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Thread order based on the last post

Since I just had an amusing situation involving a thread being revived by a spammer and hanging 'round the top of the thread list after spam-post has been dealt with, I'd like to suggest, if possible, for threads to order themselves based on the date of latest non-hidden/deleted post together with the thread rearranging itself to fit that rule, avoiding random thread bumps.

Obviously, sticked threads should be exempt.

Not a big deal, but can cause some confusion or make people who didn't notice the date, like yours truly, to make an answer regarding topics that are somewhat outdated. Plus, it simply makes the forum less messy.

Or the threads could auto-close themselves after like 3-4 months of inactivity, to prevent spawning grounds for bots and avoid unnecessary necro-posting.

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Wouldn't have much problem with that either, though it could create slight issue in those rare occasions when revival of some discussion actually makes sense.

This seems like a reasonable idea to me, so I looked into it. It turns out there may not be a ready-made solution, though.

The forum module does have some sorting options, but they're limited to:

  • Date - newest first
  • Date - oldest first
  • Posts - most active first
  • Posts - least active first

The first option is currently active. I think this is what we prefer, but I'm uncertain if "most active" cares how recent the activity is. My hunch is that it'll chose the highest number of responses first, rather than a combo of most and recent.

It's possible that if this isn't officially supported, some code-slinging under the hood might do the job. However, I'm always hesitant to disturb a sleeping dog when it comes to a CMS. Any thoughts? (For reference, this is Drupal 6.x we're dealing with.)

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