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[Translation] Polish


I've bought the game some time ago and as a student in translations I'd like to translate it into Polish language. Could someone explain to me how do I get the text out from the game, so I can work on it, please?


Just download notepad++ and open the xml file called neogame in the NS folder =D

Thanks, mate! Easy enough :)


Could it be possible to make the game recognise Polish fonts? I mean: ą ć ę ś ź ż ó ł ń.

Also: what type of font does the game use? Is that fixedsys or what is it called?


1- I think so, but test before
2- Just write, the font does not mean anything =3

It's not quite truth. I tried to write text in Polish normally, but game doesn't show Polish characters (ą ć ę ś ź ż ó ł ń) at all - it just skips it, so the thing is that the game font probably contains english characters only.

I am almost certain that Dan is using his own font for the game, so neither Polish nor any other language will find it's special symbols in it, until he adds them - which might need to wait until after he finishes the main development.

Thankfully Polish is not really know for too long sentences, unlike some other languages, but you should also keep in mind that each encounter screen in the game has a limited amount of space and some translations might be really tight, or not fit completely. And the game does not auto-add encounter pages, when it runs out of space for text.

So, I advise you do keep an eye on that, as well as get well acquainted with the general modding (adding encounters, knowing info-fields, etc.), before even going into translation itself.

I would also strongly suggest to wait and translate in rough draft only for now, since the game is still missing a lot of encounters, addition of which might cause changes in already existing ones, later on.

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Thanks for the tips, I'll keep that in mind. I've already asked Dan about adding Polish symbols into the game so we'll see what he says about that.