Story subsumption [Spoilers]

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Story subsumption [Spoilers]

Would anyone please so kind and do a little roundup with the story relevant encounters?

What i know so far:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Character Phillip Kindret wakes up in cryo, unware of his identity, how he got there, wtf happend to the world and why he woke up in cryo. He then deals with the dogman and makes is way to east, where the strange glow comes from.
He also carries an strange talisman, which protects him from a strange ghost-like creature.
After making his way to Detroit Mega city, he meets the hatter, who makes it possible to enter the city.
After some eating, drinking and patching up, the Character goes to inform himself about his person and convinces a lady in the bank booth to tell him about cale mcallen, who is ovicously not happy to see you, but tells you about his father and how he drove you to the cryo facility.
After das little chatter, Phil is arrested and banned from DMC.

That's how the story ends for me. Did anyone find more out about the main story? anywhere, i should look?
Thanks in advance

There are several more story-related events. For example, try to seek Anishinabe Tribal Nation where you can have a chat and discover a few more clues (as well as questions) regarding Philip's existence in the world.

Also, main plotline doesn't have to progress exactly the way you descibe - some elements are optional, can be avoided or done in several ways. Dealing with Hatter for example isn't necessary to enter the city proper. You can also deal with him in several ways. There's also a possibility - if I recall correctly - of avoiding or escaping from DMC security, as hard as it may be, without technically getting immediately banned (though you'll likely face issues when visiting DMC gate again, which in my opinion should be worked upon).