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Mod idea

ok so i saw a mod that was throwing out a camo jacket of some sort.
and there are plenty of weapons cryogenics that work rucksacks etc that are already in the game. including tuff hides that help reduce damage from say sharp things :D

so the idea would be
Old military gear such as atlas rucksack
plate carriers/ think plates for this as well
chest rigs
clothing this would be ripstop clothing
Helmets this can be anything from old steel helmets bike helmets etc
i would think that kevlar would be around as well.

Military caches you can find dig up store things in etc.
there are some really expensive air/water tight sealed cases you can buy. that can last for years and keep food and other supplies good for years on end. there also drop safe up to 15 meters say roughly 14 to 13 yards.

besides that finding some things like a m4 or a ak sks m14 acr scar xm8 g36 not to mention x amount of pistols
Hydration bladder maybe ?
and possibly building your own ghillie suit which would be taking a jacket some cording rags or burlap sticks and vegetation from the area to make one which would go over your regular clothing.

this is just the tip of what could be added military wise

I would be in favor of seeing old "Pot Helmets" being something that you could scrounge up. Perhaps only available through Junk Market or being exclusive to a new Faction. What were those Luddites called again?

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took a while for me to reply back to that but yea pot helmets are well old cooking pots any retard can stick on there head. and cut to fit if wanted.
but im talking high end police military prepper stuff. that cant be made just found or modified like home made camo systems.
which would say for example make you only visible with in x amount of hex area
and add combat actions of ambush if far enough away from a hostile. or to hide and escape from combat that way.
hell even cut up those huge pieces of steel into 2 squares wrap some hide leather cloth with some string and a multi tool to make a make shift plate carrier.
so like i said effect would be low power rounds not going thru but knocking you on your ass pain a KO broken ribs or if hit by say a lupa your dead.
etc etc etc hell even make shift chainmail armor and crap would be the shit. or make a forge at a camp site and go midevil on there arse

Hiya, I've just read all of this, and much of the items you were asking to be implimented would be rather easy to create the sprites for, which I could do in my spare time rather easily for you! However, I've not learned much of the coding of the game yet, and have decided to hold off on any full-scale modding until I feel more comfortable with mucking around inside of the games code. (Not to mention I don't want to ruin my 90-hour long save of the game LOL!) However, I've begun adding sprites open for use by any modder in my thread, and I'd be happy to create a lot of this stuff you've suggested- I'm just not sure if I can find anyone to code it all into the game. Still, I'm eager to help, and if there's anything else I can do sprite-wise I'm down for making all of that stuff. (In fact, I've already got an Army Helmet and Armor, though I've not thought of Kevlar. I also have made a Riot Shield and Police Baton.)

Sorry to have hijacked your thread, I just think there's some great ideas in it, and some of it's already in the beginnings of being implemented ;D Here's the link to the thread:

And here's the Gallery containing some military sprites I've already added:

Hope I've helped!

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