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Guns and Gun Stores

In playing the game, I imagined that there'd be a greater amount of guns available. So far, after racking up 41 hours of gameplay, I've only come across four guns: the .308 rifle, the 12 gauge shotgun, the .45 pistol and the .38 revolver (and I've heard of a military automatic shotgun, but I remain sceptical).

I thought it'd be a nice touch (and a boon for the Ranged trait) if lower tier, cheap weapons, such as a double barrelled shotgun, would be available to find. Though ammunition would be no less scarce, a little more variety would be a nice touch. Similarly, a means of obtaining these weapons could be through scavenging Gun Stores in town ruins. The loot chance would be low, from being prime targets for scavengers, and many would be locked up tight due to the high security required in these stores. However, a cheap 9mm pistol in poor condition or even a .22 rifle would make for a more interesting change of pace in game, especially as these weapons are available to all scavengers out there, including the gangs.

Such weapons could include:
- Lever action rifle (.38)
- 9mm pistol
- Double barrel shotgun (12 gauge with sawn-off modification)
- Lever action shotgun (20 gauge)

Also, a pistol holster for the duffel bag shoulder would be infinitely helpful and ultimately realistic, as is the rifle sling.

Staying out of trouble, I hope? Don't want to have to waste good bullets on your sorry hide.

The game is survival based, and in the wasteland, all the guns are either used up, destroyed in whatever catastrophy happened or scavanged by others. Adding a gun store would make the game MUCH easier as if you kill some DMC guards and sell their stuff at the junk market, you can rack up around $5000. Which would be more then enough to buy a few guns and ammo, defeating the survival aspect of the game.

Come over here, i just wanna talk... with my cleaver... in your face.

back in the game a new gun cost a shit ton of many why not put the some way.

like see i find a gun but most of them are like at 20% and cost very little but new it cost a shit ton of many becasue its rare for someone to buy guns now and to make them

Zip guns should be added as an use of mechanic skill. Small bits and pieces, some string, and wood and a bullet, and you get a single use gun. Also, Sawing off the shotgun for poorer range and having it be able to fitted into a backpack would be nice.

as well as all you need for a hand held crossbow type thing is a bottle,sharp object,a half of a sharpened spear and a bloon. you put the bloon over the cut up bottle top, and then put the spear in the bloon annnnnd pull back you have a VERY primitive crossbow.

And oldie and I would say goodie but not particularly

Oh, and if a gun store is added, you should have to have eagle eye to triger an event in the DMC somewhere. A blackmarket shop would be cool.

where is the link ?