Vehicle options?

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Vehicle options?

I was wondering if there is a way to ram/push vehicles into enemies. Like if i had a shopping cart for example, can i ram it into my opponent? All i was able to do was drop it so i could run faster *which kinda made no sense since i'm prety sure a Shopping Cart can only increase my speed rather than decrease it*

As amusing mental image as it is, you're not riding in a magically self-propelled cart, but like you've mentioned - you push it. Even if said cart is relatively light and empty, the more human being has to push the more additional strength s/he has to use. Coupled with the fact that you don't push that cart around smooth road I don't see how ever it could increase your speed.

Even IRL, try to sprint as you are and try to do it while pushing a cart - it's quite possible that the latter will turn out to be more troublesome, especially if you will attempt to maintain the same speed in both cases. And surely very hard if you'll try to beat your honest sprint-speed record while pushing said cart.

Ramming opponents with your 'vehicle' is not possible, as far as I know. But again, given that most of them are rather unwieldy and would probably be very easy to dodge, I am not sure how useful or fitting that'd be. Maybe once (if, either in this Neo Scavenger or some continuation) we'll get proper vehicles like motorcycles or cars, it'll be a tactic worth a thought.

How about this thing then. Sure riding a Shopping cart might sound silly but, if it's in *Good* condition why can't i use it to ride down a higher ground for example and it will only use up half my turn *or maybe even advance 2 hexes instead of 1* Because it seems like Vehicles in this game are just some bigger bags that you carry with no other benefits other than inventory space. Slightly unsatisfying.

But don't take my word for it, i only downloaded the game yesterday and played 4 games at best.

EDIT: Might as well throw in a chance to drop some items on the way down due to bumpy ride for some balance *wanna go 2 hexes for the cost of one? Well be ready to drop stuff haha* Hell, even a chance to fall off yourself and get bruised or brake a limb.