Triggers, T-Shirts, and Factions

I continued yesterday's work on encounter triggers today. The last encounter to receive this treatment was Allegan Fairgrounds. It turns out that there are a lot of exits to that particular encounter!

Once that one was setup, I began doing some testing, and discovered a bug in the way triggers interact with forbidden hexes. Namely, forbidden hexes were being erased when a new game was started/loaded without restarting the program. This probably added to the confusion about forbidden hexes, as some games they were reliable, and others not.

Moving forward, I've changed all hexes to be passable by AI unless there's a physical barrier (water or wall), or a special encounter trigger there (first visit to certain hexes). What this means is that cryo, Zom Zom's, and other such hexes are no longer guaranteed to be safe (except on your first visit).

The reason for the "safe hexes" in the first place was to prevent AI from disrupting important encounters by walking into the player's hex. Now that most encounters use the manual "doorway" item to trigger the encounter, this isn't an issue anymore.

I know some players relied on those "safe hexes," so I have two features on my wishlist: craftable hidden stashes, and a paid safety deposit box at the DMC. These should help with the storage of loot in a more realistic way.

However, since I can't guarantee I'll finish everything on the wishlist, I also made another change. I've moved the list of forbidden hexes from hard-coded data to XML data. This means modders can add any hexes to the list that they want. (E.g. if you prefer to make cryo safe again).

I also made changes to the factions system, by moving the faction standings from individual creature data into the factions table. Since the faction names were in their own table, it made sense to define faction relationships there, too. This lets me add a feature I've been meaning to for a while: the ability to change global faction standings. Global standings changes means it should be possible to make the player into a wanted criminal, or an ally of a formerly hostile faction. It also theoretically allows for disguises, etc.

As with triggers above, I can't guarantee I'll have time to add all these cool things (disguises, befriending bandits, etc.), but at least this means modders can.

One thing I did have time to add, however, was a special power to our t-shirt winner! I finished adding all 5 t-shirts from the contest today. And for the winner of the contest, "3 Dog Moon," I made it especially valuable, slightly more rare, and have given it a legendary status among NPCs. I'm looking forward to testing it out tomorrow!

Last, but not least, I spent some more time discussing plot with Harald. This even included some projected future game plots, and it seems like we have plenty of material to play with. It's good to know that the world supports so many stories yet to be told!

Anyway, that's the end of today's work. Have a good one, all!