How do I install a mod?

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How do I install a mod?

Since NEO Scavenger became moddable, several have asked how to install the mods they find.

Short Version

In many cases, the mod comes in a zip file, and that zip file can be unzipped directly into your game folder. The game folder is whichever folder contains NEOScavenger.exe (or .app on OSX). Make sure you backup your game folder someplace in case you ever need to revert to it.

Depending on the mod, there may be special instructions in the zip. If so, follow those instead.

The important part of the mod is to get the mod's data folders into NEOScavenger's game folder, and to update getmods.php to list the new mod content. Most mods will have a getmods.php file included, and it's usually possible to just overwrite the vanilla game's getmods.php with the mod's version.

A helpful fan has even created a tutorial video on YouTube!

More Info

Starting in v0.988b, the mods are handled in a way that supports multiple mods. It also insulates mods against any new or edited content I add to the game (except when data formats change).

In 0.988b and later, each mod has its own folder. The game reads the getmods.php file to determine which order to load mods, and where to find them. If you want to install a mod, simply drop their mod folder into the game folder, and update getmods.php so the game knows where to find it.

Example Mod

To help illustrate this, the game comes with a sample mod called "SampleMod." This SampleMod will add a new "fancy shopping bag" item to the starting loot in the cryo hex. The getmods.example.php shows what your getmods.php file should look like to load the mod. The readme.txt in the game folder explains in more detail.

What if I have NEO Scavenger v0.988b, but the mod I want is from an earlier version?

There's a slight chance you can still use it, by installing it the same way 0.987b mods are installed. I.e. replace neogame.xml and other files with the mod's files. In theory, this will work.

However, you'll likely be missing new content from 0.988b or later if you do this. And it could cause unforseen bugs. Do so at your own risk.

How Do I Install Multiple Mods?

This is possible, but not all mods will be compatible with each other.

Generally, the process is to install each mod normally, and then edit the getmods.php file to list both mods. Some modders have kindly included special hybrid getmods.php files for other popular mods, and you can just use those. But if not, the rough idea is to tell the game:

  • How many mod folders to load.
  • The name of each mod.
  • Which folder each mod is in.

Here's what it would look like for a simple mod:

nRows=2 &strModName0=SampleMod &strModURL0=SampleFolder &strModName1=0 &strModURL1=0

What the above says is:

  • nRows=2 - There are two mods.
  • &strModName0=SampleMod - First mod's name is "SampleMod".
  • &strModURL0=SampleFolder - First mod's folder (URL) is "SampleFolder".
  • &strModName1=0 - Second mod's name is "0".
  • &strModURL1=0 - Second mod's folder is "0".

The little "&" at the beginning of each line is just a separator, and the reason the first mod is strModName0 is because the computer starts counting at 0 instead of 1.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I'm a new guy at modding and I understand the instructions a little bit. I get the sample mod folder but when I try to add in new mods the game doesn't load. How do I update the getmods.php without updating the override content? I'm more of a visual learner so any images or a video would be nice please. :)

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Hi Bloodking N7,

If I understand you correctly, it sounds like you're running into issues with the fact that the sample mod has a "0" folder, and most other mods do, too?

If so, there is a workaround for this. The folder names can be anything you want, and it's just the mod names that are important. Therefore, you can rename SampleMod's "0" folder to something else (I usually go with "0SampleMod"), and then update getmods.php so that it points to the new folder. E.g.


The red part was changed so that the game knows where to find the folder you renamed. You can do this for any number of mods, in fact. So you could have an override "0" folder for each. E.g.


The only trick is if two mods have conflicting info in their overrides. If this is the case, you'll need to check with the mod creators to see which one needs to be loaded first.

Hope this helps!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

ey, this comment is edited, it originally was me saying i couldnt for the life of me get a mod to work, but i figured it out after afew days. once again, great game man. (now if only i could find how to make multiple mods run at a time....)

This might be the best survival game on the market.

Can you install mods on android? I can't afford a new computer but still want to mod my game.
I may forget to check for a answer so if you could email me at [email protected] I would be glad
Thank you to who ever answer my question.

Hi, my comrade and I began to translate the game into Russian. The picture we have already translated, but when translating text gives us the error occurred. After editing the text in the game, we saw the point. As we guessed, the game is missing Russian font, is there any way to add it?

Hi Koron,

Unfortunately, not at this time. Part of the reason NEO Scavenger has no translations yet is because it only supports Latin glyphs. (It uses two fonts that I created.)

I may try to change the code so that the game loads custom fonts, but it will depend on how much time I have available. I apologize for my short-sightedness!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Hello again. Thanks for the reply. We will be very grateful, if you add Russian sriftas if we translate it, then players will be much more. Little by little we will start to translate, and see what happens.

You have really come a far way from 0.987b v Dan. I just checked the game after one month, you added sounds!!!! WOOOOOOO! Neo just pulls me back to play it every time. Just when I had learnt modding, a new way comes out. Thank gawd I kept a backup of 987b. Congratulations.

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.

Hey, I was wondering if I could get some help here. I've done everything as instructed and I can't seem to get the Modmerge to load up past "loading Images row 4". Any tips? This is the exact thing that i used. I just replaced the test mod's name, I don't think I screwed up but to be honest, I'm not that good at this stuff. x3


The ModMerge by EmperorZA will not work, because it is not ported to the current version of the game. While Emperor said he will return in a few weeks, I am pretty confident that he will focus on his own mod - Makeshifter - and the ModMerge will not be continued.

Same with other mods - until the mod is ported to work with game version 0.992 (or later), it will simply not work at all.

On a side note, simply placing a mod's name in that line of code in getmods.php is not enough to get any mod to work - you need instructions from the mod's author on how to do it, or they can supply already edited files for you to download and use right away.

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I really wish this entire mod load thing was alot more simplified as i've been trying to figure this out for a good hour now.

[Edit]: Stupid Preview shows double text.


Sorry for the confusion, guys. I think modding will be a bit tricky as the game is still being developed. Data formats are changing, and folks are still figuring out modding techniques.

I'm hoping that once the game is finished and more stable, the mods will become easier to manage. And perhaps we can even start to see some tools for making mods easier!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I attempted to load a mod and while in the loading screen it said "error #2032 now:2" im not sure what to do

Did you overwrite the "getmods.php" file in the main game folder with the one supplied with the mod, as well as copying the mod folders? In my experience, wrong directions in that file can cause error 2032.

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I did overwrite the getmods.php however im not sure what you mean by copying the folder.

When you try to instal a mod, you are usually given an archive file (.zip, .7z) which contains several folders as well as a "getmods.php" file. You have to copy those folders into the main game folder, and overwrite the "getmods.php".

For example, if you want to use the NeoScav Extended mod, you will have to copy two folders - "0" and "NeoScavExtended" into your NEOScavenger folder, as well as the getmods file provided.

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Well in that case yes i did. (also thank you for helping.) but it still wont load.

Let's try the other way... What mod are you trying to install, and which version of the game are you using?

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Im attemping to use the mighty (mini) mod of doom on 0.9931b

OK... so:
1 - have a clean installation of the game (just delete the previous one and download fresh one in it's place)
2 - download M(m)MoD from this link and unpack it somewhere
3 - copy 3 folders - "M(m)MoD", "MagicMirror" and "MoDZero" as well as the "getmods.php" from where you unpacked it into the main game folder

Than just start the game and it should work.

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That seems to have done it, now i can enjoy your mod !!!Thank you so much.

No problem mate. Have fun!

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3 - copy 3 folders - "M(m)MoD", "MagicMirror" and "MoDZero" as well as the "getmods.php" from where you unpacked it into the main game folder

Where is the Magic mirror?

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I have removed it from the mod - it was mostly a testing tool. So it's simply not there anymore.

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Well it still seems to not work its quite strange i copied it into the Neoscavenger folder then changed the get get mods with copy and paste even tried it with a fresh download of NeoScavenger.

It stops about at 18% then states Error #2032 Row 16

"People wonder how anyone can be an outcast out here...Hang out with me and you'll understand"

Don't copy and paste anything. Just copy all the folders and the "getmods.php" file and copy it all to the NEOScavenger folder. When asked to overwrite, agree.

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The game starts but no signs of the mod ):

"People wonder how anyone can be an outcast out here...Hang out with me and you'll understand"

Is that how your NEOScavenger folder structure looks like?

Cause this is how the correctly installed MoD looks like. The vanilla "getmods.php" needs to be overwritten with the one that comes with the mod.

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Yes but it wont overwrite the get mods even after i confirmed ill try once more than check it.

Edit: I think I found the problem i think i over writ the wrong get mods file ill try a fresh download of mini mod of doom and retry

Double Edit: Fixed it works fine thank you very helpful now i may enjoy your amazing mod ^_^

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Hello, tell me how to add a game to the Russian language. As I said before-do with fellow localization. And Yes, you can give your contact details?

Dan, i am not very savy in this whole modding thing, and i just want to add the exstended neo mod, (for the arrow quiver mostly) but im totally not sure what to write in the getmods.php to get it to read the mod.

You don't have to write anything mate - there is a getmods.php file with all the necessary changes included in the Chiko's download.

If you unpack the archive you downloaded from his thread, it will containg 2 folders and getmods file. Copy those to your game folder, agreeing to overwrite the old getmods with the new one and you are ready to play :D

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what do you mean by agreeing?

The main folder with the game already contains a getmods.php file. When you will try to copy a new one from Chiko's mod, you will have to overwrite the old one with the new. Usually, the system asks whether you want to overwrite or not - you obviously want to.

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i got ya, i had a bit of a blonde moment lol

kaaven, you are AWESOME!, i did exactly as you said, and it worked perfectly, thanks :D

No problem mate. Have fun :D

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Hello I have been playing neo scavenger for quite some while now and i have been looking at mods so one day i tried to install one and immediate failed so i watched a video and read the forums try once more and didnt work so i thought third times a charm and i was wrong I still really don't have any at all any idea on how to install a mod please can i have some help any please .. :)

Which Mod(s) are you trying to install first of all?

Mod of doom

Depending on what version of the game you are using, ( can check at the title screen)
Download either version that matches yours

V0.67 For gameversion 0.9940.

V0.65 For gameversion 0.9937.

Then go into your Neo Scavenger Directory
(go into Steam library > Games > Right click "Neo Scavenger" > Properties > Local Files tab > Click on "BROWSE LOCAL FILES...".)

This mod has an extra folder holding everything So in your WinRAR ( or winzip) open the "M(m)MoD v#.##" and it will have more files/folders.

extract/Drag-n-Drop these folders/files into your Directory

mine is v09937b

should i copy and replace or keep both?

replace all folders and the getmods
and make sure you downloaded and are useing the V0.65 of the mod

Ah wow thanks sooo much its finally worked :D

no problem =)

Could anyone help me out with this error or what ever I get stuck on, I tried installing the Extended NeoScav and it keeps stopping at "Parsing treasure types. Row:1". Heres a Picture ( that you can look at it to see what the hell is going on.

Try re-downloading and extracting again, make sure to over write. Looks like you might have an older version, nothing that you've done is wrong.
( or at lest to my knowledge, idk if you messed around with his coding)

I downloaded a mod and it was a rar file. How do I install it?

This is probably a noob question but I really have no clue on what to do.

Edit- The mod is Neo Scavenger Extended if that helps

You need to unzip it (with a program like winrar or 7zip, whatever you have - usually right clicking the zipped file will offer you an option) and then copy/paste it into your game files. Make sure you overwrite the getmods.php file. The OP has more detailed instructions, and in the Modding section of the FAQ there are even more simplified instructions and some links to images and a video that explain it too. Link in my signature. ;)

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide