Remembrance (preview)

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Remembrance (preview)

A loud screech fills the air, following a gunshot.
"My leg!"
"Someone help!"

I lay still, blood gushing from my leg.
"Someone help!" the words echoed, getting more silent as I listened, two figures stood before me, slowly getting more pale.
"uhhh," I tried to speak but no words came out.

"Wake up," a silent voice, calm, but demanding.

I hear a click, a voice log starts:
Voice log one: "They came during the night...they took all my food,"
"Why don't you go after them?"
"I don't know where they are,"
"Just follow the tracks they left, they left in a hurry, maybe you can find them,"
"Wait! Take your rifle, just in case,"
Click, the log ends.

The first figure starts speaking,"Who are you? Are you the man in the voice log?"
The second figure moves forward,"Perhaps a second voice log will clear your memory, we found this in the cryo compound, in the operating room, are you familiar with exam room 17?"

I managed to speak," head...uhh,", speech was hard, under these conditions, the immense pressure restraining my body.

Click, the second voice log starts: "This is cryo major Robbert Vince, this is the last patient, care to state your name?"
"I am Ralph Halmmin, I will be placed in cryo pod 5, part of the recuperation program, I will be let out in the year 3900,"
The log ends.

"Are you Ralph Halmmin?"
"That's all the information we need, Rogers, call up Mr.Macarny,"