Remapper Done, Beginning Work On Mod List Loader

I was finally able to get the remapper functioning today. After the final two data types were refactored, I had to sort out a few index mismatches in the remapped data. (Some data types were 0-based indices, others 1-based). Once I got that sorted out, I was able to load the base game data again through the remapper.

The next step is to get the game to read a list of mods and their locations/names from a list somewhere. That way, the game can load listed mods in an order specified by the player/modder. This doesn't seem like it'll be too hard on it's own. I just need to redo what I'm doing for the base data on each new mod.

Once that's done, however, the real test begins: can the game reference the mod data loaded from a separate mod file? And what's more, can modders override the base data, or cross-reference across mods?

Those are questions I hope to be able to tackle tomorrow. See you then!