A few things that I'm wondering whether have been mentioned or not

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A few things that I'm wondering whether have been mentioned or not

Some things I was wondering about.

1) Refresh the market more regularly.
I understand this is to allow players to buy back their items in case they misclicked, but for me, after a huge scavenging run, there's not enough place for me to sell all my items.

2) Bug with ATN Camp?
At first I could eat all I want, and heal as many times possible. P.S. I would make a scavenge run, not bothering with food and water, then eat and drink the free meal till my bars were full.
Note: this was before 2 things:
a) I killed ATN warriors, so I do not know if that affects it or not.
b) This was before the latest update, so did you nerf anything?

3) This is after update. At the bank, we had the option of waiting for bank teller to leave. The first time, I tried it until she left, then she returned to start up her terminal. I could see her typing the code, but didn't have the binoculars at that time.
So I left to get it, then waited for her to leave again. This time, it took 10 tries, but I got kicked out of the bank, with no chance of going back: something about beefed up security, so I guess I made them suspicious? Is there anyway to get back to the bank, since I heard sometimes we can find unlocked laptops to get money from bank?

A few things I'm hoping to see in future:

1) Multiple save slots.
For now, there's only one, but I'm hoping for at least 3, so that we can have different characters, without having to lose our progress each time we wanna start a new game. And also because of item 2.

2) Multiplayer Mode:
I know this will be potentially game killing, since a lot of player killings will occur. Maybe allow us to choose between Multiplayer and offline gaming when we enter the game? Allow us to respawn back at the nearest camp? Allow us to store money in bank so we can make the withdrawal if we lose it all to player killers?
With this inclusion, maybe we can have infamy levels? How about placing bounties on player killers?
With this inclusion, what about clans? Clan compounds? Clan storage? Clan warfare?

3) Influence/ Reputation levels with each camps/ faction.
There are 3 potential areas for this: ATN compound, Fairgrounds and Detroit city.
Maybe we can do missions/ scavenge/ kills for each faction, allowing us to boost or decrease reputation levels with each faction?

There's so much potential with this game. I understand you're working alone, so take your time.

A good job well done. Worth every dollar. Cheers man.
If I think of other ideas, I'll post here.

You could use search option.

1) every 24 hours at midnight
2)yes it was limited
3)that one actually dunno

1) I don't think that will be, you can always just rename your save file

Does the creator plan on doing something like Bear Gryllis as well?

If yes, I'm hoping to see a lot more variety in wildlife besides the squirrels which can only be gotten at through snares, and deers that are way too hard to get at.

How about setting up rabbit traps?
Catching snakes?
Bear hunting?

Another skill could be Fishing at water sources?
For instance, Fishing would allow the crafting of fishing poles and lures to catch fish.
But, Trapping/Fishing will allow you to tell whether the water source contains fish or you're just gonna spend hours waiting for that non-existant bite.

Crocs as an aggressive creature?

For instance: When scavenging certain tiles, the player has the chance of entering in combat with certain critters, with Tracking/Hiding being able to affect the chances of encounter.
E.g. when scavenging a Forest tile, you encounter a Snake/Bear.
When scavenging a Meadow tile, you encounter a Snake/Rabbit.
When scavenging a Marsh tile, you encounter a Turtle/Crocodile/Aligator.

These may help add variety to just killing Squirrels/Dogman/Botany for food, as we all know, without Botany/Trapping, one's chances of finding food is almost non-existant.

By the way, I recognize the description from the BBQ at Fairgrounds, which makes me think that the same may hold true for the Truck option of the Apartments in DMC, their 'Jackrabbit' meat.
Without giving much away, let's just say that the meat used is the most commonly found meat in the game.

You can already set up squirrel snares for food; I suppose in theory it's possible to mod rabbits in? Bears would be interesting, since they could be potentially hostile and maul the player.

Fishing has been mentioned, and I wanna say there was some reason there's no fish right now, but I can't be entirely sure? Hopefully someone with more info can chime in here. All I remember was something to do with the disaster that made the world as it is.

Crocodiles are not a species native to Michigan. I don't forsee them hanging out in the marshes.

Something I just thought of.
On occasion, you may have an encounter of finding a sleeping bag inside a wrecked car.
How about the option to siphon gas of cars?
Like while scavenging a city tile, a car is available to scavenge. You can find various items in the car, and if you have a hose, you have the option of siphoning gas to sell. Maybe a generator in some buildings to start up and provide lighting/ electricity?

There's alcohol in game, but I've never seen a Molotov Cocktail in game yet?
How about the option to create one? Anyone can do it. All you probably need is: Rag/Bottle/Alcohol.
It'll probably take up 3,1 inventory space. In combat, you'll have the 'Light Molotov option', but it requires a lighter. Range can be up to 10, and probably may create a wall of flames, and the chance to burn a target. Target has a choice of dashing through the flames, with a chance of getting burnt, or wait a few turns for the flames to die down.

Problem with this there is no burn damage and some modders already made it.

Also, form realism perspective (I know it is not that important, but still):
Whatever wave of problems and distastes have hit the world, we know it happen around 30-40 years ago. There is no chance there is any useful gas left in those cars, because it degrades when not kept in sealed container and also must have been like a number one looting target for a long time.

And the problem with firebombs is, that the "drinking" alcohol (whiskey is around 40%) is not potent enough to burn. You can take a spoon of whiskey/vodka and try to set it on fire with a lighter - no dice. You would have to have a "industrial" spirits (around 90-95% alcohol) to make it burn strong enough (and it still would be crappy, compared to a proper gasoline molotov).

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30-40 years. If fuel has degraded, we wouldn't be finding much human clothing in buildings, as most of them would've been exposed to elements, or looted. That means anywhere we go, we wouldn't be finding anything at all.

If we can still scavenge for items, that means we can still scavenge for gas.

Well, most things we are finding come from intact buildings, not from random spots on the ground. A pair of jeans or a t-shirt, locked in a chest of drawers can be perfectly fine, even after 30 years. Same with most metal or wooden objects - if stored properly (as in, not laying out on the rain) at least some of them should be more or less useful.

But the gasoline is a chemical - if you leave it in an unsealed container it will slowly evaporate, until it will loose most of it's properties, even if it is sheltered from the elements.

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