Loading a game: potential for "cheating"

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Loading a game: potential for "cheating"

Not sure if this is a bug, or intended, but I noticed that when you load a saved game, it "refreshes" certain things.

Scavenge locations which have been "used up" can be scavenged once more, and the Junk Market refreshes its stock; this can make the acquisition of loot extremely easy by abusing the Save & Quit and Load features.

Obviously, it's up to the player to decide if they want to "ruin" their game by doing this, but I just figured I'd mention it, in case it's not supposed to work this way.

(and, well, as a tip for those who don't mind power-gaming and basically turning on easy-mode... at least until it gets patched out)

I would hope this would be fixed in the final version, but as you said, if someone wants to mess with their own enjoyment of the game they might as well go ahead and exploit. Players might even use this exploit to try to reproduce a bug they had encountered.

Please help with the <a href="http://neoscavenger.wikia.com/wiki/Neo_Scavenger_Wiki" title="NEO Scavenger Wiki" target="">NEO Scavenger Wiki</a>!

This is more of a bug than gain for me. Usually, after playing in the same area for a while, the tiles get full of scavenge locations. I can stay in the same forests for several in-game hours just chasing my squirrels ;) However, after saving, they all revert to only one scavenge location a piece.

Good point there.

Please help with the <a href="http://neoscavenger.wikia.com/wiki/Neo_Scavenger_Wiki" title="NEO Scavenger Wiki" target="">NEO Scavenger Wiki</a>!

So basically you could use this to cheat, but then what's the point in playing the game anymore? Anyways, I would never cheat myself like this, I like to play fair whenever I chose a new game. Right now I really enjoy playing Jewel Quest Solitaire, although one of these days I intend to play this one too!

I don't see this as potential for cheating. As someone pointed out: In terms of scavenge locations it's actually more profitable to spend a long time in-game, as then the scavengable locations rack up and you can then cherry pick where you want to scavenge with least chance of roof collapse.

Also, the junk market refreshes every game day. Sure, a person could abuse save/load to get a particular item that they really want, but they still had to earn the money to buy it in the first place. If there was also an "infinite money" bug then I'd be slightly more worried.

I found myself exploiting that bug just to refresh the Junk Market to buy more food. I had about 1500 bucks in my pocket, and the only market available to the entire shanty town only had two saltines and a ketchup packet. Really? The shanty town would all die out quickly if food was that scarce that close to the city gates.

So I just did the reload thing to buy food. I ignored the other goodies that magically appeared (I didn't want to cheat too much).

Perhaps this is an opportunity for a new feature. Two markets, one Junk Market (non-food items) and one Food Market (lots of food that is marked up to 3x-5x price for game balancing). What do you think?

Im not sure I can consider this a bug without asking if the fact that previously scavenged areas will also respawn their goods if you wait long enough was intended or not. I've walked back and forth between two of my encampments before, picked up and wiped out every scavenge point, then on my pass back tot he original camp, several have respawned. In the same day cycle. Reloading may refresh things at their basic node resource level, but the game seems to do it naturally on its own anyway.

Your probably pretty desperate if your saving and reloading the game just to keep yourself alive. :P