks mate. This is a mod, so you can download it via the link in the first post, then unpack, copy to the game folder (overwrite the files when asked to) and after the start of a new game, the changes will be available.

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I found a condensed soup without can while scavenging forest hex (also found about two soups in other locations without cans).
This heppens when I chouse to scavenge with option scavenge carefully.

Yep, I've forgotten to make that action reference the treasure table from the vanilla game (treasure table "0:3" is empty and gives nothing, but just "3" gives one soup). It will be fixed when I upload next version. For now, enjoy (or ignore) the free soup. Thanks for reporting this bug!

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I need help on installing mods on neoscavenger i tried to do what dan said to do but it doesn't work hopefully you can give me some help

1. Open your main game folder - inside you will find 3 sub-folders ("0", "img", "SampleModFolder") and some game files

2. Download the mod file provided (in this case "M(m)MoD v0.46.zip")

3. Unpack the file

4. Inside it, you will find 2 folders ("M(m)MoD" and "0") and one file ("getmods.php")

5. Copy all those into the main game folder

6. When asked, agree to overwrite the "0" folder and "getmodes.php" file.

7. Start a new game and enjoy!

Remember to back-up the clean vanilla installation, in case you would like to play the game without a mod again.

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Thanks, You should hard-tack or crackers because we need carbohydrates in our diet or maybe add brown bread (Canned bread)

Good to know it worked.

There are salty crackers and sweet cakes already in the vanilla game, so there is not really a need to add more of those, for now. Bread is something I was thinking about, but Chiko's mod already have it, and I don't want to double his ideas. Maybe, once he shows back up on forums, I will ask him to simply use his sprite...

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I kinda forgot about the crackers, is it possible to add new plants to scavenge in the forests like onions or potatos