Machete sprites and mod idea.

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Machete sprites and mod idea.

The idea is to add a Machete weapon to the game.


Basic Machete slashing weapon that does the same damage as a Meat Cleaver but with the range of a Crowbar.


Machete with sheath

Machete + 1 Sharp Edge + 1 Leather + 1 Small parts

Goes over the shoulder vertically when not in use. (May be holstered in either the left or right shoulder slot)


I did the easy part which is work on the sprites but would someone be able to implement them into the game?

Yes I could. But could you do all the sprites? I could help you if you agree.

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.

What do you mean by all the sprites?

Doesn't matter anymore. There are I think 4 or 5 sprites. Someone else is going to do it for you. Less work for me, yay. Actually I'm working on another mod - Play as a Melonhead.

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.

For future plans, let me explain anyway. Each item in game uses more than one sprite, quite a few in fact. For your machete to be useful, you will need:

- standard size sprite for inventory
- 2x size sprite for inventory
- standard size sprite for when held (needs to be positioned right to fit in paper-doll's hand)
- 2x size sprite for when held
- slightly differently positioned one, for attack mode
- small, few pixel graphic for dudes on the main map to hold

And if you plan on machete in sheath also being useful as a weapon, then another such set for it too. If it cannot be used to fight, than only first two graphics are required.

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I knew that, but I was too lazy to go check it. BTW you cant crop it and overlay it over another pic. The transparency goes away, noobie mistake. Happened to me when I was trying to add the new clothes to the game. Remember that, Kaaven? You were the one who taught me the basics of modding. Thanks, because of that I'm handling a mod idea - Play as a Melonhead. Total conversion.

EDIT - *I slap myself in the face* Uhhhh. You see I changed the skill selection treasure table to add an ability called "Melonhead". Can you see whats wrong? Thanks.

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.

Thanks for these cool sprites!

I've used the plain machete one in my own mod that I'll be posting here in the next day or two (I was waiting for 0.9922 to become the "main" release). Hope that's okay?

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Yeah that's fine anyone can use these.

I'm looking forward to playing your mod when it's released.