Possible scavenging locations

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Possible scavenging locations

So, After looking at this, I decided that I someone shopuld catalog possible encounter locations to be added, and after a (very) quick search, I found nothing, so I decided what the hell, might as well.


Police station This one's a pretty obvious pick. It would probably have already been picked over, but there are locked containers, safes, ETC so a lockpicking skill would probably be required to get the loot chance past ~%1

Gun store Another obvious pick, but there are safe's here too. again, lockpicking required to move chance past~%1

Airsofting store A not so obvious choice, but you would find gear, like tactical vests, gloves, and maybe a scope, Looters probably didn't pick them over, but some might have seen the signs with a big dude in tactical gear (but there's not always signs like that), and went "hmm seems like a good idea to check that out..." so, average chance to get gear.

pharmacy low chance to find medicine ( back counters, etc.)

mall it's a frigging mall. decent chance to find pretty much everything (with lockpick), because backrooms and stuff.

warehouse lots of boxes, of random stuff. looters probably picked over the figurative low hanging fruit boxes, but you could try and climb (really high risk factor, but athletic can reduce that by a pretty high chunk)

restaurant- Chance to find canned food, because restaurants often have canned foods in their preparations areas (we could just make the cans unmarked, and have them reduce hunger randomly, but always more/equal than soup)

gang hideout would be hidden behind an apartment, until you loot it, which would start an encounter with something like "you discover that this building is a pre-event gang hideout! there could be some gang members, there might not be. Do you take the risk and possibly find a lot of guns and drugs?, or do you decide that being castrated for trespassing isn't worth the risk?"

And that's all I got!

So, if you come up with anything else, please do say so.

I only cheat a little bit guis

To add on to the 'gang hideout' location, if the player does run into a group of gangsters at the hideout, the player could:

A. Attempt a trade deal. You would offer an item or money in exchange for guns, drugs, etc.

B. Try to leave. If they let you leave, then you can leave. If they don't, you enter a battle.

C. Fight your way out. This would put you into a battle against a group of looters (because taking on three Blue Frogs at once seems a little too OP). If you win, (winning is determined by either killing or beating unconscious every hostile looter. A gun or ranged weapon would probably be helpful.) you gain access to any loot that the hideout held, along with whatever the looters had on them, of course. If you lose, then they'll probably kill you.

D. Threaten them. They will surrender if they see the weapons you threaten them with as a serious threat. This is determined by whatever weapons you are holding in your hand. Very, very low chance of success unless you're equipped with something like a shotgun or dual pistols or something equally destructive. But if it works, you get access to the hideout's loot without having to fight. If it fails, you enter a battle against the looters.

E. Pay them off. You would offer either a large sum of money or a bunch of items worth at least that much, and the gang will let you leave unharmed.

"Wow! This looter's soup can actually had soup in it!"

Of course, if there are no gangsters at the hideout, then the player can loot it freely.

"Wow! This looter's soup can actually had soup in it!"