Working on fixes for 0.988b

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was pretty exhausting, what with US taxes, household chores, errands, etc. I'm seriously eyeing-up Friday or Monday as a day off :)

First, though, I want to see if I can clean up some of the bugs people have found in 0.988b. It's a fairly stable build, but with one major problem: save/load breaks after several iterations.

It turns out this bug was an issue with the way headlines/newspapers were being parsed from the data. Their IDs were off by one, causing them to increase each save/load, until one inevitably passed the valid ID range, causing a crash in the loader. It wasn't too hard to fix, fortunately. Just hard to track down.

And since I'm uploading that fix, I decided to see what other low-risk fixes I could add for the next build. So far, those include:

  • Fixed missing sounds in menu take/drop mode.
  • Fixed temperature/comfort bar calibration.
  • Added "wait" battle move, to help new players see they can skip combat turns (especially when recovering and AI demands surrender).
  • Changed shirt loot table so fur tunics and 3-dog-man t-shirts more rare.
  • Changed container loot table so backpack, duffle, and first aid kit more rare.
  • Changed junk loot table so sleds, carts, and painkillers more rare, and rubble/glass more common.
  • Changed loot tables so drugs are more rare.
  • Fixed context menu size when in 4:3 mode.
  • Added Paul's new audio for spears, bows, plastic bottles, rifles, tarps, shards, and arrows.

There may be one or two more things to squeeze in, but I'm going to see about getting 0.989b uploaded tomorrow. It'd be nice to have a stable new build out there to promote to "default" status.

That's all for today, so have a good night!