File Loading, T-Shirts, and Item Sounds

I made a few more changes and fixes to the mod loading today. For one thing, there was a bug in the new faction parsing code I introduced, so I had to patch that up.

I also decided to improve the loading messages on the loading screen, to help modders (and players) debug issues with loading files. In 0.987b, the loading log was stopping after 8 lines, which could make debugging difficult. To improve this, I've moved the log to the right side of the screen, where it has room from top to bottom of the screen. It now shows unlimited lines, scrolling as necessary. (This is important for games where multiple mods are loaded.)

I also added a "Row: #" to the end of the last line in the log, so you can see which row # the game reached if it fails to finish loading. Hopefully, this'll help modders to figure out which line their mod failed at.

In addition to the above, I spent some time trying to debug an issue one Arch Linux user was reporting. Namely, the game was reporting "Error 2032" when trying to load neogame.xml. So far, I haven't been able to figure this one out. My hunch is that Arch Linux is reporting the game's URL differently than other Linux flavors, so the neogame.xml load call is not accurate on that OS. I'm not sure why this is only the case for Arch Linux, but if anyone has a suggestion, let me know!

I finished wrapping-up the t-shirts today, and it was really cool seeing various NPCs wearing new colors! I also got to try out the "3 Dog Moon" contest winner, and it's pretty badass :) I've added a special data file to the loot tables which references this legendary item.

Finally, I started hooking up a new batch of item sounds from Paul today. It covers most of the brass bullets, heavy metal items (crowbar, wrench), and cleaver. He sent quite a few other samples, too, and I'll see if I can find other good matches in there.

That's all for today. Have a good night, all, and see you tomorrow!