Advanced Camping!

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Advanced Camping!

What do people most care about after they found themselves survived? what makes them work for ?!

A Car... A Home... A Tribe and Maybe family!

Before i start to say anything... something is really annoying about this game... its this: this guy doesn't have skin color and face! generating a realistic face is not that hard comparing to what you already made... its hard a little bit, but i want a face for character! maybe a serious rough face and gorgeous face and one normal face of guy is enough! and three possible skin colors like tanned and white and black!
<check out last stand Dead Zone for it>

This is The list of features i guess will be cool and easy to be added to game "Three Faces, Skin color, Relationships, more Advanced Camping , Player Territory , Survivors Working for character (tribe) , Hostile lists, Friendly list (If tribe and territory is available), Freaking Calender and a simple watch!, Home"

<h3> Relationships </h3>

Adding One romantic Place in city or Other places to find a Mate... Will make a total relation to audience... Making a family with some NPC is cool! you must provide their safety and food with money... well its hard to add such feature! but i'm thinking to three different possibilities which will not waste lots of work and mental resources!

1-A Wife in city, you must pay Rent of a poor house(10*13) which is 1000$ /month (30 $ Expense per a day! Just like boil three bottles of water and sell them...!) It needs a little bit of writing... But it can be made easily if you don't want write many codes for it... And I'm thinking of woohoo and trying to make a baby... and Chatting with her hug and other options which will effect the turns only and Adds relationship... I don't think A baby is a possible option before killing Merga wraith! and it takes 9 months, only different is pregnant wife needs attention and food and expenses more than usual!

2-A Wife in The hidden camp, Its just like the wife in the city but Living costs are free!
3-A Wife in The camp... "If tribe and territory is available" You find a girl with different ratio of hotness, If you manage to establish a tribe she will accept your proposal... She doesn't like both city and hidden camp... She Wants to live in free world cause she grew up like this... she can take care of herself but you still need to provide her safety by supporting your tribe ! I will explain further in the tribe possibilities

<h3> Home, sweet Home! </h3>
Its quite fun to make something like that... If advanced camping goes forward player can have A Personal tent which allows him to have his stuff there... like a bed and a shelf to put his stuff there and other decorations... and if having a rental home in city is Possible He can have few stuff right there too!

<h3> Tribe and Camp </h3>

Realistically... You need Three More options to add such thing... add flagging possibility you must paint a flag and craft it at very first... I guess player can only build a camp in following conditions ( One Wooded area around to provide resources, One hill to provide watch to surrounding area, and One source of water... and it would be named "Seasonal Camp" : A camp which is established to provide security and resources for hunters and women and children and looted items...

Its one really long feature! But it will make the game possibly much better than travian if you ever played it... it would rise a potential start to make this game in mmo in further future...

Putting survivors on tasks like "Hunt (risky and +5, gather food from woods no risk +3 available on botany survivors, Fish no risk +exp" which provides Food For others in camp...) Food is just like Room for others in camp... You start with no reputation... each Reputed person you kill adds to your reputation if you spread the word that you killed him... it makes hostile action from that faction... if you spread the word that you killed a bad mutha, your camp will be more likely to attacked brutally by them... You can gather reputation with money and paying people to Spread your bravery and Strength which will not result any hostile action... every Reputation point you gather makes more points that allows you to gather more people around your camp!

after assigning a food gatherer , You need to assign watch guard for camp... they fight hostile invaders but they can't make it out without loosing resources and people and their lives if you don't reach there in two days after alert starts... You can assign your wife to become minister of camp and negotiates them with items... it'll be costly Everytime! but she will always doing this if you don't reach there by yourself and decide...

I know its hard to be made... but seriously... items are like sauce and Spice to food... but adding something like meat to game will attract more people... This Neo Scavenger is all Spice to me... and starting in that facility wandering around is sorta fun... but it has confusion and makes people dislike the game...

Please tell me your opinion about it ...

I know must of the guys aren't pleased with such things, cause you are loyal fans of this game... but seriously... This game has a great potential to do Much more... and i don't think it should be filled by some items that i may never found out about them...


Let me address these issues indivually

Faces-Part of the game is the fact that you can imagine yourself to look like anything, a face takes away from those possibilities.

Relationships-Dan has already stated that he will not be adding this. Now, if this were a mod then the required attention for a wife is ridiculous. You are supposed to be just a guy who woke up in a cryo facility and has no idea where he is, he isn't out looking for love. And you are supposed to make money from scavenging places and "just boil like 3 bottles of water and sell them." That's 6 bottles of water for $30 a day, and what's the point of doing that day after day? It's mundane. The only way this would work would be if you could work a job in the city, which opens up a whole host of problems because you can just work in the city until you get enough cash for robot eyes and anything else you could possibly want from the junk market. And with the expenses of the wife and kid, you'd just have to work all the time, taking out any opportunity to explore. Which is the core premise of the game. And not to mention, it's hard enough surviving 9 months, that coupled with having to care for a kid and wife, not going to happen.

Homes-Being able to rent an apartment in the DMC or have a tent in the ATN enclave is looking possible as the game continues.

Tribes-The core premise of the idea makes sense, until you realize it turns the game into something completely different. Assembling a tribe of non-hostile people seems so incredibly ridiculous. In this apocalypse most of the people alive are either looters or already belong to a group. So we are supposed to believe that Philip Kindred assembled a bunch of people and convinced them to live in the woods with him? It just doesn't make sense. And even if you were able to assemble a decent tribe, the bad muthas or even the blue frogs would be able to rip you to shreds since your primary group of people are looters who can't fight. A tribe would have the chicken and the egg problem, to defend against a bad mutha attack you need a lot of tough people, to get a lot of tough people, your tribe needs to be strong enough to survive a bad mutha attack.

I am that low life scum that hunts down a scavenger, laughs as he tries to surrender, beats him to death with my club, and eats his gummy bears before moving onto the next sucker.

You are really right, Flubberj, it is quite a bad ideea, but not because it would be hard, but extra easy!
You are supposed to live in the ruins, scavenge to survive! Having a wife, job, etc... Is this a survival sim or live a very normal life sim. And what would be the point of waking up in an apartment, clicking "go to job", click "sleep" and then again, do all of this every single day. It would be a horrible game!


Yeah, your right about the tribes thing.

The only way I can see his idea working is if there was a separate button that aloud you to start almost as soon as the apocalypse started, but that would require a new story line!

Also if you where to walk into a city after/during a apocalypse and ask people "Hey, do any of you want to abandon your good food, money, and actual lives to live in the woods with me?", the people would think your crazy and you would probably be killed or put in jail.


This has a really easy solution.

The sims (1, 2 and 3) has all the features you are asking. If your computer can run the sims 3, you can move on an empty lot, use the familyfunds cheat to take away all the money, and send the adults to ransack trashcans and collect seeds you can then plant to produce food for them.

You can then build a small home one sqare at a time, and work your way up to the elite, adding different challenges every generation.