Boiled Water / Tannin Tea is worth too much.

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Boiled Water / Tannin Tea is worth too much.

All the places where you can sell sterilized (boiled) water are perfectly capable of boiling water themselves; it doesn't make any sense that they would be willing to pay such a premium to have their water pre-boiled. For that matter, they would probably re-boil it themselves anyway, because why should they trust this random dude who just sold them water and tells them it is sterilized? Similar reasoning applies to tannin tea; though it should be more expensive than water, it shouldn't be so much more so.

From a balance perspective, selling boiled water (or tannin tea, if a Botanist) makes it far too easy to make money; it's not like you're the only one that knows how to make a fire. Boiled water should be only marginally more expensive than regular water (twice as much, on the outside, in my opinion).

If you want to be fancy, it would be potentially interesting to have "factory sealed" water, or something of the sort, which would be the water you find in sealed plastic bottles when scavenging. It would make sense for *that* water to be relatively valuable.

Another related improvement, I think, would be to separate "bark" from "twigs". Bark should not be easily obtainable in infinite supply as twigs and branches are; it should take time to gather. This could either be done with making a crafting recipe which combines a sharp object with the forest object to get bark, or simply by making bark only obtainable through scavenging forest tiles, rather than just "use"ing forest objects.

Just my two cents, and suggestions. Thanks for the great game.

Hmm I like idea of barks only via scavenge because they have limited use outside of tannin tea (you can make fire from lighter+a lot of stuff)

You can also purchase water from the C-Store in DMC, so I imagine its value is intended to make it expensive for the player to acquire en masse. But in theory it may be possible to make boiled water a different (if similar) item with a lesser value when acquired via crafting.

You could make a test mod if you've the inclination to see how it affects balance. You'd need 1 new object (boiled water) and modify the existing recipes (3 of them) to include it.

As for tea, I would call that a perk for Botany users. I actually took Medic at the start for the sole reason of identifying pills to sell prescription ones at a full value.

Considering I still have DMC guards mysteriously dying all around the city, giving me unlimited effortless cash, I think rebalancing water and tea values might not be that big a deal, lol. This may be exclusive to my game, I haven't restarted for about 2 versions now and I'm unsure if that's caused their mysterious deaths to keep happening.


Mysteriously dying? By any chance did you remove your necklace, and have the Mega Wraith popping up? That would explain how they all keep dying hahah.

Personally, you're lucky. I wanna get them equips but never had an encounter yet hahha.

Nope. Never took it off. My current theory is that all of their clothing and armor is causing them to overheat when the temperatures become at all mild. It's really hard to troubleshoot that, though.

It would be interesting if we could right-click on corpses and "autopsy" them, if only for troubleshooting purposes, to determine who they were and how they died. i.e. "This DMC Guard appears to have died of hyperthermia."

It would be neat to have sterilized water stack together, too, because I noticed sometimes, when you boil it, it stacks with unidentified drops...

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I'm a tannin tea salesman and I'd like to have you see my side of the story: Anywhere outside of the DMC doesn't have easy access to potable water, and taking the time to boil water can oftentimes be tedious. Usually I end up drinking infected water even if I could boil it because of how much it takes to fully hydrate you and how time-consuming it is both irl and in-game to boil and drink water to the point you could die of dehydration whilst doing so, so it's no surprise people will pay good money for pre-boiled water. And on top of that the junk market has all sorts of things in place to make sure you sell the product as you say it is (they likely have a water tester, and as you might already know they can sniff out human meat.) Tannin tea is also the easiest and also cheapest way to stave off some of the deadliest diseases in the entirety of the game (looking at you sepsis) and since it requires botany and can't be made in bulk (you can only make one unit of tannin tea at a time unlike you can with water and a saucepan instead of a can/bottle) that's another nerf. Also there's the problem with bottles, even with a third of my sled full of bottles I struggle to haul them all over. Also, wouldn't YOU wanna be able to settle down and live a simple life for once? And before you say they earn you too much, stop and look at the price it is for eye augmentations of any kind at the clinic. How is someone gonna get that much money?

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