Money in the Apocalypse

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Money in the Apocalypse

When I go to the junk market and sell my items, I get cash.

But why not make cash a in-game item?

I mean, out in the wilderness I get pick wadded paper money off of corpses and maybe cash-cards off of DMC guards and some scavengers.

That way I can find different ways of getting cash instead of just selling items. I can pick up cash from corpses.

Maybe even get some traders in the wilderness like caravans and black-market dealers near the DMC and other places.

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I actually like this idea, especially the random encounter caravans. I can see the black-market dealers being something around the Zom-Zom's area, maybe even a cannibal market so you can sell the human meat you get?

I've seen a couple posts about this before, and the idea of money actually taking up inventory space seems like a good way to add realism to the game. In the last post I read, certain 'types' of money would only be valid at certain places. For example, that cash-card you looted from a guard may work in the city, but not so much at the ATN trade post. Also mentioned before, only very small amounts of money would actually be found on looters ($0.01-$5.00 range) to keep it from being too easy. Coins and dollar bills could both be stacked up to a certain amount. I also like the idea you mentioned of traveling traders and black-market dealers. This could open up a possibility for a 'Trade' option when dealing with NPC's. Also mentioned before was the idea of opening up a bank account at the DMC, giving a use other than storyline for the one Detroit Savings Bank outlet we find in the city.

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Fleshing-out the currency system is something I've wanted to do for a while. It bothers me that I just have a "money" stat, and it's an arbitrary, invisible/weightless thing. What is money? Do people still hoard pre-apocalypse dollars? Is it just the coins, since bills are worthless?

I've actually tried tackling this before, and it's a bit of a complex problem:

Realistically, I think there would be at least a couple monetary systems in Michigan alone. The DMC would have one (likely electronic), looters and bandits might trade a hard, makeshift currency, and I suspect barter would still be popular.

However, money and economy are complicated things, so I didn't want to change anything until I had a better answer. I think it's a cool topic, though!

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Hmm... reading over that post got me thinking a bit about Shadowrun and its credstick system... I wonder if something similar might suffice here.

Something physical exchanged for bartering outside of DMC (credits? "creds?"), something digital used via card or visitor's pass connected to a bank account inside of DMC. Possible to create or "charge" the physical object with currency if you have a valid bank account. Uses serial numbers and checksums to offset forgeries. High level hackers could potentially make fake creds, but they'll be picked up as fake if you try to deposit them into your bank account.

Feel like this idea is a little muddy, needs some clarity; a little sleep deprived at the moment. Sorry. :)