Detroit Bank: Actually possible to get info without triggering police? (SPOILERS)

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Detroit Bank: Actually possible to get info without triggering police? (SPOILERS)


So, using a modded character who has every skill, and trying the encounter many times and many ways, it does not seem to me to be in any way possible to stealthily retrieve the information from the bank computer (that is, without triggering the response from the police). Is this the case? If so, it's rather disappointing that hacking/lockpicking etc. do not end up actually being useful here, in terms of the results.

I tried getting the password both using the mechanic skill, and using electrician to force re-login. I tried using hacking to get into the terminal.

Bottom line is that it seems to be impossible to pick the lock on the door without someone noticing, which automatically leads to the police being there by the time you have the information. Which makes picking the door completely useless. Can anyone tell me differently?

Hmm, I finally got it to work by first acquiring the password via telescopic, but then not using it and just hacking instead. Apparently hacking a system is faster than just using the password. Who knew?

As far as I know the only way to get the info without getting the cops involved is to pretend you're mentally impaired and then sneak a peak at the screen while the teller is looking up the name on your bracelet, but I've never actually tried this approach so I can't confirm that. The disappointing part of this if it's true is that the only way to get the info without alerting the police is to not use any skills at all. This would make the use of skills on this encounter provide you with a worse outcome than if you had no skills at all, an extremely counter intuitive situation and one that should be rectified.

As for using Hacking instead of using the password, using the Hacking skill is faster because it implies you're skilled at using computer systems. When you just use the password it doesn't mean you have any experience navigating a UI that you may not be familiar with. It's counter intuitive and I'd love for there to be a path through the encounter that allows you to combine the Hacking skill with having the password that would allow you to get in and out of the booth before the bystanders finish calling the police so you could make a completely clean get away.

I cannot really remember which combo it was (guess it was either Hiding, Lockpicking or Athletic), but I was did manage to safely get the password and run away with what I wanted before the cops arrived.

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