Trip - and Greetings

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Trip - and Greetings

To begin I am new to these forums, so greetings everyone. I Discovered these forums after looking into Neoscavanger, One of the best Wasteland survival game that I have taken to playing recently, I love the setting of Armageddon as a means of story telling, and Neoscavanger takes some tropes I have not seen since I played the Amega game Burntime, with the Ambiguousness in the beginning about the end if ya get what I mean. Its all done very well. and if I had a hat I would take it off to Blue bottle games for creating a game that I now play when I should be doing something else productive, but the Hatter is the only one who has a hat in that game but oh well.

I am Currently an animation student at ACNZ in Auckland and have been for a solid five years.
A few years back a few of my colleague and I had to produce a student film for the end of the year.
It may not be the best quality film, but I thought I would share it here under the Stories from the Apocalypes.

This should be moved to the general discussion or off-topic forum, This is the roleplay forum.

Besides that, nice to see new people on the forums.