*Possible spoiler Alert!* What does the different character traits do?

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*Possible spoiler Alert!* What does the different character traits do?


After playing a few hours I decided that a trapper/botanist/hider/eagle-eyed person was my way to go. The thing is, even though I've tried both hacker and mechanic, I could't figure out what they actually brought to the table. Most perks are self explanatory (strong, tough, melee et cetera), but these two, as well as electrician, I don't understand. I haven't found any crafting recipes that involves them either.

I'm not looking for a complete guide how to play the traits, so please don't post TOO much spoilers about them, but generally, why would I want to play them? Or are they just place-holders for something that's in development?

Hi there,

As far as I know hacker, mechanic and electrician don't really have any uses as things stand. There's been some discussions on the forums about new crafting recipes and ideas to make these skill have purpose.
As we are though I assume that Dan has his own ideas that at some point flesh these skills out. Mechanic for example may be expanded on when more vehicles are introduced (just guessing).
We've already had changes and tweaks to many skills, lost night vision (as a skill) maybe some will be combined.
It's also a matter of balance too I guess so that we don't end up with a "best" skill set, merely alternative playstyles that are all viable.