Load Order Finished, Back to Features and Fixes

I got the override load order issue fixed today, and was able to rename the "punch" attack mode with an override xml file. I was also able to replace the existing Lockpicking skill image with an override copy. There were a few issues that popped up once I started testing encounters, but I think we're back to operational now.

With that feature running, there are a few things I want to tackle before getting a test build out to you guys.

First, I want to finish converting the special encounter locations to using a manual entrance after the first visit. Similar to the Cryo Facility, there will be an item on the ground that can be used to enter the encounter location. This helps to avoid issues with encounter triggers interrupting battle, sleeping, and accidental visits to the hex. I have Hatter, Isotope Mine, Strange Forest, and Hidden Lake all hooked up. And tomorrow, I'll tackle Allegan.

Second, I want to add the new t-shirt designs to the game, from our contest. These need to be in there!

Third, Paul's had time to create a new batch of audio for items, so I want to get these hooked up, too. The current samples were a refreshing change when I tried them in-game, and expanding that to cover more items is worthwhile, in my mind.

Finally, it'll be worth checking the triaged bugs for any quick wins to add to the build before release. I won't have time for the whole list, but chipping away at it each build helps.

Apart from the above, I've also continued working with Harald on the next encounter. I think I spent nearly two hours writing notes to him about it, so the brainstorming is in high gear. Some pretty cool stuff on the horizon!

That's all for today. Have a good one, and see you tomorrow!