New Test Build 0.989b: Bug Fixes and Gameplay Balancing

I've just finished uploading new test beta 0.989b, which includes the fix for save/load issues found in 0.988b, as well as several other fixes and gameplay balancing.

The build is available to anyone who owns the beta at, or on Desura and Steam. Desura (and therefore, Groupees) users can use Desura Connect to gain access here, or even get their Steam keys and try it on Steam.

To access the test build on the official site, simply visit the beta page, and click any of the download links below the usual Windows, Mac, and Linux buttons.

Steam users can access the test build by opting into the beta for it.

Updates Included in the Test Beta

Test beta 0.989b includes the following changes:

  • Added Paul's new audio for spears, bows, plastic bottles, rifles, tarps, shards, and arrows.
  • Added code to limit usage ATN food and healing services.
  • Added "wait" battle move, to help new players see they can skip combat turns (especially when recovering and AI demands surrender).
  • Changed shirt loot table so fur tunics and 3-dog-man t-shirts more rare.
  • Changed container loot table so backpack, duffle, and first aid kit more rare.
  • Changed junk loot table so sleds, carts, and painkillers more rare, and rubble/glass more common.
  • Changed loot tables so drugs are more rare.
  • Fixed a bug that caused save/load process to fail while loading games.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Zom Zom's entrance to be missing after talking to Stoat.
  • Fixed a bug that caused DMC map to zoom incorrectly when "Stretch" option was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ATN store items to be unidentified.
  • Fixed missing sounds in menu take/drop mode.
  • Fixed temperature/comfort bar calibration.
  • Fixed context menu size when in 4:3 mode.
  • Fixed talisman conversation with ATN warrior if player already visited ATN.

The big update here is the fix for the save/load bug, which was preventing some games from loading. This was a bug in the mod-merging code I added, which caused newspapers to gradually shift their IDs until reaching an invalid number. Games should load correctly again in 0.989b.

I also made quite a few adjustments to game balance, especially loot frequency. This was based on both feedback and personal observation, and we'll see how the new rates feel. The ATN should also be a bit more strict now with free food and healthcare.

Combat now has a "wait turn" move always available, to help remind new players that they can skip turns rather than choosing from limited, undesireable moves.

As always, let me know what you think of the changes, and if you notice any issues with the new build!