Gameplay Video Done, Encounter Spec Review

I finished the 3-minute gameplay video for Indie Megabooth this morning, and I think it's probably good enough to do the job. I'll probably upload it overnight (big file), and decide over the next two days if that's my final version or not. They've specifically said they're not looking for a polished trailer, but rather footage of gameplay. They want to see quickly what one does in the game, and I think I managed to do so.

That said, man, was it hard to fit into 3 minutes! I managed to show video captures of me narrating:

  • skill/flaw selection
  • opening cryo encounter
  • navigating the map/line of sight
  • scavenging a building
  • picking up items/bags
  • crafting a fire to reduce shivering
  • a combat turn against a Bad Mutha
  • post-battle wounds, fatigue, and pain management
  • and a few quick screenshots of the DMC, a fully-equipped items screen, and new game over screen

I couldn't believe how fast that time gets chewed-up. You'd think 3 minutes would be time enough for lots of features, but it took 20-30 seconds to show each of the above features with any sort of context. And I had to leave quite a bit out!

Hopefully, it's at least enough to tantalize the judges into looking a bit deeper. On the plus side, I think this footage is a lot more dynamic than the trailer I've currently got online. (The trailer has better narrative and music, though.)

After that was done, I turned back to the encounter specs from Harald. I've nearly got my notes finished from reviewing his doc. There's a ton of info in there, so this is taking a while. Lots of continuity checks, technical validation, checking character motives. Interesting work, though slow-going. I expect to have that done tomorrow.

After that, I think I'll return to putting 0.988b together. I discovered a potential modding bug today while recording the video, so there's at least one bug I need to look into. However, I'm hoping we're near a test build.

Have a good night, all!


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I look forward to seeing the video. As it stands, the trailer is awesome. It definitely sends that vibe tingling down your spine. I know it was one of the many hooks that reeled me into this game.

I hope they're interested in it and look into it, you've made a real gem here good sir.

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Speaking of bugs, I uploaded the game as a short cut on the desktop home page, but as soon as I open it is says Error # 2032, what should I do?
Anyways, I have to open it in Winrar now.

Anyhow, I was wondering if I could make a survival guide.


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@JustcallmeX, if you're interested, I just uploaded it today:

It's definitely not as edgy or immersive as the trailer (no music, and my sleepy voice). However, it's probably more informative.

@asthepanda2iscool, error 2032 means the game couldn't find a file it was searching for. If you're running the game from within a zip file, or it's missing the xml and php files in the same directory, it will usually report that error.

As for survival guides, you're welcome to create one. Note that there is sort of one already on the wiki, and Malacodor's PDF.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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That is quite a squeeze with the amount of time given, though it does a good job of getting the point across. And man... those sounds.